Composite photo of Blake Lively, Shia Leboeuf, Tyra Banks and Kate Moss



Beauty is in the eye of the beholder- we’ve all heard the expression. So what do you do if/when you don’t feel as beautiful as you’d like? One’s nose can make a huge different in appearance. This is why celebrities, just like everyday people, undergo rhinoplasty surgery (AKA- a nose job).


While this very common procedure is used to correct serious nose-related issues such as congenital defect, respiratory problems, and more, 90 percent of celebs go under the knife for purely aesthetic purposes, and in most cases, the results are pretty impressive. You’ll be taken aback by some of these transformations.

Photo of Kathy Griffin Before And After Rhinoplasty



Anyone who calls themselves an admirer of Quentin Tarantino’s work knows this stunning ginger from the iconic PULP FICTION, and is currently promoting her latest book, “Run-Ins with Celebrities”. On New Year, the stand-up comedian co-hosts at Times Square alongside Anderson Cooper, Her hair color and loud voice are just a few of the staple features that make Kathy a fresh, unique character.

Despite Griffin’s comic talent on stage, it seemed there was something else getting in the way of her success as an actress. Her friends claimed it was her “huge” nose. So she decided to get a rhinoplasty done. The surgery took care of a few other details, but Griffin stuck with her stand up comedy career, which finally did get recognized during the Grammys in 2014.

Photo of Jennifer Grey Before And After Rhinoplasty



The 80s actress’ two most beloved roles include playing Ferris’s big sister in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” and later co-starring in “Dirty Dancing” with the late Patrick Swayze. With an indisputable talent for the dance floor and great potential for the big screen, this artist’s career seemed to only be going up.

Unfortunately, there is one thing about her body she didn’t like and that was her nose. So she had a rhinoplasty done, but the procedure was quite disappointing. It changed her face to the point that the actress claimed no one recognized her. Fortunately, she’s still very active on stage, proving that a bad surgery definitely doesn’t have to represent the end of an artistic career.

Photo of Melissa Gorga Before And After Rhinoplasty



Her family calls her “Little Miss Everything,” and that’s quite the understatement when defining this multi-tasking artist turned business woman. Melissa Gorga is the proud owner of the fashion store, Envy, she’s also a singer and one of the prestigious Real Wives of New Jersey. She’s a proud mother of three and has left her recipe for success in her book “Love Italian Style: The secrets of my hot and happy marriage”.

Despite being in the public eye, she kept her rhinoplasty a secret from the public for 5 years. It wasn’t until her co-star Jacqueline Laurita revealed the truth that she had to come clean about the surgery. We can all admit that Laurita didn’t have to spill the beans on something that was frankly none of her business. However, it’s also a known fact that celebrities will do anything for ratings. Anyway, the secret’s out there.

Photo of Dianna Agron Before And After Rhinoplasty



The “Glee” star went from being a mean cheerleader to embodying the stereotypical badass blonde bombshell in no time. Even years after “Glee” was finished, Dianna Agron still can’t seem to convince Hollywood she’s capable of being so much more than your average girl next door. Maybe that’s why, despite having been on in more than 15 movies in the last decade, she still can’t land a leading role.

Regardless, she has a true natural beauty. Well, not so natural. If you look closely, you’ll notice Agron has had a nose job done. But unlike other fellow celebrities, the former “Glee” star had to go through this procedure because her nose suffered several accidents and was literally broken. So rhinoplasty was the only way to reconstruct it.

Photo of Heidi Montag Before And After Rhinoplasty



In the early 2000s, reality shows ate up MTV’s ratings, particularly “The Hills”, which followed young rich couples that lived in LA, one of which was Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag. These guys were the first ones to prove to America that you can genuinely make money solely out of TV exposure, blowing millions every day. Until Jersey Shore arrived and Heidi and her boo quickly became has-beens.

It was during those golden years that Heidi got a number of surgeries done, including breast reduction, chin work, rhinoplasty, and cheek work. After so many procedures, she looked very different from her original self. Heidi later admitted it was a mistake to go under the knife. Now she’s left with nothing but a new face and increasingly less media exposure.

Photo of Ashley Tisdale Before And After Rhinoplasty



You probably remember her for being the sweet babysitter on “The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody”. But her most popular role to date is without question was in the smash hit movie, “High School Musical”. Despite being cast in several movies, Tisdale never really managed to get out of the Disney spotlight. So she chose to pursue a career as a singer, with occasional collaborations with Vanessa Hudgens.

As a way to jump-start this new phase of her career, Ashley had rhinoplasty surgery done. To this day she claims it was for medical reasons. She insisted with having trouble breathing on one side of her nose. The bottom line is, the intervention improved her breathing and she lost a small lump that was right above her nose. From that point, her solo career only kept going up.

