Miranda Ebner

Miranda is a licensed nutritionist who has a Master’s degree in Human Nutrition. She is passionate about helping people overcome their health obstacles by addressing root causes. Miranda shows clients that reversing autoimmune disease is possible by eating foods in a strategic way. Her practice is open to anyone who desires to live their healthiest, most fulfilling life by eating real foods, conquering cravings, reconnecting with their body wisdom, exercising smarter, managing stress, sleeping like a baby, fostering meaningful relationships and advancing their success by finding greater happiness. She can be reached through her website, Thrive Nutrition.

The Healevate Story

As a kid growing up, I was pretty crazy about WWE (then known as WWF) pro wrestling. I would associate periods in my young life with what was happening inside the squared circle. Ask me what I did in the summer of 1989 and my mind will drift back …