Nicholas Traugott

Photo of classical essential oils in museum Basel

32 Handy Home Uses for Essential Oils

It takes a special kind of substance to be equally effective at healing wounds, reducing stress, and cleaning your shower. And yet that’s just a taste of...
Scheme of chemical reaction of Lysine methilation

Methylation Explained in Plain English

By the time you finish reading this sentence, the process of methylation will have occurred in your body more than a billion times. If that doesn't trigger ...
Nicholas Traugott

Nicholas Traugott

Nicholas Traugott took an interest in healthy eating back in 2013, when his body began to display an unexpected array of unpleasant symptoms. After conventional medicine couldn’t offer the answers he was in seek of, Nicholas overhauled his diet and lifestyle, and was soon thereafter feeling healthier and more energized than he had in years. These days, Nicholas lives the life of a freelance writer and digital nomad, slowly visa-hopping his way around the world while doing what he can to educate the masses on the power of healthy eating.