Photo of Courtney Love Before And After Rhinoplasty



This grungy blonde beauty has been through her fair share of heartbreaks, including the loss of her husband, grunge pioneer and Nirvana voice lead Kurt Cobain. She’s struggled with drugs her whole life as well. Her problem with addictions was so strong that the media condemned her for getting pregnant with her now young daughter Frances Bean Cobain while allegedly being “high”.

But Love also believed that a nose job would allow her to go further in the industry. Since her nose was quite prominent during the 80s, she had a rhinoplasty done, and it seems her plan worked because she earned enough money making music, and in combination with being the widow of the late Kurt Cobain, it gave her a cozy rock and roll lifestyle.

Photo of Amanda Bynes Before And After Rhinoplasty



Remember when Nickelodeon was fun? The days of Drake and Josh, CatDog, and who could possibly forget that one man show that was the very talented Amanda Bynes. Bynes wasn’t always the shady artist she is today. Back in the early 2000s, her future looked very bright for a clever girl who could switch back and forth between different characters.

Unfortunately, things went downhill very quickly for the young actress after her role in Easy A. For some reason, she thought getting a nose job would distract the public from her otherwise chaotic lifestyle. Not only does she probably look worse than in her glory days, but social media keeps showing pictures of before she had the procedure done. Yikes”

Photo of Ashley Simpson Before And After Rhinoplasty



Ashlee had enough going for her. With her family already a part of show business, cause Jessica Simpson’s her sister, it seemed the road to fame wouldn’t be such an uphill battle. But one day, on her debut on “Saturday Night Live”, one of the songs she’d already performed was played by accident, revealing an embarrassing playback she could barely shake off.

Putting aside her bad rap, Simpson used to have quite the “beak” nose, so what better idea than to touch up her nose a bit? Well, now that she went from a huge beak to a super small nose, her family claims it “cured” her breathing problems. Furthermore, unlike other stars, it’s fair to say that Ashlee’s change was for the better, at least medically.

Photo of Bruce/Caitlyn Jener Before And After Rhinoplasty



She might have been reborn as Caitlyn Jenner in 2015, but this female icon was once known as an all star athlete who fathered Kylie, Kendall, Brody, Brandon, and Burt Jenner. During the 70s, Jenner was a decathlon Olympian, who secretly struggled with gender identity, a condition that until recently kept her from being her “true” self.

Her frequent visits to the plastic surgeon started back in the 80s, when Jenner underwent his first nose job. This was the first of many interventions which resulted in the transition from Bruce to Caitlyn. Currently Caitlyn is an active advocate for the transgender community and even appreciates the unconditional support of her family as she embraces her identity as a female.

Photo of Howard Stern Before And After Rhinoplasty



Outrageous, irreverent, creative and visionary, are a few of the many qualities that could sum up Howard Stern. His glory days were certainly around the mid-nineties, when he released “Private Parts”, an autobiographical movie of his journey as a radio host. Then Stern took radio journalism to a whole new level, getting in the way of clean cut reporting until he started his own station.

Probably one of the most ironic moments of his career happened when he decided to get rhinoplasty surgery done. The procedure was done so well that Stern never got any questions or shocking looks regarding his nose because literally no one noticed for months. Ironically, the radio host kept the intervention a secret from his family out of fear of being considered too “gay”.

Photo of Mickey Rourke Before And After Rhinoplasty



Millennials know this legend as the feared Russian villain from Marvel’s “Iron Man”. However, Mickey Rourke’s career can be traced back to the 60s, when he started training as a professional boxer. Unfortunately, after suffering several concussions, doctors recommended he stay off the ropes for a while. It was in the 80s that Rourke decided to pursue an acting career.

However, he’s the one of the few cases in Hollywood that had to get to a rhinoplasty, but for very different reasons than the average artist. Rourke actually had suffered a lot of punches straight to the nose during his boxing phase, which is quite normal for the sport, and had to undergo a rhinoplasty to fix his very injured nose. The successful procedure only improved his looks.

Photo of Jennifer Aniston Before And After Rhinoplasty



There was one character most girls were just dying to be on the hit 90s show “Friends”, and that was Rachel. Naturally pretty, slim, witty, sassy and bragging a girl-next-door vibe, the beautiful Aniston assured herself a name in Hollywood after portraying the same person for 10 years. The show’s success got her to star in a number of comedy films.

But recently she decided to undergo surgery to beat the race against time. Of course, she had already surgery done back in 1993, right before she was cast on “Friends”. But that rhinoplasty was justified as she suffered from a deviated septum that made it difficult to breathe at night. If it was a good enough reason for Jen to get a nose job, it’s a good enough for us all, right?

