When Taylor Naho’olewa received a call that her boyfriend had been injured while skiing, she knew that her life would never be the same. Her heart sank as she heard the grim news. Not only the love of her life was in pain, but it all happened on Valentine’s day, a day they should have celebrated happily.

What Taylor didn’t know is that both of their lives were on a new course… just not the way she would have ever expected!

Their Lives Changed Forever

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Taylor’s phone rang one day, bearing shocking news. It was a message no girlfriend should have to hear: “Colton has a broken back.” Anyone that hears this about the person they love knows how painful it is to watch them suffer and feel powerless for not being able to take away the pain.

After hearing the news she knew everything was about to change, but little did she know at the time that Colton was hiding something from her. Here’s how everything started…

Falling in Love

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A Texas girl at heart, Taylor never imagined when she moved to American Fork, Utah that the man of her dreams would be waiting. After living there for a short while, she soon developed a relationship with an extreme snowboarder. Even better, he even shared her faith as a fellow Mormon. It was love at first sight!

Being an extreme athlete, Colton was used to getting into accidents and suffer some broken bones and injuries. But this time it was different…

Colton Brockbank

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Colton Brockbank was known by his friends and family for being a risk taker. He loved extreme sports and had his fair share of injuries to prove it. Colton even broke his back once before and managed to survive. Yet despite his daredevil antics, Taylor loved him, broken bones and all.

But after he spent a day in Park City, a popular destination for snowboarding, Taylor receives a call from the hospital. You can imagine that she feared the worst had happened, especially when it was about a broken back – for the second time!

A Valentine’s Day Apart

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It would be on Valentine’s Day 2014 when both of their lives would take a radical turn. Taylor was already disappointed because she was not going to enjoy a romantic evening with Colton, who had decided to go snowboarding with some friends.

However, spending time alone on Valentine’s Day was soon going to be the least of her problems.

An Unexpected Phone Call

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Everything happened that afternoon, as Taylor was trying to keep herself busy when she received an unexpected and horrifying call. A friend started telling her: “I don’t like to be the guy to make these kinds of phone calls, but I’ve got some unfortunate news.”

He told her that Colton had been transported to Alta View Hospital in Sandy, Utah. He had been badly injured while on the slopes. At that moment, her heart stopped…

A Friend Confesses

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Because Colton was badly injured he couldn’t talk on the phone. So, his friend called Taylor and announced her that Colton’s injuries were very serious. They were on the way to the emergency room. Taylor’s heart deflated.

Not only was she alone on Valentine’s Day, but the love of her life was hurt. It wasn’t the first time he was injured, but this time it all sounded a lot critical than before.

Not Out of the Ordinary

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Despite being scared for Colton, these types of calls were actually common for Taylor. Due to the nature of extreme sports, Colton had found himself in the E.R. on more than one occasion. Because he has broken his back in the past, Taylor feared the worst. But this time it was different, Taylor could feel it in her bones.

Would he recover like the last time or this was it?

A Past of Injuries

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Some of Colton’s past injuries included multiple concussions, surgeries for his ankle and foot, and a variety of fractures. Despite these past injuries, Taylor was still worried. This feeling only intensified when Colton’s friend told her about the back injury.

Here’s what happens as she arrives at the hospital…

Possible Broken Back

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When the friend revealed that it was possible Colton had broken his back, Taylor’s heart fell. She knew that it wasn’t the first time he had seriously injured his back. With his past medical history, Taylor could only guess how long it will take for Colton to bounce back. Then, a more grim thought settled it. What if he wouldn’t recover?

Refusing to wait any longer, Taylor rushed to the hospital and hoped for the best.

Rushing to the Hospital

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Distraught and wanting to be by Colton’s side, Taylor sped through town to make it to the emergency room. She could only pray for good news, but whatever the diagnosis, she knew that she would stand by his side. And no matter what, they would get through this trial together.

You won’t believe what happened when she saw him laying in bed…

Caught on Camera

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Unknown to Taylor, the next sequence of events would be completely caught on video. Arriving by Colton’s side, Taylor fought back tears as she saw his pitiful state. She couldn’t believe that her boyfriend was immobilized in the hospital bed, unable to move his neck.

This was it, she thought, worrying that Colton’s injuries were worse than she thought. But something was off…

Something Wasn’t Right

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Heartbroken and barely walking, Taylor approaches his bed. Colton was dressed in a hospital gown. He had a breathing mask and neck brace. He looked pretty bad, but something was a little off.

