42 Ways To Spice Up Your Next Date Night


After you’ve been with someone for a while, you might need some inspiration to make date nights a little more interesting. If you’ve been in a slump and want to ignite the flame of romance back into your relationship, keep reading.

1. Indulge One Another

Surprise your partner and indulge them from head to toe. When your spouse gets home, run them a bath, pour some wine, and maybe even ask to join. Wash your lover, or give them a back rub. Once it’s time to get out of the tub, you’ll have made your partner feel relaxed and appreciated.

2. Pick Each Other Up


If you’re into role-playing or have wanted to try it out, here’s your chance. Pick a location, usually a bar, and go there separately. Once there, try to pick each other up. Men – ask if you can buy her a drink, ladies – accept the drink and see where the night takes you. To make it even more interesting, create different personas.

3. Relive Your First Date


Is there a special place you and your partner used to go to all the time when your first started dating? Perhaps you have a local restaurant, coffee shop, or park that is your spot. Plan a date night out to this location; you can even pretend you’re on the first date again and ask the “get to know you” questions.

4. Act Like Teenagers


Do you remember when you were a teenager? What did you do on date nights? For some of us we need to tone it down a bit, but grab some take out and head to your favorite lookout spot. For dessert, turn up the tunes and head to the back seat.

5. Act in Reverse


To spice things up, do it in reverse. Start with cuddling on the couch, then allow intimacy to build organically, go out and grab some ice cream, and finish the night with some dinner at a local late-night diner. You certainly don’t have to follow the traditional routine of dinner and a movie. Doing it all in reverse can definitely make the night more exciting.

6. Shaken or Stirred


Find some drink recipes you have both been wanting to try. Pick up the ingredients (make it a surprise even), and tell your partner to meet you at home for some juicy drinks. Bring out the shaker set you got as a gift and put it to good use. The more exotic the drinks, the better.

7. Go Somewhere Unconventional


At times, we get trapped in the same date night over and over again. It’s familiar, so we go to the same restaurants, the same parks, etc. Try somewhere new tonight. Never been to an authentic Japanese cuisine restaurant? Start there! Is there a planetarium in your area or dining in the dark perhaps? Try it out.

8. Check Into Somewhere Fancy


It’s okay to indulge sometimes, and we shouldn’t count out our date nights. Splurge on a luxury hotel for a two day one night stay. Order in their superior room service and take advantage of being away from home. Now is the ideal time to try out new things in the bedroom and make as much noise as you wish.

9. Sweeten Your Love


If you or your partner both love chocolate, hit up your local bakery, or sweets shop, and pick up something for you both to share. Pick up some things you have never tried and feed them to each other. You can either start the night or end it with this one.

10. A Private Spa Party


Suggest a night in the bathroom with this one. You can pick up an “at home spa kit,” filled with scented massage oils, candles, bubble baths. Take out the loofa sponge, light some candles, and enjoy the time together.

11. Role-Play in the Bedroom


Do you or your lover have a role-play fantasy you have always wanted to act out? Maybe it is a teacher-student scenario or doctor-patient? Make it happen on date night. No matter how outrageous the scenario is, have fun with it and make your fantasies a reality tonight.

12. Pick Up an Activity


If you the type of couple who does the essential dinner-and-a-movie date nights, try something different this time. Have you ever wanted to learn how to salsa? Maybe you are more adventurous and want to take a boxing class? No matter what you pick, bring your partner and learn something new together.

13. Spend Time at Home


There’s nothing wrong with having a date night at home. Turn your living room into a massage area, and indulge in some relaxation together. Afterward, cook a nice meal together paired with your favorite wine. Do it all while naked — you’re at home after all.

14. Get Drunk (In Love)


Ask about local brewery and winery tours, and take your significant other on a boozy tour. Any date night out that involves beer or wine is sure to be a hit, and the tours that companies offer are usually reasonably priced. Some tours will take your site seeing through the city, or you’ll have time to stroll around the property.

15. Got Game?


Some like to go out, be wined and dined, while others enjoy ordering pizza and staying cozy inside. Why not make it a game night? Whether it be video games or some classic card games, get some friendly competition going and have fun with it. How about strip poker?

16. Connect with Nature

Leave the hustle and bustle of your town or city behind and head for the great outdoors. Plan a camping (or glamping) trip together and snuggle up by the campfire. Pack easy to eat foods and make sure to watch the sunset and the sunrise together. Have kids at home and can’t leave? Set up camp in the backyard.

17. Get Your DIY On


Set aside a bit more time and have a date day where you get crafty with one another. Is there a room that needs to be updated? Paint it together. Do you have an old office space or a boring patio? Turn it into a couples haven with plush pillows and string lights.

18. Sketch Each Other


If you’re looking for something a little different for a date night in, try sketching each other. This date night idea could end with some playful laughs at how bad you are at drawing, but grab some wine and be each other’s nude model.

19. Dress Up


Have you had your eye on some sexy lingerie that you’ve been putting off buying? Well now is your chance. Wear it under your outfit and give your significant other a sneak peek during dinner. Gentlemen, how about dress down and not wear any underwear at all? Ladies go ahead with the dress and jewelry tonight. Also, give your significant other a glimpse for what can be expected later that night.

20. Don’t Get Caught


Do something on the edge this date night, but don’t get caught. Try something spontaneous and go skinny dipping or crash a wedding. The more adventurous, the better, but remember to be safe. You’ll surely have your adrenaline pumping.

