Have you ever had a thought cross your mind (probably during a shower) that totally made sense but for some reasons you’d never thought of it before? Even worse, you’ve most probably forgotten it after the shower. Lucky for you this slideshow covers the most mind-blowing ones so be sure to check them all out.

20. The Only Part Of Your Reflection You Can Lick Is Your Tongue


Take a step back and think about it for a while. You can’t really do this for the obvious reasons but sure, go check this out yourself, (after reaching the end of the list of course)! Have your mind blown with the next slide.

19. Drinking Water With A Minty Mouth Is The Cold Version Of Spicy


It doesn’t matter whether you like spicy food or not, everyone feels the burn… and it hurts! Just think how similar is the experience when you drink water with a minty mouth. Have you thought of this before? The next slide will make your jaw drop.

18. You Most Probably Have Seen More Of The Surface Of The Moon Than Of The Earth


Even if you’re a frequent traveler you almost surely have seen more of the surface of the moon than of the earth! Also, think about how much time you needed to do this.. just a glance! Don’t freak out with the next one!

17. A Different Version Of  You Exists In The Minds Of Everyone Who Knows You


What makes you, you? “I think, therefore I am”, said René Descartes. It seems though that there are countless versions of you in the minds of the people who know you… and every one of them is different! The next picture will brighten up your day.

16. An Underrated Perk Of Being An Adult Is You No Longer Outgrow Your Clothes


Sometimes adults wish to become children again, even for one day. What they forget is the problems of being a child as well as the innumerable perks that being an adult has. One of them is that you’ll never again outgrow your clothes and shoes. Pick a size that fits and that’s it!

15. When We’re Young vs. When We’re Old


Teens usually come up with great stories, excuses and interesting ways to get permission from their parents to go party. If that doesn’t happen and they’re determined to go, they sneak out of the house to do so. If you change teens with adults and parents for family/friends, it’s the same thing!

14. The Brain Not Only Named Itself, But It Also Recognized That It Named Itself And Was Surprised When It Realized That


This surely will freeze your brain but think of it in logical steps. The brain finds out that it exists and not only named itself but it was surprising to realize to it found out about itself and then made the thought that it exists. Do you have siblings? Whatever the answer is, check the next slide!

13. If Your Identical Twin Got Plastic Surgery, It Would Be Hard Not To Feel A Little Insulted


Imagine having an identical twin and one day you find out that he or she had plastic surgery. If that doesn’t make you insecure then nothing else can make you feel that way. Still, it will make you wonder…

12. Technically, Almost Every Mirror You Buy At A Store Is In Used Condition


Every mirror serves a single purpose: reflect the light that falls in it. Given that, it’s safe to say that every mirror labeled “brand new” is without any doubt, a big lie!

11. Corrupt Cops Are Just Undercover Criminals


It doesn’t matter if you wear a uniform or not, if you break the law you’re officially a criminal. But what happens if you’re a cop? Does this enter an eternal feedback loop or are you just an undercover criminal? What do you think?

10. Making A Typo In An Online Argument Is The Equivalent Of Voice Cracking In A Verbal Argument


Whenever you’re having a heated argument with someone you see and say everything that comes into your mind that seems useful to make you win the argument but sometimes that’s just too much and your voice cracks. Imagine now that you’re having an internet argument and then you surely can see the resemblance

9. Your Belly Button Is Just Your Old Mouth


What purpose serves the belly button? Is it there only to remind us of where we come from or to also remind us that this was indeed our first mouth when we were in the womb? Whatever the answer is your mind is surely blown up to this point.

8. It’s Always Easy To Fall Asleep On A Couch Unless You’re Actually Trying To Fall Asleep On A Couch


Have you ever had trouble sleeping? Why is it that you can fall asleep on the couch so easily except for the times that you don’t want to sleep? This is so annoying when it happens and somehow you can’t see why.

7. It’s Crazy That Something Like A Walmart Gift Card Is Printed On Plastic, But My Social Security Card Is Printed On The Flimsiest Piece Of Paper I’ve Ever Handled


Priorities first! Every sane person would assume that important documents should be protected more than anything else. Well, that surely isn’t the case. Just pick up your social security card and then compare it with a Walmart gift card… but why?

6. Most Orchestras Are Just 1800s Cover Bands


A cover band is a band that plays songs of other bands/people and if you expand this thought process you’ll realize that an orchestra that performs classical pieces is just that! With the difference that instead of The Beatles you’re most likely to hear some good old J.S Bach.

5. If You’re 25 Years Old, You’ve Already Been Around For More Than 10% Of American History


Think about it twice. The US isn’t that old of a country and if you’re more than 25 years old you can safely brag about the experience and influencing more than 10% of it!

4. A Successful Marriage Ends With Watching The Other Person Die


“Till death do us part”, never sounded truer. Indeed if you think a little further, a successful marriage involves seeing your partner leave this world, and visa versa.

3. College Students Are Simultaneously Stereotyped For Not Getting Enough Sleep And For Sleeping All The Time


Quickly, think of a college student you know. Chance are that the most sleep deprived person you know or the most sleepy one came on your mind. This abolishes all your stereotypes, doesn’t it?

2. Imagine How Rich You Would’ve Had To Be 200 Years Ago To Have Music Playing In The Background While You Cook Dinner


Music, especially in Europe has always been a luxury that was only for the very rich. Sit back and appreciate how much money you save every day when you listen to music while cooking while calculating how many money does a musician.

1. Whenever You Buy And Eat Half A Chicken, You Are Secretly Sharing A Meal With A Stranger


Who got the rest? When you buy and then eat half a chicken, who bought the other half? Never eat alone together by thinking that chance is that at the moment you’re enjoying your half of the chicken, someone else is also enjoying his other half!