Photo of kale chips in a bowl

How To Make Delicious Kale Chips

The bold, pungently flavored superfood can made be into an excellent chip. Toss some kale strips with olive oil, add sea salt and black pepper, and bake in ...
Photo of fresh vegetarian spinach artichoke dip

How To Make Real-Food Dip Or Salsa

Unprocessed, premade guacamole (or even just a mashed-up avocado) can serve as an excellent dip for carrots, celery, or almond chips. Add cumin to enhanc...
Photo of almond butter in a jar

How To Make A Real-Food PB & J

Nut butters are an incredible source of protein and good fats. Be sure to look for the ones without any added sugars. Berries give you antioxidants and flavon...