Carolyn Mukai Bio

By Jordan Kravitz

Carolyn Mukai

Carolyn Mukai is a Naturopathic Medical Student at the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine.

As a former NCAA Division III Women’s Lacrosse player, Carolyn’s interest in health began by using nutrition to optimize her performance, physically and academically.

Carolyn has a background in chemistry that sparked a fascination with the biochemistry of the human body. Combining her research experience with her enthusiasm for health, Carolyn is able to thoroughly investigate alternative health topics.

She shares her specialized knowledge of Lyme disease from her own struggle with overcoming the illness. Her experience with Lyme disease catalyzed much of her research into the requirements of health considering the body, mind, and spirit. Carolyn is inspired by the philosophy of naturopathic medicine that addresses the root cause of disease while honoring the amazing capacity of our bodies to heal. She advocates for a hybrid approach to health that utilizes emerging scientific knowledge as well as the innate wisdom of the body.