It was just another typical day at work for these two officers. However, no one could ever imagine just how much their lives would change after what happened that day!  They ended up being the heroes of the day as they saved bravely too doomed souls! See what happened.

20. An Ordinary Day

It was just another ordinary day for the two cops who were patrolling the neighborhood minding their own business when they heard some really weak cries coming from somewhere nearby. As a result, they decided to investigate the situation. What they found will shock you! Click next!

19. Investigating

While they were searching the area in order to find from where the cries were coming from, they noticed something really odd.  The cries where coming from something that looked like a bear den. The two cops decided to move on and see what was inside of the den. However, they didn’t expect to see this…

18. The Discovery

Finally, when they looked inside the den, they realized that it was all filled with water and that there were two little bear cubs that were in danger. They could drown at any minute! The cops knew that they had to do something to help these poor little babies that were crying for help.

17. No Time Wasted

The two cops wasted no time and immediately started planning how the would rescue the poor bear cubs. After managing to pull them out of their flooded den, they started trying to warm them up, because they were soaked and they were freezing.

16. Trusting Takes Time

The little bear cubs were really scared and stressed and their rescuers tried their best in order to make them feel secure and calm. At first, it was really tough for them to trust the cops, but after some time, they seem to understand that the two men helped them.

15. A Try For The Mother To Be Found

After rescuing the two bear siblings, the two cops decided to wait and observe the area in order to find out if the mother of the two cubs was somewhere nearby. They even put the cubs to an open area so that their mother would hear them crying and come for them.

14. Abandoned?

“I guess sometimes mothers abandon their den when something catastrophic happens like a flood,” Jon Pillath, who was a coworker of the two cops and arrived in order to help them deal with the situation, told us as an explanation of the mother’s absence.

13. What Happened

“Their den was flooded out, the mom flew the coop but supposedly she was still nearby. They were able to get the cubs from where they were and bring them into their squads to warm up.”, Jon Pillath added.

12. No Sign Of Hope

After some time of waiting for while searching the area and with no sign of the mother, there was no other solution than for the little bears to be taken by some people that have the knowledge to help them. The two cubs had to get some help!

11. Really Lucky

If the two kind cops hadn’t decided to search the area in order to find from where the barely noticeable cries were coming from, the two siblings might not have survived. Their only chance would be if their mother came back for them, but the chances weren’t high.

10. Two little Babies

The bear siblings seem to be a brother and a sister and just a few months old. Thankfully to the cops, even if these babies had a rough start in life, now they are able to enjoy the rest of their lives in really good hands that take great care of them.

9. In Great Hands

The two babies were born in Ashland, Wisconsin, but now they are in great hands at Wild Instincts Animal Hospital, placed in Rhinelander. Now the two bear cubs are living a happy life full of experiences and play time while the staff slowly prepares them for their release in the wild.

8. Safety First

At Wild Instincts Animal Hospital no one is allowed to talk to the bears or be too cuddly with them because the bears need to have a distance with humans if they go back in the wild. If they start getting attached to humans, when they get released they won’t fear humans, something that might cost them their safety.

7. Taking Care Of The Future

Even the staff is not allowed to interact with the two little bear cubs during the feedings as they want to make sure that the two siblings won’t get used to the human existence in their environment, as they might approach hunters while in the wild.

6. Well Trained

At first, taking care of these two really young bear babies was tough. But everyone in Wild Instincts Animal Hospital was really well trained and ready to handle the situation and make sure that the bears will be able to get healthy and ready to be released back to the wild.

5. Treatment

When the babies came to the hospital they were really weak and especially the girl, needed special treatment in order to recover from their adventure. “The girl was on an incubator for some time before coming to,” Pillath told us.

4. There Is Hope

3. A Chance In Life

These little adorable bear cubs stood really lucky because even if their den flooded and their mother was nowhere to be found, the two cops rescue them giving them a chance in life, as they wouldn’t survive alone in this situation.

2. Precious Help

Moreover, their luck didn’t stop there, as the Wild Instincts Animal Hospital not only took care of them and helped them with their treatment, but it also made sure to do its best in order to help them get ready to be released in the wildlife.

1. Ready For A New Life

From now on everything seems to be really promising for these little bear siblings that had a really rough start in life. However, now they are able to live their life to the fullest as they are now healthy and ready to experience every adventure that comes their way.