Harmful Foods We Eat Every Day


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People come to me regularly for advice on ways to really improve their health. If and when we get to discussing diet, I almost always hear “But you don’t understand, I’m a SUPER healthy eater.”

Then I probe a little deeper, and it quickly becomes clear to me that this person is consuming plenty of foods that aren’t part of a healthy diet.

Now don’t beat yourself up too much for making these mistakes, as there’s so much confusion surrounding labels these days. Companies throw around buzz words such as “organic,” “all-natural,” “sugar-free” and others like they’re no big deal. But it’s on the consumer to use common sense as well.

So regardless of what labels say, do some critical thinking. And if you need a cheat sheet, here are some foods that many of us consume on a regular basis that we absolutely, positively shouldn’t.


Energy Bars

Energy bars should really be written “energy” bars. These are essentially candy bars in fancier wrappers, masquerading as health foods.

The highest-quality “energy” bars are incredibly processed, laden with sugar and contain hardly enough protein or fiber to make them worth the tradeoff. When you go with low-end “energy” bars, now we’re talking GMO and pesticide-packed ingredients such as nuts, soy and other low-quality processed fillers and coatings such as maple syrup, chocolate etc.

Unless you’ve got absolutely no other choice within a many-miles radius, do yourself a favor and pass on these altogether. You can replace the convenience of this snack by making your own nutrient-dense trail mix, and eating that along with a banana or other piece of fruit. But whatever you do, save yourself the energy and don’t be eating “energy” bars.



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