The world is filled with people that love nothing more than to cause problems. Unfortunately, some of them don’t have any limits and they try to cause trouble for everyone, including little 13-year-old kids who are just trying to work hard and make a dollar.

22. Calling 911

People these days are calling 911 for all sorts of reasons, some more peculiar than others. However, the Minnesota police precinct knew exactly how to react to a complaint that was a little out of the ordinary…

21. Angry People

Nowadays, there are hundreds of reports of people randomly calling the police and complaining about strange things just like the neighbor of this little boy did. Here’s how everything started…

20. Jaequan Faulkner

Jaequan Faulkner is a 13 years old boy who decided that he doesn’t want to keep asking his parents for money and that he would rather work instead. To make things even better, the young boy decided to use his passion for food in order to make money.

19. Proud Of His Job

The boy works on a hotdog stand every summer and everyone knows him for being a sweet boy. Learning to be responsible at this age is something to be admired for, that’s why all of his customers were always supportive, especially his parents.

18. Hard Work

Jaequan’s parents taught him that people get money by having jobs and working hard. This is a harsh lesson that most kids don’t want to learn. However, Jaequan is a special boy and he quickly realized that if he wants to succeed in life he needs to work. 

17. Bad Influence

If you ask Jaequan why he works every day at the hot dog stand, he will tell you that he just wants to make sure he has money to buy new clothes for when school starts. But one day a woman who lived right next to the boy’s house decided to ruin everything.

Here’s why his neighbor called the cops on him…

16. Good Food

Jaequan’s parents are saying that they are happy to see that their kid realized the value of money and that he is willing to work in order to get what he wants.

Not just that, but they also love the fact that he makes good food and doesn’t get in trouble like most kids his age usually do. On the downside of things, Jaequan’s neighbor doesn’t see things this way. The woman did the craziest thing!

15. Nosey Neighbor

Even though Jaequan works at the hot dog stand every summer, one of his neighbors decided to do something unbelievable! The nosey neighbor called the cops on the little boy. Can you believe this? A grown woman wants the police to shut down Jaequan’s hot dog stand. Fortunately, the police precinct had the perfect answer to this call.

14. Shutting Down The Hot Dog Stand

Responding to the 911 call, the police officers quickly arrived at the scene only to discover a hard-working kid, minding his own business and selling hotdogs. If you’re thinking they shut down his stand think again because their decision surprised not only the rude neighbor but the whole community!

13. Amazing Decision


Instead of shutting down the hot dog stand, the police officers realized what was going on and decided to do something incredible! Jaequan’s neighbor wanted to ruin his business, but little did she know, the police officers were about to help the boy…

12. Getting A Permit

The police officers called the health department, but not to shut down the hot dog stand! The health department went on to teach Jaequan everything he needs to know about making delicious food and they helped him get an official permit. And that’s not all!

11. Special Hot Dog Stand

The young man used to make food on a simple table, but the police officers decided to donate money and buy him a special stand! This shows us that police officers are good people just like you and me and that their job is to make the city a better place. How do you thing Jaequan’s neighbor reacted to this?

10. The Neighbor Is Upset

This should come as no surprise but the neighbor who called the cops was furious! The woman wanted to destroy Jaequan’s business, but the exact opposite happened! The 13 years boy got an official permit and a special hot dog stand from the police officers. And that’s not all!

9. Police Invitation

The police officers didn’t only help Jaequan get his permit and bought him a hot dog stand, but they also invited him to the precinct to sell some delicious food. Check out the next picture to see what Jaequan had to say about this because you will be left in awe.

8. Jaequan Speaks Out

“Surprisingly, I’m like, dang, the city’s not the bad guys in this situation. They’re actually the ones who are helping me.” said Jaequan when asked about how he felt when the police came to his help. Unfortunately, Jaequan’s neighbor isn’t the only person who is willing to call the cops on people who are just living their life…

What this next lady did will leave you shocked!

7. Barbeque Betty

The woman in this picture is dubbed as “Barbeque” Betty because she called the cops on a family who was simply trying to have fun in the park. The family was having a cookout in the park when Betty decided to call the cops because she didn’t like the fact they were having a barbeque. Here’s what happened next…

6. Park Cookout

For some unknown reason, Betty thought that having a barbeque in a special “barbeque zone” is illegal and she called the cops. Some might say that she is mean, but she was probably just feeling hungry! But here’s the interesting part…

5. Betty Gets Confronted

Things get interesting when another woman who was walking in the park confronted Betty for what she did. The woman started telling Betty that this is a special part of the park where people are encouraged to have cookouts, but Betty wouldn’t understand and she started threating to call 911.

4. Afternoon Fun

Obviously, nothing happened to the family who was having a barbeque, but their afternoon fun was ruined. Just imagine how annoying it would be to have someone like Betty come to yell at you while you are trying to relax with your family.

3. Shocking The Country

The story of Betty calling the cops on a family having a barbeque in the park went viral because no could believe how mean she is. The entire country was shocked and Betty made the news.

2. Making The News

As you can clearly see, “Barbeque” Betty became a star in her city. Now, everyone knows to avoid her whenever they are grilling something on the barbeque.

1. Mean People

There are too many people in this world who instead of supporting kids like Jaequan for working, they call the cops. Let’s hope Jaequan’s story serves as proof that cops will help out those in need and that being mean will get you nowhere.