Dr. Stephanie Davis Bio

By Dr. Stephanie Davis

Stephanie Davis

Dr. Stephanie Davis, DC is a passionate and focused clinician, who has a lifelong desire to provide true health care. Sheer curiosity and a love of learning have always propelled her to search for the answers- the who’s, what’s, when’s, why’s, and how’s. These pieces of information illustrate each patient’s journey, and ultimately point to solutions.

Having experienced personal health challenges, as well as those of her husband, Stephanie has developed the compassion and determination to not only identify root causes of illness and corresponding innovative solutions, but also to educate patients along the way.

Through her personal website drstephaniedavis.com, Stephanie shares her particular passion for educating others on how to heal and prevent chronic illness, as well making health and lifestyle choices that produce healthy babies.

Stephanie’s education, training and work experiences span many disciplines that give her a unique perspective on patient care and treatment. Prior to graduating with a doctorate of Chiropractic from Northwestern Health Sciences University in 2008, she spent five years as a microbiology and biochemistry research scientist for several Fortune 500 companies and the University of Minnesota Medical School. She’s completed extensive post graduate training with the Institute for Functional Medicine, the Kalish Mentorship Program, the Hashimoto’s Institute Training Program, and Ben Lynch’s Seeking Health Educational Institute. It’s without any doubt that she will only continue to add new and emerging health tools to her toolkit for years to come.