Brandi Mackenzie

Brandi Mackenzie was eating “well,” practicing yoga, traveling the world and seemingly really happy. But she wasn’t. Doing all the “right things” wasn’t enough. Even though her life looked pretty great on the outside, she was exhausted. Her days were ruled by her digestive distress (that she didn’t talk about). She felt lost and hopeless… and that was BEFORE her diagnosis of Crohn’s disease.

She eventually quit doing what everyone else thought was right and started listening to herself and her body. Within two years of a diagnosis, she had healed her gut and changed her life. Today she shares the very healing system that she created to repair her own body from Crohn’s disease through her site,

The Healevate Story

As a kid growing up, I was pretty crazy about WWE (then known as WWF) pro wrestling. I would associate periods in my young life with what was happening inside the squared circle. Ask me what I did in the summer of 1989 and my mind will drift back …