Photo of Blake Lively Before And After Rhinoplasty



Probably one of Hollywood’s most gorgeous, and down-to-Earth celebrities, Blake Lively is mostly remembered for her role in the hit TV series “Gossip Girl”. Recently she also starred the drama Adaline, and to top her already successful career, she’s married to IT boy Ryan Reynolds (aka DEADPOOL). We forgot to mention that not even motherhood has changed her body.

One her best kept secrets, though, is that her nose has definitely been through the knife. Being the jaw-dropping natural beauty she is, Blake doesn’t talk about this, but a close quick look at her pictures before being famous and now show she’s gotten some work done. Nothing wrong with admitting you’re not flawless, girl! At least it gives hope for the rest of us, normal ugly ducklings.

Photo of Janet Jackson Before And After Rhinoplasty



The saying goes “black don’t crack”. But that seems to not be the case with the Jackson clan. Forty year-old Janet Jackson follows the steps of her brother, Michael, the late king of Pop in the music industry, although admittedly not with half of his success. However, now a fulfilled mother at an unconventional time of her life, Janet’s in a die-hard race against time, trying to cover every trace.

You’d think she’d learned a thing or two from her late brother’s experience. But Janet was desperate to stay young, and rid herself of the Jackson family staple nose. So she’s gone under the knife lots of time, almost to the point of looking unrecognizable. Complete with a recent facelift and a brand new child on the way, we’re surprised how Jackson’s career is still stronger than ever underneath it all.

Photo of Tori Spelling Before And After Rhinoplasty



You could say this forty-something actress had it easy with her father being no other than Aaron Spelling, producer of the hit series “90210”. It is, after all, a common belief that this was the reason why Spelling got a lead role in such a successful show, despite not being as good looking as the rest of the cast. She was nicknamed “but-her-face” as aside from that, Tori had everything else in life to succeed.

Regardless of her father’s reputation and her own run on TV, neither these nor the nearly 30 plastic surgeries she’s submitted her face to have done anything to improve her looks. Yes, we said 30. And no, she only admits to having one done… a rhinoplasty. The rest are just rumors. Very evident, obvious plastic rumors. See what we did there?

Photo of Shia Lebeouf Before And After Rhinoplasty



From playing the cute little Even Steven’s character to starring in the live action “Transformers” film, not to mention other major roles in other revivals such as “Wall Street” alongside Michael Douglas, Shia LaBeouf has done it all. Lately though, the child actor has become a very eclectic artist within the film industry, almost staying out of the spectrum altogether, due to personal issues.

One thing he keeps denying, though, is that his nose is clearly a lot more refined now than it was in his early Disney Channel days. Did he grow into it? We don’t think so. Shia has definitely gone under the knife for rhinoplasty. If you don’t believe us, just look at his old pictures and pick out any random shot from a recent award show and the difference is blatantly obvious.

Photo of Tyra Banks Before And After Rhinoplasty



American supermodel Tyra Banks is currently one of the highest respected celebrities in Hollywood. Not only has she shone on the runway back in her day, but Tyra has also mentored hundreds of women who’ve been on her reality show “America’s Next Top Model”. A proud owner of a glance that would put Zoolander’s tiger look to shame, Tyra Banks is a fashion entertainment icon.

Regardless, her strong personality and determination cannot cover the fact that she may or may not have gotten a nose job done in the last decade. We’re leaning towards a confident YES. Her remarkable eyes might look just the same, but judging by older pictures, some work has definitely been done on her already-quite-beautiful nose.

Photo of Gisele Bundchen Before And After Rhinoplasty



From Brazil with love, comes the most perfect combination of German and Latin American blood in the form of supermodel Gisele Bundchen. At 36 years, not only does her youth remain intact, she boasts being the highest paid model in the runway business. Gisele Bundchen is also an actress, although her on-screen appearances are far less popular than her gigs as a model.

Bundchen also had a rhinoplasty done in the peak of her career. Regardless, her intervention was so well done, it hardly changed her overall appearance. In fact, it defined her nose, which was slightly larger in the bridge due to her Germanic features, into a straight line to give more symmetry and visual harmony to her face while maintaining the rest of her features intact. Nice job!

Photo of Scarlett Johansson Before And After Rhinoplasty



Undoubtedly one of director Woody Allen’s most favorite actresses, ScarJo went from being Alex’s sister in Home Alone 3 to playing Marvel’s Black Widow several years later. No longer the blonde teenager she used to be, Scarlett Johansson has actually come a long way considering her age. Her talent as an actress is a given, and she’s even shared screen time with Bradley Cooper.

Johansson had a bad run in with the media when a newspaper ran the story of her getting a nose job. Now her nose is either an exceptional example of a perfect nose, or perhaps one of THE best nose jobs ever done. After all, the charm of a nose job is that it’s supposed to be imperceptible. If that’s the case, somebody please give us the number of ScarJo’s surgeon!