As she tries to ask him what happened and how he managed to break his back again, she notices that he had the biggest smile on his face! Then, Colton handed her a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Something was not right…

Taking Care of You

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Colton seemed distraught that Taylor felt so bad. So he couldn’t bear seeing her this stressed and tells her, “I know I haven’t always taken care of myself, but I want to take care of you.” Taylor is moved by his words and his gesture, and it really shows that he is a sweet and sensitive man! Being in this state, and he still had a bouquet of flowers ready for her.

But what happens next will shock you as much as it shocked Taylor!

Moved to Tears

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Overcome with emotion, Taylor couldn’t help but cry. Colton then lets her know his mother had helped with her Valentine’s flowers and she rushed over to give his mother a hug. But then something dawns on Taylor. How could he make sure that she got flowers, even as injured as he was?

Plus, he was injured and still had time to plan all of this? Something wasn’t adding up. It was then when Colton did something shocking.

A Shocking Surprise

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While Taylor was busy thanking Colton’s mom and hugging her. Colton leaps from his bed and removes his oxygen mask, neck brace and stealthily walks toward Taylor. At this point, she sensed something was going on and turned around only to find Colton smiling ear-to-ear.

It seemed he wasn’t injured at all! She was shocked, yelling “You are such a little… I hate you!”. But what was the point of lying to her???

Professing His Love

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Taylor was completely taken aback. Had this been a big ploy all along? Then, Colton confesses his love, saying that he wants “to spend every single day of my life with you.” Then, he continues his speech, saying that: “I love you more than I could ever imagine, and I couldn’t think of a better way to surprise you.” Then he does THIS!

On One Knee

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Taylor was completely overcome with emotion as he said those words and she could only gasp when Colton took to his knee and revealed a stunning ring. Shocked, surprised, stunned and scared, Taylor was a bundle of emotions.

Could this really be happening?

Will You Marry Me?

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Colton looked up into Taylor’s eyes and asked: “Will you marry me?” Her heart was filled with a lot of feelings and she started crying of happiness and relief seeing that the love of her life wasn’t really injured at all! However, Colton was barely able to get out the full question before Taylor did something that brought pure joy to his heart.

An Emotional “Yes”

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Taylor screamed “YES” before rushing into Colton’s arms for an emotional hug and kiss. Tears streaming down her face, Taylor couldn’t believe the sharp detour her life had taken in one afternoon. From thinking her boyfriend was seriously hurt to becoming engaged, the emotional roller coaster she was on was almost too much to handle.

But before the celebration of the engagement, we’re here wondering how did Colton pull off such an elaborate stunt?

The Perfect Plan

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Taylor thought that Colton’s friends and family had come to the hospital because they thought he was injured. Actually, the truth was they all were in on his master plan. And he did get a lot of help from the most unexpected people.

We bet you’ll never guess who helped him the most… We were as surprised as she was!

Mother Knows Best

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Even Colton’s mother was in on the whole charade. Taylor couldn’t believe how easily she had been fooled. Thankfully, she adored her future mother-in-law. But what was more impressive was that even the doctors played along! Taylor was still in shock. Then Colton came up with an explanation, which is really a genius idea!

Pulling Off the Prank

Image: YouTube/Colton Brockbank

In order to pull off the prank successfully, Colton enlisted the help of the doctors and nurses at the hospital. They were very aware of his previous injuries from snowboarding and knew how to make things look convincing. He knew that the hospital was not a romantic place to propose, but wouldn’t it be the last thing you would ever think of?

And the story is not over yet!

Throwing Off Taylor

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In order to throw off Taylor, Colton had to plant the seed of doubt that he was feeling up to par that day. “She’s really nervous about me continuing to do the sports that I’m doing,” Colton revealed in his proposal video. Then, he starts explaining that he told his soon to be wife that he didn’t feel confident, and her response couldn’t be sweeter…

Setting the Scene

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“I was kind of down-talking how I would perform at ‘filming’ today at Park City,” Colton revealed. “I told her that I was probably going to end up getting wrecked, and I was really nervous. And so, she’s like, ‘You’ll do great, babe.’”But after receiving that call from the hospital, her confidence started to melt down. She confessed at the end, in an interview that many things went through her head that day before she found out the truth…

Taylor’s Concerns

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According to Taylor, her confidence that day was not 100% due to the fact Colton had previous injuries: “Everything is going through my head. What if he’s paralyzed? What if he can’t walk again?” She knew one-day things could really go south, but thankfully, that was not the case, and she would even end up with a proposal!

Happily Ever After

Image: YouTube/Colton Brockbank

The couple married in September 2014 with no injuries involved. Now they look forward to their futures together, but will always remember their unique proposal.

We wish these two lovebirds a long blissful marriage, with no real or fake hospital visits!