Max Porter

Charred Meat

5 Steps to Healthier Grilling

Steve Moore's backyard has been the hosting site of his block's annual Memorial Day barbecue since 2009. He grills up anything not nailed down to the shelve...
Slow Cooking

4 Reasons To Slow Cook Your Meat

In the modern world, faster is always better. Faster internet, faster delivery, faster commutes. But when it comes to nutrition, faster is NOT always better. ...
Basket of Eggs

Are All Eggs Created Equally?

Eggs are an economical jubilee of protein, healthy fats, vitamin D, zinc and over a dozen other vital nutrients. But like all facets of life, you get what y...
Organic Food Shopping

3 Food Labels You Shouldn’t Trust

Processed food companies aren't in the food business, they're in the marketing business. Food just happens to be the product they choose to market. Just think a...
Max Porter

Max Porter

Max is a writer who enjoys lifting heavy things and putting them down repeatedly, and inspiring others to discover happiness through their health.