Many people can’t understand that animals have feelings, too. They don’t believe that they can feel pain, loss or love. Especially when it comes to animals that aren’t considered as basic pets, not many people care about their feelings. They may believe that a dog or a cat can love or be sad, but for a cow or a sheep, there is no such thing as emotions. However, there is a cow that proved everyone wrong.

20. Cows Are Loving

After locating a cow that needed help into a farm, The Gentle Barn which is an organization that helps and rescues animals decided to step in. After taking away the cow from her previous owner and leading her to a friendly environment everything seemed to be great.

19. Something Is Wrong

After spending the evening with the staff of The Gentle Barn, the cow, whose name was Karma seemed to be even more stressed than the morning when she had been rescued. At first, everyone thought that it was normal for an animal that had just moved to a new home to be anxious. However, they didn’t know then Karma’s secret.

18. What Happened?

Everyone started noticing that the cow couldn’t calm down not even a bit. The poor animal didn’t want to eat or to drink water and she seemed really moody. Everyone at the shelter was trying to help but nothing seemed to work.

17. A Sign

Karma was crying unstoppably all through the night and nothing seemed to help. However, the next morning they noticed something that made them realized what was going on and why the poor animal was so stressed and filled with sadness.

16.The Realisation

When they took a closer look at the cow they noticed that there was milk dripping from her udder and immediately understood what was the problem and why the animal was so upset. Karma had a baby and they needed to find it and reunite it with his mother.

15. Trying Hard

They needed to find the baby because both the mother and the calf was in severe danger. There was a risk of Karma refusing to eat or drink if they couldn’t find her baby, and the calf also needed its mother in order to continue drinking her milk and be healthy and full grown.

14. Hiding The Truth

After contacting with Karma’s previous owner they found out that her baby was still on his farm, so the workers decided to go immediately and get the calf. “The guy didn’t tell us she had a baby there. When she came in, we couldn’t tell. But now, she’s really upset and calling for him.” one of the workers said.

13. Takin Care Of The Baby

It turned out that Karma’s previous owner, hide on purpose the calf from the workers of The Gentle Barn, in order to sell it later for money. However, it was really important for the calf to be reunited with its mother. “The calves will engage in repetitive crying and become more active, and sometimes you’ll see a decline in their willingness to eat solid food.”, a worker said.

12. A Tough Battle

The workers knew that taking away the calf would be a really tough battle. Karma’s previous owner had put a great effort into hiding the calf from the workers in order to make a profit from it later. He wouldn’t just give it to them.

11. Winning

However, after putting a lot of effort they managed to take away the little calf and started returning to the shelter. “Through an amazing set of circumstances, we were able to relocate the baby and reunite them,”  a worker wrote on their website.

10. The Reunion

The whole scene was really touchy. When the trailer that was carrying the little calf entered the shelter, Karma stood up and started crying really loud, waiting to hear if there was her calf inside the trailer. She continued crying loudly hoping that she would get the answer she needed.

9. In Bad Condition

As the workers took out the little calf from the trailer, it looked really weak, starved and fragile. It seemed that it had been through some rough times being away from his mother. However, now everything would go great for both of them and the hard times will remain to the past.

8. A Special Moment

As the little calf gets closer and closer to the barn that its mother is inside, Karma starts crying louder than ever and she becomes really impatient. The baby seems to be really happy as well and everyone is becoming truly emotional as the time of their reunion approaches.

7. Stressed Out


The baby, whose name is Mr. Rojas, after being so mistreated he collapsed due to the stressful environment and the lack of food. Everyone starts trying to make the baby feel better and to help it stand up and reunite with his beloved mother.

6. Collapsing Once Again

After some minutes, Mr. Rojas manages to stand up and with worker’s help, to go on.  However, a little bit later he collapses once again as the stress is too much for the poor fragile and really malnourished little calf to handle alone.

5. Reunited

When the calf manages to stand up, the workers open the gate and let the calf inside. When the two cows reunite everyone burst into tears as they seem really happy to see each other again! Now everything seems to be right. Moreover, after some breastfeeding, the calf started looking a lot better and more energized.

4. Emotional Souls

This story showed us just how much an animal can feel and be affected physically due to its feelings, something that we tend to forget.  “Karma taught us that cows celebrate birth, mourn birth, and love each other just as we do.”, the Gentle Barn wrote its website.

3. Disappointment

“Unfortunately, in the rest of the world, animals are not allowed to have families or fall in love and stay together, but at our California location Karma will be a prized part of our family for the rest of her life.”, a worker said to us.

2. Food For Thought

We have to keep in mind that every animal has a soul and it is able to love and get hurt after losing a loved one. All animals have a maternal instinct and take care of their babies, so they feel pain and sadness when somebody takes their babies away from them.

1. All Animals Have Feelings

We have to become more considerate and understand that not only the animals that we have as pets have feelings and this story is a great example to prove that all animals have feelings and emotions.