Emily Mukai

Healevate Circle Of Trust

The Healevate Circle of Trust

One of the most important components of any healing journey is knowledge (duh). The question, though, is where do you acquire the knowledge that you need to act...
Makeup Remover

7 Toxic Cosmetics You Need to Replace

Unlike the ingredients in food, those in cosmetics don’t have to pass any specific safety guidelines in order to be sold. The EPA (Environmental Protection Ag...
Processed Fats List

9 Toxic Food Ingredients to Avoid

Your diet is one of the most important lines of defense that you have against poor health. If what you're putting into your body isn't ideal, it's unlikely ...
Emily Mukai

Emily Mukai

As a self-proclaimed nutrition and wellness geek, Emily Mukai eventually turned her passion into her life by enrolling as a student of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine at Emperor’s College. She’s also in the midst of completing her Nutritional Therapy certificate through the Nutritional Therapy Association and is a Level 1 certified MovNat trainer. To read her full bio, click here.