It’s not that difficult or expensive to transform your living space and give it a new look. You don’t need to spend an awful lot of money on new furniture or decorations. So, if you’re thinking of updating your home with some new simple additions, check out the next 20 ideas to get inspired.

We’ve added new ways to liven up a room, to redecorate a wall, to repurpose old furniture and many other ideas that require minimum effort. Here’s how to make your house a cozy home!

20. The Old Trick In the Book

The cheapest trick ever: cover the ugly floor with a rug. If your budget is low, get some washable floorcloths, and you’ll see it’s not just making the room look better, but it also adds a cozy feeling.

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19. Divide Your Apartment

If you have an open space apartment but would instead create a private room, don’t add a wall. Use a bookshelf as a divider that will act as a wall, and it will also be a functional piece in the living room.

Or you can use paint to give the illusion of a new room like this image at #5.

18. Flooring Strips

You must have noticed those faux wood flooring strips. Well, you can definitely use them to create a wood plank wall, and you just need scissors and some paint. You can take a chalky finish paint and use whatever color works with the rest of the kitchen. You can do the same for other walls too, or try a different trick like this one with stencils at #11.

17. No Pantry? Use a Cabinet

Declutter the old cabinet and reorganize them in small bins labeled with tape. You’ll have to make your own wood spice holders or buy them and glue them with a very strong adhesive. On the right door, this crafty lady used a decorative magnetic metal sheet to place memos, recipes, and cute messages.

The next hack uses only a spray can!

16. No More Brass!

If you’re sick and tired of brass or any other color, use Rust-Oleum, and you won’t need to replace hinges, door knobs, light fixtures, faucets or even ceiling fans! And you can get this kind of spray in other colors: nickel, rust, steel or iron!

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15. Making Lists Fun

Grocery lists, smiley faces and an “I love you” left by your family in the kitchen is so heart-warming and functional. All you need is a cabinet door, a paintbrush, and the paint. If you’re feeling craftier, you can even make a chalkboard wall!

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14. Transform a Wall

Let’s think beyond paint or texture and get a wall or two where you can add some wood and more natural vibes. It immediately makes the place more homey and welcoming, doesn’t it? Or you can just add a wooden coffee table like this one at #8.

13. Bathroom Vanity

If you have an old dresser high enough to place a sink, then give it a new coat of paint, add a chrome faucet, and you’ve got yourself the best bathroom furniture which can work as storage for towels, soap, toothbrushes, and so on.

Now let’s go back to the kitchen.

12. Marble Kitchen Table

Natural textures are the best and marble is stylish, but it’s also very expensive. You can just buy some contact paper with the print and stick it to your old table. Yes, it’s THAT easy!

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11. Stencil Wall

The easiest DIYs contain stencils and paint. You can download your favorite prints found online and create an amazing feature wall in one afternoon – right after you finished with that marble table. The best thing about adding paint is that when you get sick of it, you can cover it and try a different design!

10. Rattan Bench Makeover

If you have an old love seat teared up, don’t worry – you don’t have to throw it out! See what a coat of paint and a new pillow can do? You can even play with different patterns – more feminine or masculine, depending on the fabrics.

9. Energize the Room

If your room looks a bit tired, paint or use wallpaper to color the interior of a bookcase. It’s the most inexpensive trick to completely change the boring space into an unexpected pop of color. You can try painting other fun places like fireplace mantels or ceilings!

8. Best Coffee Table!

We don’t like ordinary things, so this awesome crate table is surely going to be our next DIY project. We’ll just need some wood stain and a few caster wheels. The funniest thing about it is that you can take a quarter of a table closer to you as you sit on the sofa.

7. Embellishments Are Amazing

Nothing makes a wall or a staircase better than adding some style. If you want to keep your house light to create the illusion of a big space, go for white embellishments. Choose small for stairs and big for a feature wall.

Talking about walls, check out the next one.

6. A Statement Wall

If you found a ton of mismatched plates, use some paint and cover an entire piece of wall to make it look like a piece of art. The next tip will help you create a new room.

5. Paint a Room

If you don’t have a separate kitchen or hallway, you can always paint one like in the photo above. Use a light pastel color to make the space look bigger.

And if you want to create a door, get some scissors!

4. Hang a Curtain

If you don’t like doors but still want some privacy, get some colored fabric and add some texture to the space. The entrance hall of this Pennsylvania farmhouse has deep yellow curtains and a regal blue wall, two colors perfectly combined.

3. A Bench

Decorate your patio with three old chairs. Use some paint, a wooden board, a long cushion, and some pillows. You now have a place to drink your coffee in the morning and make your entrance more welcoming!

2. Use Tape!

Oh, don’t we use tape for nearly every short-term fix? This time, you can use some textured tape to wrap cabinet pulls. You’ll surely find a tape in other colors to match the ones in the room. Or you can try other materials like rope, cloth, or faux leather.

1. Adhesives Instead Of Nails

Don’t poke holes in the wall! Use some good adhesive and place as many framed photos or Simpsons as you wish. Chose high-quality ones because to hold the weight and not damage the wall.