While most people get pets to keep them company and fill their lives with joy, there are some people who adopt them for all sorts of reasons. This is why there are special departments in the police force that take care of animal-related issues. One of these departments is called the Human Rescue Alliance or HRA for short and what they found inside the basement of a man shocked them.

20. Hard Job


Policemen of all kinds are heroes and there is no doubt about that. Some might work in traffic while others in animal-related issues, but there is one thing that they have in common. Their jobs are dangerous and they never know what to expect next.

19. Emergency Call


The folks at the HRA received a call from a person who said that his neighbor might have dogs in his basement. The dogs never come out of the house and this is highly suspicious. Without giving it any second thought, the animal rescuers went to check out what’s going on.

18. Scary Basement


The animal rescuers raided the man’s house and they couldn’t find anything. There was no dog in sight. This is when they heard a bark coming from the basement.

17. Mystery Box


The animal rescuers found a dozen of dogs hiding in this man’s basement and they pulled them out. However, the job was not done because there was a mysterious box hidden inside the basement and something was moving inside it!

16. Alligator


The animal rescuers opened the box and to their surprise, a five-foot long alligator was hiding inside. They couldn’t believe their eyes, why would someone hide an alligator inside their basement?

15. Running Free


The owner of the house didn’t want to give any statements, but one thing was certain, the animal rescuers needed to set the alligator free in a safe environment. The reptile did nothing wrong and it deserved to live a better life.

14. Reasons


The animal rescuers said that they don’t why the man was holding an alligator in his basement, but they don’t want to find out either. Something bad was happening inside that house and the neighbor who called them is a lifesaver.

13. Good People


The folks who risk their lives working at HRA deserve all the praise they can get. They are heroes and the fact that they are willing to jump inside dark basements is proof of that.

12. Meet Steve


The story that we just presented reminds us of Steve Greig. Steve is a regular guy just like everyone, but there is special about him. He has a noble mission.

11. A Noble Mission


As you can probably tell from the picture that we’ve just shown you, Steve is a dog lover. Steve dedicates all his time to saving and helping animals who don’t have owners or who have been mistreated. Unfortunately, Steve’s story is a bit sad.

10. Losing A Friend


The reason why Steve decided to dedicate his life to saving animals in need of help is because his best friend, a dog, had died. Steve wanted to pay respect to his dog’s memory by saving others.

9. Dedication


Steve knew that saving animals in need for help is his calling after adopting the first stray dog. A feeling of joy overwhelmed Steve and he realized that he needs to dedicate his life to this cause.

8. Lifesaver


Just like the folks who work for the HRA, Steve Greig is a lifesaver in his own way. Of course, he might not run in dark basements filled with alligators, but what he does is equally brave and respectable.

7. Medicine


Greg has learned how to give sick animals all the medicine that they need in order to feel better. This is a special man and people like him are very rare.

6. Best Friends


While some might say that Steve’s house is filled with dogs and all other types of animals, Steve likes to think that his house is filled with best friends who love each other. Isn’t that amazing?

5. Never Alone


Since Steve is surrounded by so many loving animals who are grateful for the help they are receiving, we can be sure that Steve is never going to feel alone.

4. Adorable Dogs


As everyone can see, Steve’s dogs are super adorable. The man keeps taking pictures of them and posting them to social media in hopes that other people will see them and realize that all dogs are cute, not just the bred ones.

3. Expensive Food


Steve is really dedicating his life to helping these animals. Steve could visit the world with all the money that he spends on food for them, but this doesn’t matter to him. Steve is happy helping out and this is all that matters to him.

2. Purpose


What’s awesome about Steve’s mission to help animals is that he found purpose in life. Steve says that he feels like his days on this planet have meaning. Let’s hope that more people like Steve appear because the world surely needs more good people.

1. It’s All Worth It


Even though Steve spends thousands of dollars on food and medicine, the man says that it’s all worth it. Nothing brings him more happiness than helping out an animal in need.