Getting kids to eat new things can be very difficult, especially when you’re trying to add some vegetables or fruits in the mix. We can all agree that nutrition is essential for all of us, and the kids should try these new dishes and see for themselves that they’re delicious. And to make them try new food, the plates have to tell a story. They must be colorful, look fun, or even look like a cartoon character!

If you want to surprise your kids, try some of these fun meals perfect for every meal and even for school snacks.

20.Convincing Work

Any food or drink that looks funny would make your kid try it. It’s easy to make them drink some milk and chocolate, but what about home cooked meals? What about a healthy breakfast and school lunch?

Don’t worry! You can surprise your children and even use these tricks for birthday parties or school snacks. They will love these dishes!

19. Is That Olaf?

Who doesn’t love the friendly snowman Olaf? He’s cheerful and goofy, and so is this plate! Grab some fruits, a peanut butter jelly sandwich, some mini stick pretzels, and start building your Frozen-inspired snack. The kids will love it a lot, considering it’s inspired by the lovely Olaf.

18. Eating The Greens

If your kid doesn’t want to eat their greens, try making them look fun and colorful. This funny-looking dog is the perfect dish for any meal of the day. It’s healthy, and looks so fun! You can also ask your kids to make food art too and then eat the greens together.

Here’s another fun idea you can try…

17.Best Sandwich Ever!

Healthy sandwiches with greens and cheese are funny when you make them look like animals. You just have to be creative and cut-up veggies to use as eyes, mouth or trunk! Who wouldn’t love to eat an elephant sandwich for breakfast?

What should you pack them for school lunch? The yummy monster from #14 looks amazing!

16. Awesome Bananas

Instead of ice-cream, grab some bananas, chocolate and a few orange chocolate discs and dress the fruit like a penguin! Freeze the bananas, dunk them in chocolate and decorate them. There’s nothing funnier than a banana dressed as a penguin! The kids will love this snack, and they’d also eat one more fruit.

Here’s how to make them eat more fruits and veggies…

15. Count the Fruits – Or the Animals!

Make it look like a game. Tell your kids they have to eat 5-9 servings of fruits and veggies. At dinner, ask them how many they ate that they. Kids like to count, and if you shape them like animals, they’ll remember things faster.

Who doesn’t know your contest, would be terrified when hearing your kid ate a lion, a butterfly and a giraffe that day… Check out #7, you’ll see what we mean.

14. Awesome School Lunchbox

The perfect lunch at school is one that would put a smile on your face. Mix waffles with fruits and some veggies, make them look like monsters or animals, add some colorful picks, and your kid will love it. Plus, others would be impressed by their fancy dish too!

These parents were very inspired when they created this lunchbox. Check out the next adorable sandwich!

13. A Bananasaurus!

Grab a banana, spread some peanut butter on a slice of bread, and cut some kiwi to create this awesome tropical bananasaurus. Tell us it’s not the cutes breakfast ever! It’s nutritious, delicious and tons of fun – and if we love it, the kids will surely be impressed.

Here’s another adorable dish…

12. It’s Un-Bear-able Cute!

Everyone loves pancakes, but you can also add some fruits over them and shape them like cute animals. There are many ways in which you can incorporate fruits or veggies in all the meals of the day. Here’s what you can do for breakfast, lunch, and dinnertime.

Making kids eat these more fruits and veggies has never been so easy!

11. Veggies and Fruits – At Every Meal

Breakfast time is easy: sprinkle some berries on the cereals, make some juice from fresh fruits, or choose one of the sandwiches previously mentioned. Lunch can include a funny salad like this one at #6, or the next adorable tomato and cheese plate. Dinnertime usually has more veggies – just look at this cute potato with its little hat!

10. Funniest Plate Ever!

The easiest plate you can make in a jiffy right before dinner is some feta and cherry tomatoes that look like little caterpillars on spinach leaves. This is by far the perfect salad for your kid and for you! It’s like a veggie kabob, but easier to make!

Now let’s check out some funny “butterflies”…

9. Butterfly Snacks

If your kids need some snacks when they’re at school or on a trip, pack this funny butterfly snacks. They’re healthy and fresh, and you don’t even need a lot of materials to make it. Try this idea with your kids, and make them paint the clothespins for their snacks. Use crackers, grapes, dried fruit, blueberries or trail mix, and add some into ziplock bags. Use some googly eyes, pipe cleaners and get crafty!

8. Cute Sandwich

Who doesn’t love Mickey Mouse? Make a peanut butter jelly sandwich, cut it round and decorate it with blueberries, strawberries, an apple, pretzels, celery, chocolate spread, biscuits, and a marshmallow. This dish will make your kid ask for another Mickey!

7. A Giraffe!

Another sandwich that will impress anyone is this giraffe sandwich. Fill it with cucumber, cheese, tomatoes, and spinach, add some pancake to make the spots and get your ‘Mom of The Year’ Award this morning. And when all else fails, you can’t go wrong with this happy butterfly at #4.

6. Eat a Rainbow and a “Lizard”

Tell your kid that at the end of the day, the fruits and veggies they ate have to create a rainbow: eat something red, something orange, yellow, green and purple (or blue). This funny plate for lunch already has something green, orange and red, so your kid is halfway there!

5. Creepy Halloween Hot Dogs

Make some milk dough, get some hot dogs and wrap them like little mummies. Bake them in the oven and place some little pieces of olives and tomato for the faces. They’ll be perfect for a kids’ party for Halloween! Serve with other creepy looking fruits, and you’ve got yourself the best food for picky kids.

4. A Colorful Plate

Help your kid rise and shine with this colorful plate. It has butterflies and beautiful scenery! It’s a creative way to make your kids eat more veggies and fruits, and it’s not even difficult to pull it off. Of course, if they don’t like them at all – no matter how fun they look, you can always sneak them in soups or sauces, in purees or baked goods!

3. Sunny Day

Bring the sunny day to your kids with this cute butterfly sandwich, an orange sun, and fruity flowers! The day will look brighter with this plate, and your kid will be happy! And if they enjoy eating fruits and veggies, make sure they’re always cleaned, chopped and easy to reach into the fridge.

2. Breakfast Table Filled With Mice!

Create this funny sandwich and scream: “there’s a mouse in your plate!” Your kid will have a blast when they realize what the mouse was made from! They’ll also enjoy eating it – and it has been tested, this combo won the breakfast table!

1. Have a Sunny Day!

Another successful breakfast is one with a glass of natural juice, a couple of pancakes and some strawberries, which together look like a happy sunny day. Decorate with blueberries and some chocolate chips, and the plate will be empty in a second!

We hope these ideas will help you with your picky toddlers and kids of all ages.