Photo of Kate Moss Before And After Rhinoplasty



Whenever you think about British supermodel Kate Moss, the most likely images that come to mind are perfumes and fragrances. Judging by her health, erratic behavior that often puts her on public headlines not to mention her unique taste In relationships, you wouldn’t even know that she’s 43.. Her current love interest is 23-year-old Nickolai Bismarck, a direct descent of chancellor Otto Von Bismarck.

Kate’s symmetric face, on the other hand, is by no means the result of Mother Nature’s generosity. Although the model denies it, she has undergone rhinoplasty in order to reduce her large round nose. The difference was already noticeable when looking at a picture of her at 35, next to one when she was younger. So some work has definitely been done. Either way, your secret’s safe with us, Kate.

Photo of Patrick Dempsey Before And After Rhinoplasty



This Hollywood hottie got his big break as the star of TV’s “Grey’s Anatomy”. Imagine a younger, wittier version of George Clooney in his days on “ER”. That is Patrick Dempsey for all you dreamer gals. Dempsey’s always been acknowledged for his beauty, but lately it seems that not everything on his face is, well, his. If we take a look at some pictures before Grey’s Anatomy, we’ll see it.

Dempsey is one of the many men in Hollywood who has gone under the knife. He got his nose job right around the time “Grey’s Anatomy” was at its highest peak of success. Rather than thinning his nose, the procedure made it look more rugged and slightly deviated. Lucky for him, his entire face didn’t turn into some spin off of “Death Becomes Her”. On the contrary, his looks are still flawless.

Photo of Britney Spears Before And After Rhinoplasty



Pop music would not be the same without her. America’s favorite ninety’s singer started as a sassy, confident teen straight out of the Mickey Mouse Club and went on to topping charts for hits such as “Oops, I did it again”, “Slave for You” and “Toxic”. A few years later, youthful and stronger than ever (pun intended!), Britney continues to represent a musical icon for women around the world.

In 2015, Spears showed up to the ESPY Awards looking prettier than ever and… different. Everyone noticed that there was something more distracting than her newly found confidence post-break up. Rumors quickly spread that Britney had gotten a nose job. One tweeter called it a “Michael Jackson” nose. In her defense, she’s entitled to do whatever she wants with her body.

Photo of Christina Aguilera Before And After Rhinoplasty



Despite being a part of pop culture for so many years, nineties sensation Christina Aguilera still manages to stay beautiful and relevant. Her voice also remains impeccable and thanks to “The Voice”, she’s been able to pass on some of her much appreciated wisdom in the arts on to newcomers in the industry. However, sometimes even staying young also comes at a high price.

Take, as an example, her appearance for an event in April, 2015. The pictures showed an X-tina with an overload of Pancake 31 and a very obvious hint of a nose job. The first rumor was that she had put on some pounds. But experts said that she’d definitely had a touch up in her first rhinoplasty surgery, which had been done after giving birth to her first son.

Photo of Tom Cruise Before And After Rhinoplasty



Closer to the 50 year old mark, Tom Cruise and Chuck Norris have one thing in common: they’re invincible. Or so it seems, judging by the characters they’ve played. Cruise went from being a US Navy pilot to a super spy who could eat the UK’s Bond for breakfast. Seriously though, can you imagine Bond as a villain in an upcoming M:I sequel? That we’d pay to see.

Now, one of the hottest topics running across Hollywood is how can a man like Tom Cruise can look as youthful as he does yet not use a single ounce of Botox. We would almost be naive if we thought his appearance was indeed a result of a healthy living, or is it? Rumors about the true source of his youth came to him and finally he denied it on Playboy magazine. Too good to be true?

Photo of Holly Madison Before And After Rhinoplasty



If Marilyn Monroe could choose a celebrity to represent her today, it would probably be former playmate and once partner of Playboy founder Hugh Heffner, Holly Madison. After all, they have a few things in common, besides being blonde, they also have a jaw-dropping appearance, and the reputation for dating known celebrities.

There is one difference with Monroe that’s undeniable: Monroe’s beauty was 100 percent natural. Whereas Holly got a little help from makeup, and the rest came straight out of several surgeries, which involved a rhinoplasty and a boob job. While Holly is otherwise a pretty girl, she admitted to media that going under the knife opened her lots of doors and has made her the celebrity she is today.

Photo of Jennifer Connelly Before And After Rhinoplasty



Few women can master a beauty as singular as the one boasted by Jennifer Connelly. The actress started her career with the one and only David Bowie in the movie “Labyrinth”, during the 80s. Later she went on to be cast in numerous roles, including the supporting role as Bruce Banner’s love interest in “Hulk”, starring Eric Bana.

