Lisa Johnson

Lisa Johnson is a Los Angeles-based health coach. Through personal experience and study, she found that eating real, whole foods in their natural state can drastically improve overall health. This led to her creating @EatCleanLA, an Instagram account tasked with the mission of inspiring people to improve their eating habits, and subsequently, their overall health.

In the greater Los Angeles area, Lisa teaches cooking classes, and offers services such as meal planning, personal grocery shopping and dietary counseling. Lisa is also a certified yoga instructor, a student of holistic nutrition, and has previously trained as a practitioner assistant at Lotus East West Medical Center in Los Angeles.

The Healevate Story

As a kid growing up, I was pretty crazy about WWE (then known as WWF) pro wrestling. I would associate periods in my young life with what was happening inside the squared circle. Ask me what I did in the summer of 1989 and my mind will drift back …