Halloween is getting close, but there is still enough time to prepare and create the most astonishing outdoor decorations ever. And we got the best ideas that are not only easy to make, but are also fun and cheap ways to upgrade your backyard and prepare it for Halloween. Get ready to discover some spooky decorations because this collection is definitely wicked!

Add some creativity, mix some of these ideas and your festive yard will look amazingly spooky!

20. Creepy Halloween Lanterns


Your backyard will be visited a lot in the evening, so there are many ways to make your decorations shine and spook people in the dark. Start with something simple like these glowing lanterns. You’ll need some mason jars, silhouette patterns which can be found online, and a few LED sticks. There are various ways you can create these lanterns. Some people use spray paint and markers instead of cutout paper and glue. Nonetheless, the result is awesome!

19. Outdoor Scaredy Cat


Halloween is not complete with a black cat on your porch. And if you don’t have a real one, you can make one out of plywood. You can find the silhouette cat online and enlarge it as much as you want. Print it, trace the pattern and start cutting.

You can also create other things like a life-sized witch! And if it’s too much for your weekend project, you can try the next idea.

18. Spider Sacs


Spook everyone with these gooey spider sacks to turn your front door any anyone’s nightmare. Get some old white tights, many plastic spiders, some baseballs, a hot glue gun, and start sticking those spiders. If you want, add some fake spider web so that it drips around. Or make it even scarier by adding some glow in the dark spiders!

An effortless project really makes your skin crawl, like this one with the giant spider from #8!

17. FriendlyLawn Ghosts


The night when the veil between the living and the dead is thin should also be a night of celebration – for ghosts too! Grab some plastic drop cloths, stuff them with anything from old paper, newspaper, leaves and so on, add some Christmas lights under them, and prop them on a stick. Make them hold hands around a cauldron or a tree and wait for the night to come.

You’ll find some other funny ghost ideas here at #11.

16. Didn’t You Read the Sign?


This Dead And Breakfast Inn sign is amazing! It’s a great display, and welcoming, especially for the skeletons, ghosts, and other monsters that want to come treat-or-tricking your way. For this idea, you’ll need a little more time and some more materials, but it will surely be a cool and satisfying weekend project to be proud of.

And it will impress a lot of visitors too… whether they have the guts to come in or not…

15. AWreath With a Twist


If your kids are ready to craft some decorations with you, and you want them to be a little less scary, you can never fail with the witch’s hat. Use some felt, a ribbon and a chain of beads. Use the hot glue to stick it and then place the felt on a lightweight wood. If you have some moss from other decorations, you can replace the felt with moss.

There’s another idea easy to make and even spookier than this one, check it out at #5.

14. Skeleton In the Yard


Probably your yard hid some skeletons, or they came by from the nearest graveyard. Prop them against your car by the garage, add a guitar and make these guys look happy and ready to party. They look like they’re having a lot of fun, and the guests that pass by your garage would also be terrified if “someone” turned on some music from the car to make it sound like the skeletons are singing.

13. Black Cat O’Lanterns


If you’re in a hurry and don’t want to carve out your pumpkins, paint them all black except for the eyes, which will remain the natural orange color. Use your imagination and position the funniest looking pumpkins to make it look like your porch is filled with a bunch of cats.

Here’s another impressive idea with Jack o’lanterns, and we just love it. Check it out at #4!

12. Some Cleaning and Some Decorating


If you have planned to gather the leaves in your yard before Halloween starts, don’t throw them away! You can use them to stuff white kitchen garbage bags and let them sit outside your house. When Halloween gets close, use a permanent marker and transform them into spooky ghosts. They look like they’re waving their hands at you! This is too adorable! Let’s check out the next ghosts.

11. Eerie Ghosts


Here’s one thing you will not need this autumn: tomato cages. If you have a few, or just one, turn them into awesome ghosts. You’ll also need a sheet, a strand of white lights, some black felt, and some pins. It’s easy to make, cheap and adorable. The project is very fun for kids and it won’t take up much time. Plus, your porch will look amazing!

10. Unlucky Witch


This unlucky witch somehow got stuck in her steaming cauldron. To make this decoration, you will need two plastic cauldrons, a pool Noodle, some colored tights, witch shoes and other things you can easily find in the house, like some pillow stuffing to create the steam in the cauldron. This one-of-a-kind decoration would make a lot of people laugh.

9. SkeletonPicnic Decoration


Remember those two skeletons with the guitar? You can reuse them in a different day and place them at a picnic table. Add some plates, a lantern and some bottles to make it look more real. At night, turn on the light at the table and spook everyone that dares set foot into your yard.

Add this huge spider…

8. A Giant Spider!


Long legs and puffy body, no matter how small it is, it’s still scary. But make one taller than a human being, and it will creep all the trick-or-treaters. You’ll need some PVC pipes and a puffy ball, some black tape and a few more materials, but in the end, this spooky creature will make your yard look freaky!

7. Something Wicked


Halloween isn’t just about fake blood or spiders. It’s about mystery and the thought that “something wicked this way comes.” Create a signboard, add a scary crow on top of it, some spider webs and a lantern that you can turn on at night. You’ll love how it turns out!

6. Wicked Witches


If you have a window sill on your porch, you can decorate it with a thick book wrapped in a cover similar to this one. Add a skull, some Christmas lights, an old chandelier, and a bowl with weird looking ingredients for a spell, and you got yourself a fast and easy decoration.

5. Spider Wreath And Tree


Make your front door look creepy with this spider wreath filled with creepy crawlies and a web. You won’t need a lot of materials, and the décor is fast and easy to make. If there are some spiders and fake spider web left, gather some dry branches and cover them in the web, adding some spiders too.

4. Halloween Topiary


It looks exquisite and the combination is wonderful! It’s ghostly white and mysterious black, it’s Halloween yellow and looks so luxurious too. Carve some pumpkins, spray them with black and white and use a broom as the support. You can then place it in a pot close to the doorstep.

Talking about doorstep…

3. Witchy Door Mat


Did you just squish a witch under your door? If not, let’s explain how you can do it. You’ll need an old doormat, some felt to cut out and glue the letters, a pair of shoes and a pair of socks filled with whatever material you have at home. Use some stitching to attach the legs and you’re done!

2. Hat Luminaries


This really simple project will make your front porch look adorable from the outside and from the inside! You’ll only need some cheap witches hats, fishing line, lightweight LED light sticks, a long needle, command hooks for lights (the outdoor type) and some safety pins. It’s an unexpected and beautiful decoration.

1.Last Minute Ghost


And if you really had no time for any of the previous ideas, get an old sheet, rip it so that it looks like a ghost, color eyes and mouth with a permanent marker and hang it in a tree. You can use some safety pins to arrange it nicely.