Despite her flawless appeal, recent rumors sparked throughout the media that she had gotten a rhinoplasty done. Considering that it’s the second most common procedure among celebrities right after breast implants, this wouldn’t come as a surprise. Regardless, both Connelly and her publicist denied it. They claimed she’s lost weight in 2016, affecting her breasts and facial features.

Photo of Nicole Kidman Before And After Rhinoplasty



Nicole Kidman is an established actress who’s shared screen time with a number of celebrities. Kidman’s beauty is undeniable, as is her talent. However, this dashing woman needed a trip to the OR and became a strong advocate for the use of Botox, but only for a few years. Sadly, her face has turned expressionless and for this reason she stopped applying it.

However, one of the loudest rumors to this day is that she had a nose job done back in the mid 2000s. While her facial features have become somewhat cold, the original goal was still met. After all, Nicole’s greatest concern was to keep her skin away from anything that could possibly damage her perfectly silk skin. The cost, of course, is quite high. Fortunately, she’s still beautiful.

Photo of Salma Hayek Before And After Rhinoplasty



A beautiful Mexican-American actress, Salma Hayek is currently a heavy weight in Hollywood, as her career boomed in the early 2000s when she interpreted Mexican painter Frida Kahlo in the biopic movie, “Frida”. The mother of a little girl, Hayek is also a producer, founder of the company Ventanarosa, and a model.

This Mexican bombshell has also claimed she despises plastic surgery. Regardless, it’s hard not to suspect otherwise, judging by some old pictures in comparison to more recent shots at several award shows. Provided the rumors of the nose job remain unconfirmed, her breasts have the distinct look of the kind that just went under the knife. People aren’t that- stupid, Salma. Come on.

Photo of Cameron Diaz Before And After Rhinoplasty



A bubbly combo of ditzy and sexy, smart and sassy, Cameron Diaz looks nowhere near the 44 years of age. Her witty, charismatic personality –and those legs! But it looks like it takes a little more for this actress to stay on top in the competitive nature of the film industry, Cam D’s career seems to be only aiming in one direction, and that’s up as she’s currently cashing in 15 million dollars a movie.

All that glow doesn’t come without a price. The actress once admitted to have gone through a rhinoplasty to correct a slighted deviated septum that was not letting her breathe correctly. The job was flawlessly done, and can be appreciated in pictures where the change is barely noticed. She’s also evidently gotten a boob job, but has never confirmed it.

Photo of Keira Knightley Before And After Rhinoplasty



British actress Keira Knightley has been in several films to date, but one of her most beloved performances is as Elizabeth Bennet in the most recent reboot of “Pride and Prejudice”, co-starring Matthew McFaden. This brilliant actress booms with charisma in every movie, including her portrayal of Orlando Bloom’s character’s love interest in “Pirates of The Caribbean”.

Despite admitting she would like to have her breasts enhanced, Keira has not confirmed she ever got a rhinoplasty. The media claims otherwise by comparing pictures of her when she first started acting and now. But the differences in her nose are pretty much non-existent until proven otherwise. Ultimately, if we’re talking basic needs, a boob job could actually give her career a much needed enhancement.

Photo of Demi More Before And After Rhinoplasty



No matter how well kept her body is, there was no turning back once Demi hopped on the Botox wagon. Best known for her role in “Ghost”, and “Indecent Proposal”, Demi’s last big accomplishment was being married to Ashton Kutcher. And then they got divorced, and the years quickly took a toll on her. Don’t get us wrong, though. She still looks stunning. But her face is one knife away from unrecognizable.

Ultimately, she persistently denies having had surgery, but it’s a well known fact that her face looks very little like the naturally beautiful gal from the 80s and 90s. While she doesn’t openly admit to undergoing a rhinoplasty procedure, she cannot deny getting liposuction, breast implants, dental veneers and more.

Photo of Gwyneth Paltrow Before And After Rhinoplasty



From wearing a fat suit for “Shallow Hal” to being Shakespeare’s mistress in the late 90s in “Shakespeare in Love”, to breaking Ethan Hawke’s heart multiple times in Hollywood’s take on “Great Expectations”, to being married (and then divorced) to Coldplay’s favorite front man, Chris Martin, Gwyneth Paltrow is a British sensation who’s reputation clearly precedes her.

Paltrow has reportedly gotten numerous surgeries done on her face, including minimal lifts, eyelid surgery, and Blepharoplasty. The most well known procedure, however, is the rhinoplasty she went through to make her nose bridge thinner and reduce the size of her tip. In an effort to keep her skin wrinkle free, she’s also tried laser treatment, which gave her a more youthful appearance.

