20. What Time Is It?


It seems that dogs have a great sense of time. They are able to understand how much time has passed and the differences between the hours. As a result, they are able to feel when it is time for their walk if you take them out a specific hour each day. Click next to learn something unexpected about your beloved pet.

19. As Smart As Humans


Yes! Dogs are smart. more specifically, a dog is as smart as a two-year-old child. That’s why children at that age and dogs seem to spend a lot of time together. They may feel a connection between them.

18. Jealousy


Just like a two-year-old, dogs feel threatened when you show affection to another one than them. They get really jealous and they might get angry at you or do anything to catch your attention!

17. A Dog City


According to some researches, the place with the most dog owners in the world is apparently the United States. There the population of pet dogs is about 75.8 million.

16. Seeing Eye Dogs And Cleaning Up


Here is an unexpected but pretty reasonable question. Who cleans after Seeing eye dogs? Well, these dogs are trained in order to do their “business” after been commanded to. Most of them recognize the commands “go time” and “get busy”.

15. Love Is In The Air


Petting a dog can provide you with comfort, relax you and somehow make you feel happier. The reason is that by petting and staring into a dog’s eyes the brain releases the hormone of love which is called oxytocin. What is more surprising is that not only your brain releases this hormone, but the dog’s, too.

14. The Saluki


Saluki is a dog breed that it is said to be the oldest dog breed in the world. It seems that it was really popular in ancient Egypt, as it appears inside the Egyptian tombs since 2100 B.C.

13. Badger Fighters


There is a breed that was originally bred in order to fight badgers. However, no one could believe that these little hot dogs would be able to fight anything. That breed was Dachshunds.

12. Live Longer


According to some researches, the dogs that have been neutered have been proved to live longer than the ones who haven’t.

11. Politically Active Dogs


Dogs can be great pets for anyone that wants to have a company and a loyal friend. That’s what the majority of all U.S presidents had in mind, as more than half owned a dog.

10. Russian Stray Dogs


Here is an unexpected fact about stray dogs in Russia. Being stray is really tough and dangerous. You have to search for your own food and water. But what happens when the area that you are doesn’t have any of them? Russian stray dogs learned to take the metro in order to find other places to search for food.

9. Always Knowing How You Feel


It seems that dogs are able to understand how you feel by smelling you. Yes, that’s true! Dogs can smell 100,000 times better than you, so for example, they are able to understand when you are scared because you start sweating and they can smell it.

8.Wet Noses


Every healthy dog has a really wet nose, but why does that happen? Well, as researchers have reported, dog’s noses are wet in order to help them absorb smell chemicals.

7. Fighting Together


Because of their strong sense of smell, dogs are able to get trained in order to learn how to detect cancer. Cancer cells produce different metabolic waste products than the healthy ones release. So the dog is able to smell cancer by smelling your breath.

6. Separation


Separation anxiety is a common problem for the dog owners, as it causes them many problems. Dogs with separation anxiety tend to cry a lot, bark or even destroy things when you leave them alone. However, an effective solution is to give your dog a worn clothe in order for it to smell it and relax.

5. Why Do Dogs Do Their Business On Certain Places?


Just start watching your dog for a day. You will notice that most of the time there are some places that your dog likes to do its business repeatedly. There’s a reason why this happens. The reason is that dogs prefer to do their business in alignment with the magnetic field of the Earth.

4. The Way Your Dog Sleeps


Most dogs, tend to sleep curled up in a ball. But what does that mean? Well, dogs tend to do that because this way they can keep themselves warm and protect their vital organs while they are not aware of their surroundings because they are sleeping.

3. 600 Million Dogs


There are almost 600 million dogs alive in the world today but unfortunately, a large percentage of them are strays. It’s estimated that the number of stray dogs is around 400 million.

2. Prehistoric Dog


It’s estimated by experts that the most ancient dog lived around 31,700 years ago. It most probably looked like a large Siberian Husky!

1. Spiked Collars


There is a very interesting fact about spiked collars! It is said that they were first used in Ancient Greece to protect dog’s throats from attacks by dangerous wild animals, usually wolfs.