A group of explorers from the UK decided that they want to head over to a special place called the Robin Hood Cave. This is not a simple cave, it’s a series of caves where people actually used to live hundreds of years ago, thus the Robin Hood Cave has a rich history filled with mystery. However, the explorers were not ready for what they spotted right from stepping their first foot inside the cave. It was something that left them in awe and the most amazing thing about this discovery is that they were the first ones to see it even though the cave was explored hundreds of other people in the past.

20. Subterranea Britannica

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There is a special group of explorers in the UK called Subterranea Britannica. As we can tell from the group’s name, the people who are enrolled in this group love to explore caves and walk through uncharted places in hopes of stumbling upon riches with historical value.

19. Exploring Caves


Even though exploring caves might sound like a fun thing to do, it’s actually quite risky. You never know what might be hiding inside the darkest depths of the cave and you always need to be prepared for the worst.

18.The Robin Hood Cave


As previously mentioned, the folks at the Subterranea Britania decided that they want to explore the Robin Hood Cave. The cool thing about this cave is that people actually lived in it and there are signs of their stay such as tools and weapons left around.

17. Hayley Clark and Ed Waters


Hundreds of other explorers have passed through the cave but this time, the Subterranea Britania were bringing Hayley Clark and Ed Waters with them. What makes these two explores special is the fact that they are history buffs and they know their way around historical places such as the Robin Hood Cave.

16. Ready To Explore


Hayley and Ed were ready to start exploring. They read lots of books about exploring caves but still, they were not prepared for what they were going to find in the Robin Hood Cave.

15. Something Is Wrong


Hayley and Ed noticed something weird about the cave right from the moment they made their first steps inside. There was something that all the other explorers had missed and it was all over the walls.

14. Scribbling


The walls were filled with scratches and all other types of scribbling that the explorers didn’t pay too much attention to in the past. However, Hayley and Ed noticed something quite interesting about the scribbling…the letters “V.V.”.

13. What Does This Mean?


Even though other explorers believe that the walls are filled with meaningless scribbling, the “V.V.” said something to Hayley and Ed who are history buffs. This acronym stands for “Virgin of Virgins”, but what does this mean?

12. The Virgin of Virgins


The Virgin of Virgins is none other than Mary of Nazareth. To make things even spookier, the reason why people used to write “V.V.” on the walls back in the past is because they wanted divine protection from something evil.

11. Something Evil


Something was not right here and both Hayley and Ed could feel it. What were the people who lived in the caves afraid of? What was this evil thing that was haunting them, was it a demon?

10. Witch Curse


There is another theory here. Historians believe that the reason why the letters “V.V.” were scribbled on the walls is because a deadly disease such as the plague might have hit the locals and they believed that a witch placed a curse on them.

9. Lock Down

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Even though it’s impossible to figure out what the locals were afraid of, one thing was for certain and that is that the Robin Hood Cave has a rich history and that it needs to be preserved so the cave was put on lockdown.

8. Creswell Heritage Trust


The explorers from the Subterranea Britannica called the Creswell Heritage Trust in order to find out more about the scribbling on the wall. This is why the cave was shut down so that the entire cave could be closely analyzed.

7. Amazing Discovery


What’s great about this story is the fact that Hayley and Ed lived the experience of a lifetime. Their knowledge of history helped them discover something important and they will never forget this.

6. Dangerous Hobby


Even though cave exploring might be a dangerous hobby, it can also be quite rewarding as we can clearly see. Let’s hope that the historians who get their hands on pictures of the wall scribbles will be able to find out the truth behind what was going on there.

5. Scary Stuff


If there is something that we can be sure about, then it has to be the fact that the locals were really scared. After all, carving hundreds of words into stone is not an easy task.

4. Mystery


We can be sure that Hayley and Ed had a blast exploring the Robin Hood Cave. Not just that, but we can also be sure that they will jump at any chance to start exploring other caves after their first one was so successful.

3. Unnoticed Secret


Don’t you think its amazing how so many other explorers simply passed by the scribbling on the wall? They never thought that it could mean something important and they just ventured into the depths of the cave. This is the perfect example of how important it can be to pay attention to your surroundings.

2. Indiana Jones


Ed has always been a fan of Indiana Jones, hence the passion for history and cave exploring. This is as close as he is ever going to get to experiencing what Indiana Jones felt like when he discovered mysteries of the world.

1. Scary Monsters or Diseases?


Now that we’ve seen the story of the Robin Hood Cave, the question that remains is if the locals were scared by monsters or if it was a disease which caused them to think that a witch placed a curse on them? What do you think is the truth?