There are several places in the world that allow tourists to roam their country and enjoy their culture. This is a great way to get money flowing within places and can create a business within itself in a country. However, there are certain countries that outright don’t want tourists at all.

20. Somalia


Somalia doesn’t really make it the easiest to enter their country. If it isn’t the fact that they don’t have ways of converting money from your native currency to theirs then it is the fact that you need to obtain a Visa from the Embassy of Somali which isn’t exactly the most welcoming gesture into a country.

19. North Korea


North Korea will only allow you to visit its country if you are part of a tour group or not. If you do get your visa approved and you are looking at exploring the country alone this is virtually impossible. There is also a load of restrictions of what you can do as a tourist in North Korea so it can be more trouble than its worth for most.

18. Eritrea

The Economist

If you do decide to visit this unknown country then you are only able to visit the capital Asmara. The country is very personable and keeps to itself. It doesn’t have a large social media presence so it may be best to stay away from this country.

17. Syria

Syria is quickly becoming a place that is getting harder and harder to get to. Even if you wanted to visit Syria your visa expires in two weeks and it is a painful process to try and get in the first place. This process is only going to get harder as time passes.

16. Nauru

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This is another country that many people have never heard of so many won’t be heartbroken that they can’t visit it. Nauru is a coastal country and from images of the country, it looks like a great place to visit. However, several restrictions on tourists make the trip unbearable.

15. Azerbaijan

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Azerbaijan needs an invitation to even enter the country. This can easily be obtained through a travel agency but that can be a pain to many just trying to take a vacation. If you want to drive in the country you will need to have an international drivers license.

14. China

China is certainly a place that many travelers want to conquer one day. With the big cities like Hong Kong and Beijing and tourist attractions like the Great Wall, who wouldn’t want to travel to China. However, it is a strenuous process to try and get entry into the country.

13. Angola


Angola is a country that can be a serious pain to try and enter. If it’s not the fact that if you don’t show up with a visa you are immediately detained and deported its the fact that you can’t even get a visa within Angola. Canadians have it worse when trying to enter the country as they have to complete the Canadian Criminal Clearance Certificate.

12. Uzbekistan

There is a lot to see in Uzbekistan and can be well worth it if you actually are able to get into the country. However, this is no easy task as you will need a multi-entry visa because of the way to get into Uzbekistan stretches through a few other countries.

11. Turkmenistan

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The strangest thing you need to visit Turkmenistan is an invitation from the person you are visiting. Therefore, you probably can’t just enter the country and sightsee by yourself. If you do, then you will have to contact a travel agency which defeats the purpose.

10. Russia

The New York Times

Russia is another country similar to China that has a lot of famous cities and landmarks to visit. However, you will have to go through a tough process to even get approved on entry. The best way to enter the country is to conduct a sit down with a travel agency.

9. Kiribati

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While Kiribati isn’t particularly hard to get into the restrictions they have on tourists make you question if you even want to go to the country. One of these restrictions is the inability to wear anything revealing including a bathing suit.

8. Bhutan

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If you want to visit Bhutan then you better be willing to throw down some money. The only way to get into Bhutan is through a travel agency package that doesn’t include your hotel or flight. If you want to bring any electronics you will first have to check them in at the Bhutan Department of Revenue and Customs.

7. Saudi Arabia


Visiting Saudi Arabia will present issues if you have stamps in your passport from countries like; Israel, Jordan, and Egypt. If you are a female traveling to Saudi Arabia you will have to have a male present with you at the airport.

6. Algeria


While it isn’t impossible to get into Algeria you will definitely have to jump through some hoops when it comes to getting your visa approved. If you are visiting a friend or family member they must send you a formal invitation and prove that they are a resident in Algeria.

5. Amsterdam, Netherlands


Amsterdam may be a place on your bucket list as it is a huge tourist spot. There are over 18 million tourists per year that visit Amsterdam. There have been many tourists issues in Amsterdam causing the government to ban Airbnb in certain neighborhoods.

4. Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

Uneven Sidewalks

Koh Phi Phi in Thailand sees many tourists every year and it is only recently that the country is cracking down on this problem. The main beach at Koh Phi Phi has been closed down due to over tourism and it allows for the wildlife to flourish.

3. Barcelona, Spain

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Barcelona is another famous travel destination but many of the locals and authorities in Barcelona don’t like the fact that it has become so popular in the tourism world. There have been large riots in the city with anti-tourism signs.

2. Venice, Italy

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Venice is a city that most everyone wants to visit at some point in their life. However, with everyone wanting to make this trip there is a large overcrowding problem happening in Venice. There have been strides made to calm down the number of tourists entering the city and the country.

1. Machu Picchu, Peru


USA Today

Machu Picchu is a popular tourist spot and this has become a problem as far as preserving it. There have been attempts to lessen the number of tourists like time limits for your ticket when visiting the preservation.