“Eating was my escape from reality.” For anyone who’s struggled with their weight, those words have to ring true. We often eat from an emotional place – to get away, to forget, to find comfort.

You can put on a happy front for others, but you can’t fool yourself. If you’re miserable about the way you feel and look, you’ve got to find the intestinal fortitude to do something about it – and that’s exactly what Tracy Ryan’s story is all about.

Bullied and teased her entire life about her weight, she thought that she’d be overweight for the rest of her life. At 345 pounds, she wanted to change and lose the weight, but didn’t know where or how to begin her journey toward healthy living. That’s when she turned to Juan-Carlos Asse for help.

I’d love to talk about what happens next, but watch the video for yourself and check out the amazing transformation that Tracy underwent. What an inspiration…