Mick Myers is a 67 years old man who has been spending the last three decades living on the streets. Can you imagine that? Mick Myers lived a tough life and the only valuable item that he possesses is a broken guitar that he uses in order to sing songs in exchange for tips in the railway station. Luckily, a cop with a heart of gold decided to lend a helping hand to the old man and change his life!

20. Meet Mick


The man in this picture is Mick Myers. As we mentioned in the beginning, Mick has been living on the streets for the last 30 years and life hasn’t been that good to him. This is why Mick’s only way to get money for food is to hope that people throw him a coin whenever he is playing songs in the subway.

19. Getting By


Paying rent and buying groceries is difficult enough even for people who work a minimum wage job, but Mick is having way harder because he has no source of income. For more than 30 years he had to live off people’s kindness.

18. Hard Life


If there is something that we can be sure about, then it has to be the fact that Mick has lived a hard life. To make things even worse, Mick has had to deal with the police because it is illegal to beg for money in California where Mick is from.

17. Illegal Activity


Begging for money is an illegal activity and more than often cops have to deal with homeless people who sit in front of stores or the mall all day long. This is exactly what Deputy Jacob Swalwell was sent to do when Mick was playing his songs in the railway station.

16. Deputy Jacob


Deputy Jacob is a regular guy who loves doing his job. However, he doesn’t like it when he has to give fines to homeless people because he knows too well that their lives are difficult enough anyway. This is why Deputy Jacob prefers to talk to them instead of forcing them to leave their spot.

15. Lonely Life


As Deputy Jacob was talking to Mick trying to explain to him that he is not allowed to beg for money, Deputy Jacob learned that Mick has been alone since the last 30 years. Mick doesn’t have a place to call home and he doesn’t know what family is. This broke Deputy Jacob’s heart.

14. Media Issues


Mick told the Deputy that he doesn’t have a social security number or ID and he can’t get any medical help. Learning this, Deputy Jacob knew that he had to do something about it.

13. Helping Out


The Deputy is a man with a heart of gold and he couldn’t bear the thought that Mick is living such a difficult life and that he isn’t even getting the medical help that he needs.

12. Getting an ID


Deputy Jacob used his connection to the DMV to talk with the people there to help Mick get a social security number and an ID so that he can get the help that he needs from the hospital.

11. The DMV


As everyone already knows, going to the DMV is really annoying. However, Deputy Jacob paid four visits to the DMV during his free time in order to help Mick out and make his life a little bit better.

10. Getting To Know Each Other


Fortunately, the Deputy managed to get Mick an ID so that he can receive all the help he needs. Something else happened during this process, Deputy Jacob got to know Mick and he wanted to help him out more.

9. The Extra Mile


The Deputy figured that since he already started helping Mick, he could go the extra mile and help the homeless man find his long lost family.

8. Good Guy


It’s difficult to find good guys like this Deputy and there is no doubt about that. Most people would ignore a old homeless man, but not Deputy Jacob.

7. Difficult Task


Deputy Jacob was determined to find Mick’s family. However, this task was proving to be more difficult than anticipated since Mick didn’t know anything about his siblings or parents, just their names.

6. Resources


Luckily, Deputy Jacob had access to police resources and he was able to track down Mick’s mother. Although, the Deputy didn’t want to surprise her by bringing Mick for an unexpected visit and he called first.

5. Heartbroken Mom


Mick’s mother was heartbroken to find out that her son has been homeless for such a long time. She told the Deputy that she gave him out for adoption when he was small and that she would be more than happy to meet him.

4. The Reunion


Deputy Jacob got Mick a plane ticket and he took the man to his long lost mother. The moment the two first saw each other was so powerful that it brought everyone to tears.

3. Meeting Everyone


Mick’s mother wanted to make up for the time lost and he introduced Mick to all his other relatives, including siblings that he never he had. 

2. Family History


Mick has lots to learn about his family history and if there is something that we can be sure about, then it has to be the fact that Mick is thankful to Deputy Jacob.

1. New Home


Mick now has a place to call home and he doesn’t need to beg for food anymore. Isn’t it amazing how everything turned around for Mick?