Emily Mukai Bio

By Emily Mukai

Emily Mukai

As a former college athlete and lacrosse coach, Emily’s connection to health in movement and nutrition evolved over many years of self-education and exploration.

Though she once subscribed to the medicated, low-fat and packaged version of “health”, a curious attitude left a voice in the back of her mind that grew louder over time. Through the devouring hundreds of podcasts, books, documentaries and all sorts of self-experimentation, she began to develop a unique and insightful perspective on what true health might mean.

After many years as a self-proclaimed nutrition and alternative wellness nerd, Emily decided to dive head first into a more formal route of healing education. She’s currently a student of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine at Emperor’s College and is also in the midst of completing her Nutritional Therapy certificate through the Nutritional Therapy Association. Additionally, she’s a Level 1 certified MovNat trainer and has begun to explore the importance of natural movement to overall health.

She approaches everything she encounters with an inquiring mind, drawing from experience in areas such as meditation, philosophy, art, business and sports psychology, in her marathon toward understanding how to truly live. Her passion rests in connecting people to their own intuition and helping them understand the control that they could have over their health and vitality.