The Secretly Amazing Health Benefits Of Having A Dog

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Image of dogs providing health benefits to peoplePHOTO: L-R: TOUJOURKENNEL.COM / BARKPOST.COM / PRETTY52.COM

One of the most joyous benefits of being a dog owner is the unconditional love that you receive from your four-legged friend, but have you ever considered the physical and mental health benefits that you gain from your dog? Aside from providing you with companionship and entertainment, there are countless mental and physical perks of being a dog owner. Read on for the list that’ll have you wagging your tail!

Photo of old lady sitting on a bench outside with her two dogsPHOTO: STEADYHEALTH.COM

Dogs Help You Stay Active

Next time your dog begs you to take him on a walk, try thanking him instead of groaning in response. When you walk or jog with your dog, or simply play with him at the local dog park, you’re getting great exercise and having fun in the process. Research shows that dog owners who regularly walk their pets enjoy more advanced stages of movement and lower rates of obesity than those who don’t. All those walks with your pet add up to a healthier, more active lifestyle for you.


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