Do you know that strange feeling you get when you pass by a group of bikers filled with tattoos from their heads to their toes? Well, what if I told you that they aren’t all bad and that the way they look is just the way they express themselves? Everyone does the mistake of judging a “book” by its cover from time to time, but we should always do our best in order to avoid that and the story that you are about to see today is going to show you why.

20. Looks Can Be Deceiving Perreault

Even though the man in this picture might look scary, looks can be deceiving! The man’s name is Luc Perreault and he actually is a super nice guy. Unfortunately, many people judge him for his looks and don’t get to know his great personality.

19. Meet Luc! Perreault

Luc Perreault is a regular guy who likes tattoos and motorbikes. However, this doesn’t make him a mean guy. Just look at the picture featured above, you can tell that Luc Perreault has a great sense of humor!

18. Scaring People Perreault

Luc Perreault is aware that his size and tattoos make him look unfriendly and he doesn’t get mad when people get scared of him. He is used to this but one day, a woman took things too far and this made Luc Perreault mad.

17. Getting Some Food

During a regular day, Luc Perreault was going to Tim Horton’s in order to get something to eat and a coffee. Little did Luc Perreault knew, going to Tim Horton’s would end up being a bad experience for him.

16. Little Girl

As Luc Perreault was standing in line, a little girl who was curious about his tattoos said “Hi” to him. The man smiled and he said hi back to the little girl. This is when the girl’s mother pulled her aside and told her “We don’t talk to dirty bikers”.

15. “Dirty Biker” Perreault

Even though Luc Perreault doesn’t let people get to him that often, hearing a woman who didn’t know him categorize him as dirty biker broke his heart. He knew that the little girl would grow up thinking that people who look like him are bad people and he wanted to do something about it.

14. Bad Reputation

Luc Perreault could understand if the woman didn’t want to talk to him because bikers have a bad reputation and they are not known for being friendly, but he never expected her to simply tell him to his face that he is a “dirty biker”.

13. Social Media

The man couldn’t let go of what just happened at Tim Horton’s and he kept thinking about it all throughout the day. When he got home, he knew had to take to social media and teach everyone a valuable lesson about life.

12. The Message Perreault

“To the family in the red SUV at Tim Horton’s today,Yes I am a big 280 lb guy with motorcycles and full of tattoos, I am a welder, I am loud, I drink beer, I swear and I look like I would eat your soul if you stare at me wrong,” said Luc Perrault at the start of the message he wrote for his social media page. What he wrote next made his message go viral.

11. Normal Guy Perreault

“What you don’t know is that I have been happily married for 11 years, my kids call me daddy, i am a college graduate, my mother is proud of me and tells everyone how lucky she is to have such a wonderful son, my nieces and nephews are always happy to see there m’noncl Luc,” added the man.

10. Family Guy Perreault

The man wanted to let everyone know that judging a book by its cover is a bad thing to do. Even though he looks like a “dirty biker”, this doesn’t mean he is a bad guy. Luc Perrault is a family man who loves nothing more than to make his kids laugh.

9. Bad Ideas

What annoyed Luc Perrault the most about what happened at Tim Horton’s is that he knew the little girl would never have the courage to say hi to people with tattoos. The mom was placing bad ideas in her head and the girl would learn from her to judge others by their looks.

8. Valuable Lesson Perreault

Luc Perrault hopes that the heartfelt message he posted on social media is going to teach people a valuable lesson. Everyone has feelings and no one likes being judged, no matter how tough they might look.

7. Better World Perreault

Luc Perrault said that if everyone would listen to his advise and be more open-minded people, then the world would become a much better place for his kids to grow up in. Do you agree with him?

6. Feeling Perreault

What we can take from this story is that everyone has feelings and they can be easily hurt. Fortunately, Luc Perrault decided to use what happened to him as fuel to show people that not all “dirty bikers” are alike.

5. Family Time Perreault

“When my daughter broke her arm I cried more than she did. I read books, I help people, I go out of my way to thank war veterans and I even cried at Armageddon…..” said the man in the continuation of his message.

4. Brave Heroes Perreault

“So, next time I smile and say hi to your little girl and you grab her and tell her ” No no dear we don’t talk to dirty bikers” remember that even though you hurt my feelings this “dirty biker would be the first person to run into your burning house to save your little girls goldfish so she wouldn’t be sad!!!!” added Luc Perrault.

3. Viral Post

The message posted by Luc Perrault on social media went viral and it was shared by more than 4,000 people. Let’s hope that his message gets across to the lady who judged him so that she can see she was wrong.

2. A Helping Hand

Luc Perrault said it best, the world is going to be a much better place when everyone finally understands that people are unique. Lending a helping hand is always the best thing to do instead of judging someone for their looks.

1. Hurt Feelings Perreault

Luc Perrault had his feelings hurt that day at Tim Horton’s but he is a big guy and he got over them. On the bright side of things, he used the anger in his heart to write a powerful message that showed everyone what “dirty bikers” are actually like.