21. Sunday Brunch, Farmers Market Style


Date nights aren’t just for Friday and Saturday evenings. Change things up and head on over to your local farmers market on Sunday morning. Pick up some fresh ingredients then head back home for a homemade brunch together.

22. Dance Your Hearts Out


Go for a classic and go out dancing this date night! To spice it up, why not warm up at home? Put on your best playlist and start dancing in your living room. Your partner will surely join in, and soon enough, the sparks will be flying.

23. Movie with a Blanket Fort


Here’s a twist on the traditional movie date; if your significant other loves movies this date night will be a hit. Surprise your significant other with a fort already built when you get home. Have some classic movies ready to go, and grab some of your favorite snacks to enjoy too. Don’t forget about popcorn.

24. Get Creative Behind Closed Doors

Add an element of surprise into your usual behind-closed-doors routine. This could mean introducing new forms of intimacy, or even objects that limit one’s ability to control a situation. If you’ve got any sort of imagination, you know where I’m going with this…

25. Make It a Surprise


Don’t tell your date anything, and plan everything out in advance. When they get home, get them to dress accordingly and follow you out the door. The mystery and knowing that you planned everything out for them will make them ecstatic.

26. Mystery Date


Have you and your partner write down all the date night ideas that you would like to do one day. It can be dates you’ve already had or completely new ones. Put all those ideas in a jar, and when you can’t decide on what to do for date night pull from the jar. It’ll be exciting because it’s a mystery, but it will be something one of you wants to do.

27. Animal Shelter Date


Are you and your spouse animal lovers? Give back to your local animal shelter for your next date night. Bring some old linens and towels as a donation (many local animal shelters are always in need of linens and towels, but you can always call ahead of time for their preferred donation). Walk and play some dogs for the day.

28. Reinvent Your First Date


If you remember back to number 3, we told you to relive your first date. Well, now it’s time to kick it up a notch and reinvent your first date. Did you go to a concert on your first date? Find out when the band is playing in a city you both want to visit and relive your first date there. Kick it up a notch, get VIP tickets as well.

29. Wine and Dine Together


Make a reservation at the newest restaurant in town. Splurge on a bottle of fancy wine and make the pairings as you go. If you want to stay in, watch a recipe video on YouTube, and make it together. Do you really want to celebrate? Hire a personal chef for the night.

30. Sweat It Out


A sweaty partner might not be ideal or attractive, but physical fitness is essential in our everyday lives, and we want our partners to be healthy. Release those endorphins. Try out a new sport together, like tennis or rowing. Get the blood pumping and sweat dripping. You’ll feel better, and you get to hop in the shower together.

31. Kick It Old School


Take your significant other to an old school arcade, glow in the dark bowling, or mini-golf. Your spouse will enjoy the nostalgia of the whole date night, and you can end the night off with some ice cream and a late night walk in the park.

32. Transform Your Living Room


If you want to stay in for your date night, try transforming your living room into a luxurious oasis. Lay down blankets and dim the lights. Bring in your favorite dessert, some massage oils, and your favorite wine. Your partner will love how you transform your living space into a sensual love making space.

33. Catch Up On Your Reading


This date night is not as dull as it sounds. Pick up some advice books for the bedroom and practice what you read. Have your partner read some of the tips and tricks as well, and ask what they want to explore. Who thought studying could be so much fun?

34. Give Back


Do something meaningful this date night and help out at a local homeless shelter. You could also make care packages and hand them out, or ask your local church how to get involved. You’ll both feel great knowing that you can give back to your community.

35. Karaoke Night


Pick out some songs that are meaningful to you both and hit up your local karaoke bar. You could even sing a duet together to be extra romantic. Be brave and let loose. Have a couple of drinks for some liquid encouragement. It’s okay if you don’t have a great singing voice — that can be half the fun. If bars aren’t your thing, just sing your heart out at the park.

36. Coffee in the Park


Speaking of the park, his date night can be great if you have kids. Grab some coffee or make it at home and head to the park. The kids can play while you watch them cuddled up on a bench nearby. Sometimes to spice things up, you have to enjoy the simple things in life first.

37. Turn Up the Heat In the Theater


If you can, take some sexy photos before heading out to the theater. Sneak your phones in and send your significant other the photo during the show (or some sexy messages). It’s not a bad idea to get a little hands on as well, just don’t get caught.

38. Add Some European Flair


Try going out to a new French restaurant. Alternatively, pack a lunch of baguettes, fine cheese, and some wine. Indulge in the European lifestyle and hand feed your partner. With this unique dining experience, you both will surely have a sultry time.

39. Moonlit Night


If you live close to a lake or river, when there is a full moon, make sure to get a babysitter. You can rent or purchase a canoe (or kayak, or boat) and enjoy a night on the lake. The moon will light up the whole lake, creating the perfect atmosphere. Why not try some skinny dipping?

40. Share an Aphrodisiac

Have a date night that is filled with foods that are known aphrodisiacs. Share some oysters, a bottle of champagne, and end the night with chocolate covered strawberries. Even if they are not proven to affect, it’ll be like a placebo for you and your partner. The night will definitely get hot.

41. Backyard Date Night


This date night is perfect for parents and kids. When the kids are down for bed, turn your backyard into your own date night venue. Bring out some creative snacks, have a glass of wine, and turn on the patio lights. Play a game of “never have I” and get to know your spouse even better.

42. Adventurous Date


Go on a spontaneous road trip and play your favorite playlist. Pick a town or city you have never been to and go site seeing for the day. Alternatively, go on a hike in the morning — pack lunch for when you get to the top. The possibilities are endless.