Photo of Madonna Before And After Rhinoplasty



Her style is a mixture between savage and sexy and  her music career goes back to the early 80s. But girls who sport vintage fashion are actually just disguising themselves as a young version of the artist that blessed us with “Music makes the people” and “La Isla Bonita”.  Madonna is big and legendary, but as she navigates through her fifties, she can thank her youthful appearance to a little nip and tuck.

After all, she is quite known for her constant efforts for staying young and beautiful. With some Botox injected into her cheeks to make them plumper complete with an almost invisible nose job, Madonna looks like she’s figured out the secret to eternal youth. Complete with facelifts, chin implants, along with minimally invasive facial procedures, the pop diva’s image remains intact.

Photo of Megan Fox Before And After Rhinoplasty



At 30 years of age, this jaw-dropping brunette still has a very hard time getting respectable, relatable roles on the big screen. Despite being part of the box office hit that was “Transformers”, Fox has only managed to be cast to play what she calls the “cold queen”, turning her characters into very distant people that audiences can hardly feel a connection to.

Now that’s she recently become a mother, it’s even harder as her body has changed from the ideal complexion it once had. Fox had gone through rhinoplasty surgery and lip injections. But now she’s also considering a tummy tuck in order to slip into her bikini again. There are also rumors she’s gotten small breast implants, as she was recently photographed topless and a few changes were seen.

Photo of Katie Holmes Before And After Rhinoplasty



Her innocent glance complete with a beautiful complexion, style and class gave Katie Holmes a name in Hollywood, starting with the beloved ·Dawson’s Creek·, where she played Joey Potter until 2003. She was then cast in several movies, including the Batman franchise. Holmes was also married to Scientologist Tom Cruise, with whom she has a child named, Suri Cruise.

It was during this relationship that Holmes had a nose job that allegedly removed her nasal cartilage, making her nose look thinner. Furthermore, Katie Holmes has endured several traumas, including the separation from her ex hubby, Tom Cruise. These circumstances took a toll on her health, as seen in recent pictures that show her to be very thin.

Photo of Ozzy Osbourne Before And After Rhinoplasty



Black Sabbath’s front man’s life has always been surrounded by controversy. Despite the band’s unstoppable success in the 80s, Ozzy admitted to being on drugs even while recording. This was one of the main reasons why he left the band for a short time. However, his addictions haven’t shaded his 40 year-long career which has earned him the name of “Godfather of Heavy Metal”.

His fame can only compete with this health, which, these days, seems to be quite on point. He was recently photographed in an event with his wife Sharon, looking fresh and youthful. The Prince of Darkness admitted to not only going under the knife, but that the face lifts and rhinoplasty boosted his confidence. Good for you, Ozzy!

Photo of Fergie Before And After Rhinoplasty



The Black Eyed Peas singer has many more angles to her career than just the musical. After BEP, she’s been on a personal path of recognition for her talent as a solo artist. She’s also a fashion designer with a fragrance brand, Outspoken, which gave AVON sales’ record upon its release. Currently, Fergie is a philanthropist who makes donations to different non-profit organizations.

This talented artist got a rhinoplasty in order to correct a deviated septum. Not sure why we find that so hard to believe. Maybe because it happens to be the go-to place whenever celebrities want to tell themselves plastic surgery is for health reasons, when we all know how the song really goes. Hey, she might be telling the truth, but then again so might a hundred other stars.

Photo of Josh Hutcherson Before And After Rhinoplasty



Although the public recognizes him for his big screen role in “The Hunger Games”, Hutcherson’s career started long before interpreting Peeta. In fact, his experience can be traced all the way back to “Bridge to Terabithia”, “Zathura” and “Journey to The Center of The Earth”. Lately he’s also been tapping into directing and producing, both quite unknown sides of his profession.

He’s suffered from a deviated septum for many years, until he finally went through rhinoplasty surgery. His is one of those cases where we can genuinely say it was a problem that had to be dealt with. The funny thing is that when reporters spotted him and his brand new nose, his explanation was rather fishy “I was born this way”. So much mystery surrounding a simple procedure!

Photo of Clay Aiken Before And After Rhinoplasty



His name first saw the public light after he won second place on “American Idol” in 2003. Unlike several artists who emerged from this singing contest, Aiken took every opportunity he could to make music, releasing 6 albums while participating with different recording studios. At the same time, Aiken is a prolific activist and author. He’s currently an ambassador for UNICEF, as well.

One of the most curious trivia facts about Clay is that he got a rhinoplasty done because he was actually suffering from a deviated septum, a common disease that can be easily taken care of with a nose job. The thing is, most celebrities are not really in that dire of a situation to justify the surgery. Most of the time they just do it to come out with a better nose. Because, why not?

