Baby, it’s cold outside! Winter is great, but it doesn’t have to be cold inside, and even if your house is warm, something is missing…

There’s a big chance you’re missing a fluffy carpet. And if you have one in which you can sink your toes in that smoothness, then you definitely don’t have orange peel fire starters like these ones at #14 or a sweater for your favorite vase – yes it is a thing!

We chose a bunch of easy DIY projects to keep you warm and a little busy this winter. You’re going to love them!

20. Wool Felt Coasters

Make awesome cozy coasters with just three supplies: wool felt balls, cork coasters, and a glue gun. You can try this colorful version, but if you want to personalize the look, you can always mix colors ombre style, shades of the same color or two colors in a pattern. If you don’t have cork coasters and a glue gun, get a needle and place the balls on a string and sew them together in a circle. They’ll make a perfect addition to your table, like these felt coasters from #8!

19. Blanket Scarf

Do you have some plaid flannel laying around the house? Turn it into a huge scarf or poncho to wear it inside the house or in the outdoors. The best thing about this do-it-yourself project is that it doesn’t involve cutting or sewing! Just take the material and rip a few threads that are horizontal in the material. Finish ripping for about an inch and the vertical threads will become a fringe.

Now you got yourself a poncho scarf-blanket – it’s so huge!

18. Warm Light

When you think of winter, you think of all white, coldness and wind, blue shades and frozen trees. Inside the house, you’ll need warm light for those early nights and short days. Add extra warmth with more warm lights. Try decorating a plant or a vase filled with branches with some yellow Christmassy lights to make the setting more welcoming.

Talking about lights, get yourself some candles and try this idea from #11.

17. Pom Pom Rug

Got some scrap yarn? If it’s a puffy wool yarn, it’s perfect! It’s so easy to make and clean. You’ll need yarn, scissors and a non-stick rug mat you can cut in what size you want to create the rug. Choose yarn of whatever sizes, textures and colors you want and make pom-poms. Tie them to the rug mat with slip knots to take them off when you want to replace the ones trashed or too dirty to clean.

Here’s the next yarn idea.

16. Yarn Lamp

Winter is all about sweaters, faux fur, and wool, so why not dress your lamp with some yarn. If you’ve got no idea how to knit, get some yarn, a fast drying craft glue and an old lamp. Apply some glue on the lamp and start wrapping around over the glued area. It will take a little while, but with patience and care, you’ll end up with this awesome looking lamp!

15. Hand Warmers

It might be warm inside the house, but somehow our hands and noses tend to be cooler. Hand warmers are great for that problem, and you can make them all by yourself – and you can take them with you by placing them inside mittens and pockets. Use some scrap material and rice, sew them like little pillows and warm them up in the microwave for about 20 seconds before using them.

14. Orange Peel Fire Starters

There’s nothing better than the smell of orange peel on a cold winter day. It makes you think of sweets and Christmas already! If you want a personalized fire starter kit with a nice scent, try this one. All you’ll need to do is peel some oranges and make sure there is no pith on the peels. Then, let them fully dry (naturally) until they snap into two if you bend them. They’re ready for use.

Now let’s make a rug!

13. Cloud Rug

Those chilly toes deserve to be snuggled by the smoothest clouds ever. Get a high-quality faux fur, cut it into the shape of a cloud, dab the edges into a lot of glue to prevent ripping and you’re ready to treat those feet in the softest warmest rug imaginable – without even buying real fur.

Here’s another way to feel warmer – hot cocoa station!

12. Hot Cocoa Station

Get a crate, use some stencils and paint it as you wish, use the bottom layer for mugs and the top one for the ingredients. This is the perfect way to have everything on hand for a daily cup of hot beverages. Use anything you want for cocoa, coffee and so on. Decorate the back of the station with some greens and spray snow for a more wintery look.

11. Candles Warm the House

Warm up your house with candles – and if they’re scented, it’s even better! Choose a safe place to put them, and pick a wintery scent like cinnamon, orange or cloves. The candles will also make the room smaller and inviting, and they will also draw the attention to a special part of the room, like a fireplace.

Check out another idea you’ll need to try ASAP!

10. Old Sweater Bottle Cover

If your cat is peacefully sleeping in her bed or the pooch is too big to hold in your arms, don’t get sad. You can warm yourself with a hot water bottle – and leave the pets mind their own business. Grab an old sweater or flannel shirt, get a little crafty and start this project right now. You’ll see that even the cat will come to sit on the bottle once you’re done.

9. Chunky Stitches

If you know something about knitting, try arm knitting. It’s awesome, and you can create anything from scarves, blankets, chairs, to vase covers or carpets! Use your arms instead of needles and a very thick wool thread (or old t-shirt yarn). Then go wild and wrap EVERYTHING in these awesome stitches!

8. Felt Coasters

Make this cute felt coasters with cutout windows and dress some printed cards with different designs. You can make a set of cards for autumn, one for winter and one for spring, each with different prints. Sew the felt to look like a pocket and slide the card for winter into the coaster.

7. A Hat From a Sweater

If you want to throw away an old sweater, don’t do it! Repurpose it for different awesome ideas. You can make a hat from it. There are some nice tutorials on how to make gloves from an old sweater, and the next DIY idea shows you how to use the sleeves for home décor.

6. The Coolest Vase Ever

This is the coolest – and we mean the warmest – vase ever! Just pick a glass bottle or a tall glass and push the glass in a piece cut from the sleeve of your old sweater. You can add some fabric paint and sew the material to better fit the glass. And that’s how you upgrade your décor for the winter!

5. Table Runner

If you have an old table runner, cut some felt leaves to make them look appropriate for the season. And if you’re done fast, make one for winter too, cutting out snowflakes and poinsettia leaves.

Next, take an awesome bath using the next DIY idea.

4. A Cozy Hot Bath

There’s nothing better during the winter than soaking that body in hot water. Add some DIY bath bombs to have some fun and soothe the chills you get in the winter. Make them in different colors, add some cute twine and they’re perfect for a holiday gift!

3. Cozy Socks

The best socks in the winter are smooth, and they don’t slip – we don’t want figure skating in the house this season, right? These soles can stick on your cozy socks. All you need to do is trace the shape of your sole on a piece, cut it out and stick them on the socks. Now use the scissors and get to this next project.

2. A Birds Nest Bed

After you’ve knitted up some warm and snuggly slipper socks, jump on into your new birds nest bed! It may be a little extra work but the end result is ultimate comfort. A padded slanted walled nest lined with pine board can be filled with giant pillow poofs to create a life-sized nest bed or lounging nook.

1. Fox Coffee Sleeve

The best coffee sleeve ever has happy faces and friendly animals that will protect your hands from that ultra-hot glass of cocoa you had using the cocoa station we just mentioned. Cut out the shapes, use fabric glue or stitching and make this fox pattern right now!