This MLB season has been an eventful one with teams trading unexpected players and letting go of their stars. Therefore, we expect to see the same during the offseason and today we want to show you which top ten athletes MLB teams should consider letting go and who are the perfect replacements for them.

26. Fire Erik Kratz

The first athlete on our list is none other than Erik Kratz. Even though he is important to the Milwaukee Brewers roster, Erik Kratz doesn’t fit in with the team that good. Check out who should replace him in the next picture!

25. Get Jonathan Lucroy

The perfect replacement for Erik Kratz if the Milwaukee Brewers do decide to let Erik Kratz go is Jonathan Lucroy. Jonathan Lucroy is one of the best catchers in the MLB and he is a top pick for any team.

24. Why Lucroy?

Lucroy played in Milwaukee before and it wouldn’t be a surprise to see him again, plus he will understand the environment. Moreover, he would be a great upgrade for the team and he’d go for it if he gets the offer.

23. Fire Chris Davis

The Baltimore Orioles need to take a risk and get rid of Chris Davis. Despite his great talent on the field, this past season has not been that good for him batting only .167 by the end.

22. Get Luis Valbuena

If the Baltimore Orioles are looking for an ideal replacement for Chris Davis, then they cannot go wrong with Luis Valbuena who is currently looking for an opportunity to play on a bigger team.

21. Why Valbuena?

He has had a tough season and is now looking for a chance to bounce back. Valbuena is looking for a spot in the big league. Baltimore might be the best spot for him and they also need a leader for the young players that will come up.

20. Fire Jason Hammel

Truth be told, Jason Hammel is one of the worst pitchers in the MLB. The Kansas City Royals need to get rid of him if they want to improve their overall game. His success didn’t follow him after he left the Chicago Cubs to join KC.

19. Get Matt Harvey

Even though this past season has not been that stellar for Matt Harvey, but he did turn his bad luck around with the Cincinnati Reds. This pitcher has huge potential and the Kansas City Royals might help him achieve it.

18. Why Harvey?

We think Harvey might thrive with the Kansas City because the spot is relaxed now that they are rebuilding the team and they’re not expecting to perform great from the beginning, so Harvey might choose the low risk, high reward opportunity.

17. Fire Andrew McCutchen

Andrew McCutchen used to get the title of MVP every time he played. Unfortunately for him, those days have come to an end and the Yankees might be better off with someone else in his spot. Nonetheless, he would be an asset for any team that wants him.

16. Get Bryce Harper

The best replacement for Andrew McCutchen is Bryce Harper. This athlete is super talented and the Yankees might have the team structure to help him show off his talent, plus they have enough money to get him!

15. Why Harper?

With Harper, the Yankees would be on almost the same level as the Red Sox when it comes to talented players. The team has had a great season this year and they want to continue improving, so Harper is their best bet as a replacement for McCutchen.

14. Fire Jefry Marte

Remember when Jefry Marte was one of the best players in the MLB? Yea, neither can I. Jefry Marte has lost his “touch” and the Los Angeles Angels need to find someone better. This season hasn’t been a good time for Marte to thrive in the MLB…

13. Get Jose Abreu

If the Los Angeles Angels do decide to let Jefry Marte go, then their best pick as a replacement would be Jose Abreu who is known for his prowess on the field. He is a power hitter that they would definitely need the next season.

12. Why Abreu?

The perfect move for the Angels is to get Abreu because he is coming from an All-Star season and really wants to take his game to a higher level. The Angels need him if they want to compete the next season!

11. Fire Mitch Moreland

Even though Mitch Moreland was an All-Star this season, this doesn’t mean that he is the best player on the field. The Red Sox need to upgrade their roster if they ever want to defeat the Yankees and Mitch Moreland has to go.

10. Get Paul Goldschmidt

With Mitch Moreland out of the picture, Paul Goldschmidt could be the athlete to help the Red Sox finally get the upper hand over the Yankees. His contract is expiring as well, and the team could get him during their rebuilding period.

9. Why Goldschmidt?

Moreover, if Moreland is out of the picture, then getting Goldschmidt would be an upgrade for the team. Even if it’s just for a season, the Red Sox would win just by adding him to their team.

8. Fire Ian Kinsler

Since we are talking about the Red Sox, we need to go over the fact that Ian Kinsler is another solid athlete that needs to go if Red Sox wants to improve their overall game.

7. Get D.J. LeMahieu

The only athlete who would make it worth it for the Red Sox to get rid of Ian Kinsler is D.J. LeMahieu. To make things even better the second baseman is a free agent this offseason.

6. Fire Evan Gattis

Evan Gattis is a solid player that has been with the Houston Astros for a long time. However, this doesn’t mean that his spot on the team is guaranteed for the offseason.

5. Get Nelson Cruz

Nelson Cruz is a seasoned veteran that has had his fair share of battles on the field which makes it him perfect for the Houston Astros lineup and to replace Evan Gattis.

4. Fire Asdrubal Cabrera

If you remember, the Philadelphia Phillies bought Asdrubal Cabrera at the trade deadline because they were desperately looking for a new player. However, the athlete didn’t do so well with the team and the Philadelphia Phillies might want to replace him with…

3. Get Manny Machado

Manny Machado is the perfect pick for the Philadelphia Phillies because he is great for the franchise. Not just that, but Manny Machado is really good on the field and his skills will shine in Philly.

2. Fire Sonny Gray

While the New York Yankees might be doing great right now, they could do even better if they decided to replace Sony Gray with the next athlete that is on our list.

1. Get Dallas Keuchel

Dallas Kecuhel is still waiting to get a contract extension from the Houston Astros and the New York Yankees would be wise to make a move and grab him right now in exchange for Sonny Gray.