Photo of Karina Smirnoff Before And After Rhinoplasty



If you’ve never heard of Karina Smirnoff before and the first thing that comes to your mind is the bubbly drink, we don’t blame you. While her last name matching the brand is a funny coincidence, her career is most definitely not. This Ukrainian stunner born in the US is best known as a professional ballroom dancer, and the proud winner of season 13 of “Dancing with The Stars”.

You can see her glowing in recent pictures, after undergoing a rhinoplasty surgery. About the procedure, she said she felt great and it was the best decision she had ever made. See, beautiful people? You can stop faking a deviated septum to justify your need to look beautiful! Take a look at home girl Karina, and like her, stand proud with your perfectly straight nose.

Photo of Barry Manilow Before And After Rhinoplasty



The seventies gave the music industry what the Rolling Stones magazine called “the voice that represents our generation”. And indeed, singer Barry Manilow’s influence is still strong to this day. Manilow is an icon for all Americans, even down to his suit, which inspired late director John Hughes to create the iconic suit for the school principal in the classic “The Breakfast Club”.

What you probably don’t know about this legendary artist is that he’s been through a number of aesthetic surgeries, including a rhinoplasty nose job. The singer was displaying difficulties in his performance due to a deviated septum. The surgery solved it and in turn not only improved his breathing, but his singing as well.

Photo of Alexa Ray Joel Before And After Rhinoplasty



All it takes is one quick look at this sweet singer/songwriter to see the stunning resemblance to her father, superstar Billy Joel. Alexa Ray has struggled to creep out of her father and mother’s shadow for many years. What’s worse is that in 2009 the abrupt ending of a four year-long relationship caused her panic attacks, which lead her to almost overdose on anxiety pills.

Alexa has admitted to going under the knife for a rhinoplasty to correct a deviated septum and fix her nose. At least she admitted to it. Kudos to her for being honest. The procedure was done in 2010 and she’s felt better than ever since. With a promising solo career, Alexa is on her way to following her father’s footsteps, hopefully bringing his style back to our generation.

Photo of Alexis Bellino Before And After Rhinoplasty



Meet Alexis Bellino, one of the 5 infamous “Real Housewives of Orange County”. This tough blonde is a mother of three and, as a business woman she knows how important exposure is to keep her name in the public eye. The media is always popping out new information about estates she’s purchasing, expensive imported vehicles she’s buying, and more related to her life as a glamorous LA housewife.

But a glamorous life wasn’t enough because Bellino still needed to show everyone her nose job was a health-related must. So she dedicated an entire episode of her reality show to prove it. With a generous dose of tears worthy of an Academy award nomination, Alexis even got her personal physician to display the mucus that came out of her nostrils to show that her procedure was mandatory.

Photo of La Toya Jackosn Before And After Rhinoplasty



Closer to the 70 year-old mark than to the 60, La Toya has been trying to pursue a music career ever since she started with her family’s band, the Jackson’s. Yes, that bone structure has the undeniable Jackson touch to it. Unfortunately, La Toya was never as successful as her brother Michael and sister Janet. She might share the DNA, but her niche is still quite uncertain.

It’s no secret the artist has gone through a rhinoplasty. In fact, rumor has it that she and her sister Janet were nipped and tucked by the same surgeon. But the artist insists on being against plastic surgery. Regardless, you have to admit the irony of how the Jacksons actually managed to keep sharing the same “nose”, even if it is a brand new one.

Photo of Michael Jackson Before And After Rhinoplasty



Always surrounded by a halo of controversy, the King of Pop that brought timeless hits like “Thriller”, “Heal the World” and “They don’t really care about us” also fought with numerous personal issues, many which can be traced back to his very early start in the music industry, alongside his brothers as part of the Jackson 5. MJ claimed to be in the eye of Media on a daily basis up to the time he died.

Regardless, nothing kept the media more curious than Michael’s obsession with changing his appearance. It started with his nose. His skin also changed from black into white. His family claims he had a skin condition that affected his skin color. Some also say he became a regular for surgeons in order to transform his face to not look like his father. Unfortunately, we’ll never know.

Photo of Catherine Zeta-Jones Before And After Rhinoplasty



Arguably one of the most prestigious actresses, her reputation precedes her. While her first appearance in Hollywood came with the big screen adaptation of “El Zorro”, Catherine’s highest regarded moment was when she won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her role in the movie Musical Chicago, followed by a Tony award for her outstanding performance in the same Broadway musical.

With a physique that resembles nobody near the 40 year-old mark, Zeta-Jones owes more than she admits to the surgeon’s knife. The British actress has gotten a rhinoplasty done, along with an eyelid intervention, among others. Some pictures of her in a tiny bikini revealed what looked like brand new breasts. Basically, if you’re cute at that age, it’s most likely because you can afford it.

