Jordan Kravitz

Stars of Summer Basketball Team

How Basketball Has Been My Medicine

It was the summer of 2003, and we were playing in the championship game of the Stars of Summer basketball tournament at Hampstead Park in Montreal. With...
Soy Beans

Harmful Foods We Eat Every Day

People come to me regularly for advice on ways to really improve their health. If and when we get to discussing diet, I almost always hear "But you don't un...

Are You Working With The Wrong Doctor?

I have this combination washer-dryer that I really like. It washes and dries my clothes in a single chamber, and does a pretty excellent job at both. Recent...

Are Bananas Good or Bad For You?

The seemingly harmless, simply banana is quite the polarizing food. As a fruit, many people tend to think that it’s a healthy dietary choice. Other people h...
The Karate Kid Lessons

Lessons I Learned From The Karate Kid

This year marks the 32nd anniversary of the theatrical release of The Karate Kid, a movie that impacted me greatly during my childhood. When I was told to c...
Jordan Kravitz

Jordan Kravitz

Jordan Kravitz is the CEO and founder of Healevate. Through the experiences of his own personal health journey, he realized that he had so much to share with others who might be spinning their wheels. And so began his crusade to champion the cause of discouraged, directionally-challenged symptom-sufferers everywhere. You can read a personal letter from him here.