Grandparents seem to be experts in hiding things and going through their things can bring back vivid family memories and uncover secrets of their lives. A girl from Michigan decided to go through her grandpa’s closet when she found this strange, broken box. At first it appeared that the box contained nothing more than her grandpa’s high-school diplomas but upon digging deeper, the girl realized that she had just found a treasure.

20. Not A Very Good Box

Some months ago a girl from Michigan randomly found a strange box in her grandpa’s closet. At first, it appeared to be an ordinary box and not a good one as it couldn’t close completely.

19. Opened

The girl opened the box, assuming that her grandpa wouldn’t keep anything important in such a bad box. She found some old papers that looked like they belonged to her grandpa but then she looked closer as the box’s bottom looked strange. Sometimes the secret is in the details. Click next to see what she found!

18. High-School Diplomas

The girl decided to find out what these papers where and she quickly found out that the first one was the high-school diploma of her grandpa! How interesting! But there is more…. in the box there were the high-school diplomas of her Great grandpa and Great Uncle. These papers were around 80 years old! The girl thought that the bottom of the box can be removed and she decided to dig deeper. What she found next seems to go back centuries!

17. What Are These Things?

The girl was right! She removed the bottom of the box and uncovered the real containers of the box that her grandpa was keeping hidden in his closet for all those years. But what were these things? It look like they were also some kind of official paper and diplomas but then the girl looked closer.

16. Old Newspapers

The girl had just hit a jackpot! Her grandpa appeared to have gathered some quite old newspapers in his secret box. It was obvious that he was collecting them and trying to preserve them in time. His collection was huge and extraordinarily old! Let’s look on some headlines, some really old ones!

15. A “LIFE” From 1966

His grandpa has managed to keep a copy of November’s 25th of 1966 “LIFE” magazine. The headline was “A Matter of Reasonable Doubt” It seems that the grandpa’s grandpa was collecting newspapers too!

14. “We Came In Peace For All Mankind”

There was a newspaper reporting on the moon landing! “We Came In Peace For All Mankind” you surely know who said that and if you’re over 50 year’s old you’ve probably watched this live on TV.

13. “Man Walks On The Moon”

There were multiple newspapers that came out during the lunar landing which was completed on 20th of July of 1969. The girl’s grandpa seemed to understand how important this day was and keep some of them in his box!

12. Kennedy News

It was around this time when Ted Kennedy survived from his car accident. In this newspaper the two main events of these period are printed in the first page of the newspaper, highlighted as the most important events of the month.

11. When The Queen Became The Queen

The Queen today, is the longest reigning monarch in the Royal’s family history. She wasn’t always a Queen though! Grandpa seemed to keep the newspaper that announced that the Queen became a Queen! It was breaking news at this time!

10. News About Lincoln

This is probably a reprint but this cannot be verified. It says that it was printed on 1865 and it reports the news about President Lincoln! A reprint or not, it is surely interesting and valuable!

9. End Of WWII

This newspaper headline broke the news about the end of WWII after Japan’s surrender! The girl’s grandpa was probably a young boy at this time but he managed to keep this newspaper, so it looks like it’s brand-new, even today!

8. 1945

It seems that grandpa was collecting newspaper even before the  end of the war This “NEWSWEEK” copy, broke the news about president F.D Roosevelt’s passing away.

7. American Bicentennial

Although this is the most recent one it still counts as a history treasure paying respects to the American Revolution.

6. Report For Kennedy

This newspaper reported about the assassination of J.F Kennedy going back all the way to 1963. Bear in mind that in this time the newspapers were the only source for breaking news!

5. Japan’s Hit

With the dreadful headline “Atom Bomb Hit Japan” this newspaper was released the morning of the dropping of the atomic bombs in Japan, back in 1945.

4. Roosevelt’s Death

This newspaper from 1945 announces the death of president Roosevelt. As many newspapers come this decade, it’s safe to assume that the girl’s grandpa started complementing his grandpa’s collection at this time.

3. End Of WWI

A older on from the end of the WWI! This newspaper broke the happy news of the end of the war on November’s 11th of 1918.

2. “Eisenhower Wins”

“Eisenhower Wins” is the headline of this newspaper announcing that Eisenhower won the elections. The rest is history!

1. President McKinley

With a weird spelling on McKinley’s name the girl’s amazing historic newspaper end here. It seems that is her duty to continue collecting newspapers from today’s main events so her great grandchildren can found this very box themselves!