Today we have an incredible story to show you about how a McDonald’s employee ended up becoming a national hero. The man’s name is Pedro Viloria and he was working a minimum wage job in order to put food on the table and pay for his university studies. Little did Pedro knew, getting employed at McDonald’s would give him the chance to show his bravery and make his name known all throughout the US.

20. Regular Guy

Pedro Viloria is just a regular guy who works a minimum wage job. However, you shouldn’t be fooled by this because Pedro has big ambitions and he is doing his best to study whenever he is not at work. Fortunately, what he did one day during a normal shift at McDonald’s would end up changing his life forever.

19. Incredible Story

What makes this story stand out the most is the fact that Pedro Viloria was willing to put everything on the line in order to help others. This is not something that you would expect from a young man like him, but luckily, Pedro is special.

18. Hard Life

Pedro Viloria and his family moved to the US when he was little. Sadly, his life hasn’t been easy and he always needed to work. His mother works multiple jobs to put food on the table and Pedro always did his best to help out in any way he could.

17. Odd Jobs

As everyone already knows, getting a good job is not an easy task, especially when you don’t have studies. This is why Pedro Viloria did lots of odd jobs ever since he moved to the US such as gardening for example. Although, these jobs would only last for a couple of weeks and Pedro would be left without any way to get money. This is when he came up with a rather…interesting idea.

16. Steady Income

Pedro Viloria knew that McDonald’s pays the minimum wage and that he would have to work hard to earn that monthly paycheck. However, he was more than willing to put in the work if it meant he would have a steady income so that he can pay for his school tuition.

15. Brave Kid

Pedro Viloria proved right from the first day he was hired that he is a brave kid. He didn’t back away from any sort of job and he was willing to work hard in order to prove his worth.

14. The Opportunity

What Pedro Viloria didn’t know was that by getting hired at McDonald’s, he would get the opportunity to showcase just how brave he is. Everything started when Pedro Viloria woke up early in the morning and went to start the first shift.

13. The Morning Shift

The morning shift is one of the busiest times at McDonald’s because the employees need to prepare everything for the day. As we already mentioned, Pedro Viloria was not afraid to put in the hard work and his peers liked him for that.

12. Taking Orders

After Pedro Viloria finished preparing the friends and hamburgers, he was sent to prepare the ordering booth. He was going to spend the morning taking orders from people and then handing them over. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the only thing that Pedro Viloria did on that day.

11. Cleaning Out

Pedro cleaned the restaurant and he jumped into the ordering booth. Things were running as they should and he was doing his job. However, Pedro suspected that something fishy might happen when a black van pulled in front.

10. The Black Van

Pedro Viloria says that out of nowhere, a black van pulled in front of his booth. A middle-aged woman was driving the car and she was breathing hard. Something was wrong and Pedro could feel it.

9. Packing The Food

As Pedro was packing up the food to give it to the woman, he heard something that sent chills down his spine! The noises heard by Pedro were the woman’s kids who started yelling “Mommy, Stop!”.

8. Something Is Wrong


After hearing the kids screaming, Pedro Viloria didn’t waste any time and jumped through the window. He was determined to save the day and there was nothing that could get in his way.

7. Hero Mode


Pedro Viloria saw that the woman in the driver’s seat was passed out and she had her foot on the gas pedal. This is when Pedro Viloria’s mindset went into “Hero Mode” and he jumped out of the window.

6. Stopping The Car

The car was slowly going into the main road where cars driving at high speeds and Pedro Viloria managed to stop it by stepping in front of the car and pushing it with his body. Isn’t that incredible?

5. Super Strenght

The most amazing thing about this story is the fact that Pedro might not look like the strongest kid ever. He doesn’t have any superpowers, but his determination of will was more than enough to stop the van from crashing.

4. Calling For Help

As Pedro Viloria was holding the car stopped, he asked the woman’s kids to dial 911 and call for help. Fortunately, the firemen were just around the corner and arrived in only a couple of minutes.

3. Medical Help

The firemen managed to get the woman to wake up after giving her the much needed medical help. After everything was said and done, everyone looked at Pedro Viloria and started clapping. He was a hero!

2. National Hero

Word got around and everyone found out that Pedro Viloria saved the lives of two kids and their mother. TV stations from all over the US came to interview Pedro Viloria and the coolest thing about this is that Pedro told everyone that the firemen and policemen who helped the woman wake up are the real heroes.

1.Employee Of The Month

If there is something that we can be sure about, then it has to be the fact that Pedro Viloria is definitely going to be the employee of the month at McDonald’s for a long time now. He was a hero that day and no one can deny this.