Photo of Michelle Pfeiffer Before And After Rhinoplasty



With more than 40 films across her career, Pfeiffer has shared screen time with some of Hollywood’s finest, like Al Pacino, and George Clooney. In the early nineties, she was an Academy Award nominee three times. Some of her most memorable characters include the waitress from “Frankie and Johnny” and the lovely Architect from “A perfect day”.

Of course, looking perfect in your 50s is only a goal that can be achieved either through a healthy lifestyle, or regular visits to an OR. We strongly argue the latter in Pfeiffer’s case. From Botox injections in her lips to rhinoplasty, face lifts and skin stretching, Pfeiffer is really trying hard to pull of the MILF look. Does she need it? Only to stay relevant in the Hollywood eye.

Photo of Lil Kim Before And After Rhinoplasty



Lil Kim was born and raised in Brooklyn and became a rapper at a young age. After her parents’ divorce, she went to live on the streets. Then, her mentor, the late Notorious BIG, took her under his wing. While her most recognized single is Lady Marmalade, Kim has released several albums and is a very successful artist, recognized in the US and Canada.

Despite denying it, Lil Kim has undergone surgery, first for her lip augmentation, later for her a nose job, and then a boob job. In one picture she looked so much like LaToya Jackson that her explanation was a new beauty routine. Unless you’re trying to disguise yourself as Nicky Minaj, make up doesn’t make you look like you’ve just gone under the surgeon’s knife, Kim. Look it up.

Photo of Cher Before And After Rhinoplasty



An indisputable icon, Cher has mastered the very coveted ability of reinvention across her extensive career. A brilliant actress, singer, songwriter and all around natural performer, Cher represents the very essence of pop culture. From her early days with Sonny Bono making disco hits to her solo career, Cher has earned the respect of the music industry thanks to her versatility, professionalism and creativity.

Cher admits she has had a rhinoplasty performed, along with breast implants after her boobs deflated during the early years of breastfeeding her first baby. A woman so confident she needs to explain herself to no one, Cher isn’t afraid of going under the knife pt admitting to any new procedures, as long as it’s all in favor of her progress as an artist. Good for her!

Photo of Iggy Azalea Before And After Rhinoplasty



Things weren’t always easy for the Australian rapper, who felt out of place after moving to the UK mainly because the urban style she enjoyed was not accepted in her neighborhood. After saving some money, Iggy traveled to the US and began collaborating with artists like Ariana Grande and Jessie J, J Lo, Pitbull, and Beyonce. All of this took place in 2014, and was undoubtedly Iggy’s best year.

In a very competitive industry such as this, it was only to be expected that Iggy would go the extra mile to prove worthy of the world’s attention. If her rapping wasn’t good enough, her whole appearance had to be. And so the Aussie has had her nose done. She also went under the knife to get a boob job. But what makes her even more down-to-Earth is that she’s not even ashamed of admitting to it.

Photo of Rose McGowan Before And After Rhinoplasty



She’s best known for her role as Page on “Charmed”, and the younger version of the Evil Queen’s mother on “Once Upon a Time”, She’s also an established model who’s posed for Vogue, among others. McGowan would rather not be labeled as an actress, since her years in that profession were “stressful”. She also enjoys directing and tackling Hollywood projects on her own term.

A dark moment came when she had a terrible accident that could have been fatal. Instead, the opportunity allowed her to fix a scar that was under one of her eyes. She also had other procedures done like adding fillers and having rhinoplasty surgery. The once naturally lavishing artist now looks more intimidating than ever.

Photo of Farrah Abraham Before And After Rhinoplasty



Farrah started her career as an artist in 2009, when she made her debut in the MTV reality show “16 and Pregnant”. Once she gave birth to her only child, Sophia Laurent Abraham, she went on to starring on “Teen Mom”. She also released a studio album that did not exactly have the best feedback. In fact, the newspaper “The Guardian”, called her voice “abrasively autotuned”.

The “Teen Mom” star has undergone multiple plastic surgeries, from rhinoplasty to lip injections, a breast augmentation and chin reduction. Every time she has a television appearance, her own complexion seems to have evolved, yet again. Hopefully she learns from all the failed cases from Hollywood’s walk of shame, before it’s too late.

Photo of Lisa Kudrow Before And After Rhinoplasty



The singer/hippie/mother of triplets also known as Phoebe from “Friends” has been the comic relief in a wide variety of movies, alternating with small roles in movies like on “Easy A”, “Analyze This and That”, among others. Recently she’s landed a role as an infamous online Therapist for the TV series “Web Therapy”.

Lisa Kudrow started with a nose job done right before changing schools at 16, because she felt “hideous”. The rhinoplasty boosted her confidence and she claims “changed her life”. You can see how her face went from a shy smile to a beaming grin in her high school yearbook picture. Of course, if 16-year-olds could get rhinoplasty rather than boob jobs, the world would be a better place.