Evictions aren’t easy for either side of the eviction. However, sometimes landlords find extra strange things inside the tenant’s apartments. Some landlords have crazy stories of what they have found lingering inside of their tenant’s apartments.

20. Eviction Is Hard Work


Evictions are not something landlords ever want to do when they allow their tenants to move in. However, sometimes it is a necessary action. Evictions can result from not paying rent to not living on the premises. Also, anything that breaks the lease.

19. A Not So Vacant Apartment

The Dodo

This apartment in Kansas City had a larger surprise for its landlord. When the landlord when to check and see if the apartment was actually vacant a huge surprise was waiting for him in the bathroom. The tenant had a very large illegal pet inside the apartment.

18. The Large Gator


That large illegal pet was an alligator. The alligator was huge stretching 6-foot-long and weighing 150-pounds. This certainly gave the landlord a scare as he called animal services to have the alligator removed. However, something was strange about this alligator…

17. How Dangerous Are Alligators?

Time Magazine

Alligators can be one of the most dangerous wild animals if they are the right size. They are most commonly found in swamp areas and overall are pretty dangerous to humans. It is best to try and avoid gators at all costs because a run in with them won’t end well.

16. Held Illegally


There are a series of illegal pets that people usually have in the United States. One of these pets is the alligator. This is mainly due to how dangerous the animal is and the fact that there is no way it could live happily in someone’s house.

15. Catfish The Alligator


The alligator in question was named Catfish and the owner claims that the alligator was no more than a big dog that was a reptile. The exact words he used to describe Catfish were as follows;  “big and cuddly lizard. He smiled all the time.”

14. Other Animals

News & Observer

Catfish wasn’t the only animal found in the apartment. There was also two boa constrictors and a couple rabbits in the house. It was unknown if they were all pets but many assume the rabbits were to be consumed by the other pets. All the animals were sent to wildlife reserves in the area.

13. Catfish Was Always Happy

FOX 4 Kansas City WDAF-TV

The alligator’s owner always described Catfish as a happy alligator and said that he was harmless. This could be true as Catfish probably didn’t have the time growing up to adapt to how normal alligators act. However, even with Catfish’s size, he can still present a large danger.

12. Purchased Online


The authorities assumed that the tenant purchased Catfish online as it is hard to get your hands on an alligator in Kansas City. There are several illegal websites where people can adopt and buy illegal animals. This is where Catfish came from and possibly several other alligators and other illegal animals.

11. Skilled Hunters

The Cheat Sheet

Alligators are very skilled hunters and will attack anything that they see as a threat. However, Catfish didn’t have the luxury of learning any of these skills for himself. This is because he spent most of his life cooped up in someone’s apartment.

10. Living In A Hot Tub


The landlord claimed to have found Catfish living in the tenant’s hot tub. This is not a suitable environment for an alligator. However, in a tiny apartment, a hot tub probably is the best place for an alligator. Thankfully, Catfish was removed from the hot tub and is now doing much better.

9. The Removal Of Catfish



Catfish left without a fuss and we can’t really blame him as his living conditions weren’t really top notch. They were able to load him into the back of the animal rescue truck easily enough where they took him off to an alligator reserve in the area.

8. Released To A Reserve


The animal control rescued Catfish and released him into a wildlife reserve where he can learn how to live as a real alligator. This gives him the chance to learn certain skills that he wouldn’t have out in the wild. This was the safest option for Catfish.

7. Living Among His Kind

FOX 13 News

Catfish can finally interact with other alligators and not just humans. Hopefully, Catfish has made plenty of friends in the wildlife reserve. This will also be a great opportunity for Catfish to get used to other alligators and possibly be introduced into a pack of wild alligators later in life.

6. Updating The Pet Policy

Red Roof Inn

Surely, after this incident, the landlord made sure to double check his pet policy and probably updated it to say “no illegal animals”. This is likely something he didn’t think he’d have to add but now it is worth the effort not to have to deal with something like that again.

5. Message To People With Exotic Animals

National Geographic

Having exotic animals as pets can seem like a good idea especially if you are doing it legally. However, many can learn from Catfish’s story. Most of the time an exotic pet would likely have a better life in their natural habitat rather than caged up in someone’s backyard.

4. Dangerous In The Wild

Inside Edition

Most of these exotic pets are supposed to be dangerous animals if they are put into the right habitat. Taking that away from these animals can present danger to the animal and yourself. Overall, it isn’t a good idea to take a creature like an alligator out of its natural habitat and put it in your house.

3. Looking Out For Other Exotic Animals


After this incident, it is likely that landlords and authorities will keep a closer eye out for illegal pets. This issue is still growing due to the many different ways people have access to these illegal pets. It is in the best interest for everyone involved if they just avoid these types of pets.

2. The Problem With Illegal Pets

The New York Times

Most illegal pets aren’t built to be pets. They are built to be out in nature where mother nature intended them to be. If you want a pet you should consider getting a dog or cat. There are plenty of those to go around and they make for great house pets.

1. Catfish Today


Catfish is likely doing much better now that he is out of that horrible environment his owner was keeping him in. Hopefully, Catfish has been reintroduced to nature well and he lives the rest of his life as a happy alligator the way his owner described him.