Reaching the age of ten, a dog’s chance to get adopted is very small. Sometimes, elderly dogs end up living the rest of their lives in a rescue’s shelter. This dog called Dreadlock was one of the old pooches, expecting the same fate. But someone with a big heart reached out, asking the people at Soi Dog Foundation if Dreadlock was available for adoption.

Check out this seasoned pup’s reaction when the caretaker tells him the good news! This is too adorable!

20. A Dream Come True

This dog’s life is about to get a lot better once he gets to his new home, where he will have the undivided attention of his new family. Learning the news, he turns from a straight-faced dog into an eager puppy.

Check him out here – he literally bounces with joy!

19. Rescued Five Years Ago

It all started about five years ago when a pup was found living on the street, probably abandoned by his owners. Life on the streets was harsh. On their Facebook page, Soi Dog Foundation wrote about him: “My name is Dreadlock. Please ADOPT me.” Then, they told us his story…

18. We’ll Call Him “Dreadlock”

“I had a good life on the streets and the local people looked after me,” wrote the post. The staff at Soi Dog explained that they named the dog “Dreadlock” because he had a matted, dirty coat, and it looked like he had dreadlocks. He lived on the streets for six years, until dog catchers found him.

17. At the Animal Shelter

He was taken to the animal center, and he spent the last few years in Phuket, Thailand. The local people fed the pooch, but could not handle his skin problem, so they had to call Soi Dog to help him. Soon after he received treatment and got a little well, they tried finding him a home.

They searched for an adopter for four years!

16. A Home

The way he looked was not very pleasing to the eyes, so Dreadlock didn’t have a chance of getting a home of his own. Living at the shelter wasn’t bad, but being a spoiled member of a family would have been far better. He would soon find out what family really is.

You won’t believe where he ends up living!

15. Not Good Looking

Considering that Dreadlock always looked as if he was filthy, the staff at Soi Dog didn’t think that this pooch would get adopted. Nonetheless, they tried their best to find him a family: “unless I am adopted I will live here for the rest of my life,” wrote a Facebook post.

14. A Charming Pooch

Soi Dog explained on their social media page that Dreadlock has a lot of skin issues that are “made worse by living in the hot, humid climate of Thailand.” But the way he looked didn’t affect his personality, they said: “I do feel as though that is part of my charm.”

13. Dreadlock Is a Laid-Back Doggo

Thanks to the great staff and volunteers at the center, Dreadlock would go out for short walks, because he is more of a chill dog, considering his age. A description of him said that he enjoys “being out of the run and watching the world go by.” He even fell asleep while eating!

Imagine this totally mellow dog going super excited!

12. An Old Dog

Usually, people turn to get young dogs or puppies that look pretty. Dreadlock looked far from those two, but a couple saw him on Facebook and reached out. A woman’s comment on one of his photos transformed this dog’s life! Check out the next photo.

11. We Have Great News!

A woman named Susan Frost commented on Soi Dog’s photo that they were announced they could adopt Dreadlock. “I’ve just found out that I can adopt him. I’m so very happy – Can’t wait for him to come home,” she wrote. You can imagine that the dog had no idea how awesome his life would soon be!

10. Dreadlock Is a Cuddler

The staff at Soi Dog adores Dreadlock. They said in an interview that this pooch is all about cuddles and short walks. The photos so far have been with him being mellow, quiet, and chilling around. However, the next photos reveal that he had some energy especially reserved for his happy dance!

This dog is truly adorable!

9. He’s Never Done This!

The people at the animal shelter were stunned to see the new side of Dreadlock after telling him he’s ready to go home. Darren, a long-term volunteer at the animal shelter, was in for a surprise, wrote Soi Dog: “he went to give Dreadlock the news that he has been adopted and will leave soon for his forever home.”

8. A Surprise

Dreadlock started to jump and play like there was no tomorrow! He was going home, far-far away, in the UK! This old pup transformed into a playful puppy as soon as Darren told him he is going home. And if you don’t believe us, check the video posted by Soi Dog on their YouTube channel.

Did the pooch understand the staff’s happiness? Maybe he felt something good was coming his way!

7. Happy Dance

Dreadlock was even more charming as he started dancing and hopping around! His reaction shows that he is a happy dog. After all of these years, he will soon have his forever home with a new family. Wait until you see his latest photos! This pooch is very fluffy now!!!

6. The 10-Year-Old Pup

Susan adopted the 10-year-old Dreadlock and immediately accommodated the pooch to the weather. In this photo published by Soi Dog on their page, the description melted our hearts!

“Here’s Dreadlock in his forever home, modelling his new winter wardrobe, all set for the change in temperature!”

5. The Updated Photo

“We love these recent pictures of Dreadlock,” wrote Soi Dog in the description of this photo sent by Susan. Dreadlock was enjoying the wind blowing through his long, shiny fur, adding that the pooch now “loves going for walks in the wind!”

4. Soi Dog Foundation

Thanks to the foundation which relies on donations, dogs, and cats from Thailand get a better life after being left on the streets, neglected or abused. These kind people helped care for Dreadlock for so many years and finally found him a family.

3. A Happy Dog

Thanks to these kinds of shelters, dogs like Dreadlock get to make their happy dances as they’re sent to their forever homes! We’re all thankful that they helped these animals!

2. Old Dogs Deserve a Chance

People should see that all kinds of dogs – be it old, sick, too small or too big – they all deserve being loved and taken care of. The best reward is seeing them getting out of their shell as Dreadlock did.

1. A Special Boy

“Thank you Susan for loving this special boy so much!” wrote Soi Dog on their page. We’re all happy that even old dogs with no chance of getting a home end up being loved by kind families!