A Brazilian trucker by the name of Milton Rodrigues was cruising on the road minding his own business when he spotted something strange coming out of the woods. At first, he couldn’t figure out what kind of animal it was, but after it looked at it for a couple of seconds, Milton knew that he found something rare! The animal was a maned wolf, something that you don’t regularly see on the road. Milton stopped his truck out of curiosity, but he ended up saving the animal’s life!

20. Passionate Driver


Ask any truck driver and they will tell you that trucking is not a simple job. The only people who become truckers are passionate drivers and they love their jobs. However, there are some downsides to spending all your day driving in a massive truck.

19. Not An Easy Job


Trucking is not as easy as it might seem at a first glance. Countless of things could go wrong in traffic and truckers need to be always aware. To make matters even worse, you can never know what you might stumble upon while driving on lonely roads.

18. Forest Road


Our story begins with Milton Rodrigues driving on a road that is close to the forest. As the trucker is minding his own business and paying attention to the road, he sees something strange with the corner of his eye.

17. Strange Creature


The trucker notices a strange creature coming out of the woods. At first, Milton thought it was a dog, but after he took a second look, he realized that this creature was no ordinary dog.

16. Maned Wolf


Milton figured out immediately that he is seeing a maned wolf. This is a rare creature and it’s protected by law. As you can imagine, the trucker wanted to take a picture of the rare beast and he pulled over.

15. Something Is Wrong


As soon as Milton parked his truck, the maned wolf passed out. Something was wrong and Milton knew that he had to do something about it. He couldn’t just leave the animal to suffer.

14. Scorching Heat


The weather outside was really hot and Milton realized that the reason why the maned wolf passed out is that he is dehydrated. Without giving too much thought, Milton got out of his truck and went to take some water from his trailer.

13. Getting Out

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Even though getting out of the truck wasn’t a good idea because the maned wolf might bite him, Milton was ready to take a risk if it meant that he was going to save a life.

12. First Contact

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Milton knew that the maned wolf was scared so he approached the animal slowly. The maned wolf was so dehydrated that he couldn’t even get up to run.

11. Helping Out

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The maned wolf was not feeling well and Milton decided to pour some water on him in hopes of bringing him back. Fortunately, this trick did the job and the maned wolf started drinking more water.

10. Cool Water


Animals have it the worst during scorching heat. They don’t always have a source of water and they don’t know how to cool themselves off which leaves them, just like the star of our story did.

9. Feeling Better

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It didn’t take long for the maned wolf to start feeling better. The animal was now moving his tail and drinking as much water as he could. Milton couldn’t believe his eyes!

8. Life-Saver

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As Milton was giving water to the maned wolf, the animal jumped to his feet and started running away. Even though Milton might not know this, he is a life-saver and we give him praise for that!

7. Finally Free


This maned wolf was lucky. If Milton didn’t drive his truck on that forest road, then this story would have a grim ending. Fortunately, Milton was there to help.

6. Second Story


The adventures of the maned wolf reminded us of another fantastic story. This little kitten was sleeping on the side of the road and a trucker stopped to see if she is okay. The man took her into his cabin to cool off and the kitten fell back right asleep.

5. Sweet Dreams


The trucker didn’t plan on taking the kitten with him but after seeing how comfortable she is sleeping by his side, he knew that he had no other choice. He couldn’t just wake her up.

4. New Friend


It didn’t take more than a couple of miles for the kitten to grow attached to the trucker. The trucker made a new friend on this day and from the looks of it, they are inseparable.

3. Going Home


After seeing how cute and affectionate the little kitten is, the trucker called his wife and told her to make the bed for a “guest”. We can be sure that the wife had a big surprise when the trucker arrived home.

2. Travel Companion


The cool thing about the new friendship between the kitten and the trucker is that the kitten loved sitting shotgun. The trucker has a travel companion to keep him from getting bored on long roads.

1. The Maned Wolf Survives


Nonetheless, we are happy to know that both the maned wolf and the small kitten were rescued. Both animals got a second chance at life thanks to the two truckers.