Relationships that happen in really young ages seem to create a very special bond between couples. It isn’t always easy to maintain a long-term relationship, especially at such young ages. Dan met Wendy when he was studying in university and madly fell in love with her. Years later they had to go their separate ways to work on themselves and find their meaning. But they were bound to meet again.

20. An Ordinary Couple

A girl from New Jersey fell in love with her best friend when she were in high-school. The feelings were mutual and soon they were together but their relationship couldn’t work for numerous reasons. Years later, a rather weird and unexpected event, an Instagram photograph, was enough to make them famous overnight.

19. Dan Hennessay’s Story

Dan Hennessey was born in 1988 in New Jersey and he was an 18-year-old sophomore at Montclair State University. He was studying exercise science and despite how much he loved studying and being on campus, things started to became a little bit lonely after some times. Dan was feeling alone…

18. He Sent Friend Requests

Dan was looking for company and it was impossible for him to find it on campus as people tended to be quite distanced from him. He then decided to sent friend requests to girls near his town. Dan was just looking for company but he couldn’t realize what he was about to find! After some time a girl named Wendy Joseph responded! but what now?

17. She Rejected Him At First

Wendy was reluctant to talk with Dan as she learned that he was also talking with her friend Daphne. Even though they were chatting daily and they found out that they were sharing many common interests, Wendy grew distant from Dan for a while. Dan was devastated. His whole interest was shifted in Wendy and as last resort attempt to see her he invited her to a party. He expected rejection but Wendy actually said yes! There was a huge problem though that no one saw coming…

16. There Was No Party Planned

Dan wanted to meet Wendy so bad that he actually told her that he was hosting a party but in reality that was a lie. He didn’t expect her to say yes so now he had to get a crazy party together within only days. He really wanted to impress this girl and he actually managed to throw a big party for Wendy! When she arrived, she was definitely impressed!

15. A Perfect Match

In the party, Dan and Wendy realized that they were a perfect match for each other. They had good chemistry and seemed to fall in love with each other! But as Wendy was still in high-school and she was living out of town, they between them made them decide to remain friends… Despite that, they were constantly chatting and they kept meeting each other throughout the following year. They were clearly in love!

14. They Ended Up Dating

It was obvious that they couldn’t remain friends and after a year, the two young adults started dating! They dated for several happy years but eventually Wendy decided to break up with Dan in order to find herself. She was feeling that she didn’t have a purpose and she had to do something for it. Dan seemed to understand…

13. Her Own YouTube Channel

After their breakup Wendy started her own YouTube channel named “Wendy Curls” in which she was providing young women with hair, nail and other beauty tutorials. She was starting to become popular as her subscriber base was increasing. She decided to launch her own Instagram business profile too!

12. Master’s Degree

Wendy put the money she made from her YouTube channel in good use and she went back to school, getting her Master’s Degree in Public Administration at the age of 25! It was a big accomplishment for her and a important boost to her mental health and confidence. But something was missing…

11. Reconnected With Dan

Through all this time, Wendy was missing Dan and she came to realize that she made a really bad decision back then. She decided to call Dan. Dan was ecstatic to talk with her again and he was eager to continue where they left off! They were reunited and they started dating again after all those years! This time, they were ready for each other!

10. 10-Year Anniversary

Days after their 10-year anniversary Wendy decided to share a comparison photo of them. The one photo was from 2007 and the other was from their recent vacation. The differences were clear! “I used to wear my hair stuck to my face every day and Dan used to shave every week! Now we just take serious swimsuit pictures in different countries.”, Wendy said. She wasn’t prepared for what followed this Instagram post though…

9. Went Viral

Wendy woke up the next morning only to realize that their photo went viral! It had just broken the internet! It was obvious that they had worked on themselves in order to be able to be together and they were getting positive comments about their bodies and habits!

8. He Proposed

In 2016 the couple’s future took another unexpected turn! They were visiting Paris as a romantic escape when Daniel got down on his knee and proposed to Wendy. It was an instant “Yes!”.

7. Honeymoon

What followed was the most awesome and definitely the best years of their lives. They followed their dreams to visit many interesting destinations including Thailand, Costa Rica, Panama and Colombia! They were more happy than ever but they felt that they had to do something for the world.

6. A Joint Instagram Fitness Account

Dan and Wendy realized that they can use their influence to make the world a better place. In 2016, they decided to start a joint Instagram account where they offered people diet plans, workout plans, recipes and inspirational quotes. All for free, so people can better themselves the way the did!

5. Training Together

Even though they were both in the best shape of their lives the couple decided to workout together consistently and never stop to strive for perfection. A couple that does things together, stays together!

4. People Liked It

Wendy and Dan were putting a lot of care and effort into this and it was apparent that people liked their content. Wendy’s channel has over 100,000 subscribers and their Instagram has reached 114,000!

3. It’s Getting Big

The couple’s business has recently begun to skyrocket! They now have their own website, aiming to reach as many people as possible and help them better their lives, just like they did! They feel like they owe it to the world!

2. Moving To San Diego

Dan and Wendy realized that they had to finally settle down and live together in their own home. Soon they bought their own house in San Diego, California. They both preferred the warmer and less humid climate of San Diego!

1. Happy Ever After

With their wedding scheduled soon it seems that Dan and Wendy are about to officially start their own family! They are madly in love with each other, they run a business together and soon they’ll get married. And it all started with a friend request…