Today we have an amazing story to show you about a man who visited the Czech Republic and instead of coming back with a souvenir, he brought back a kitty! However, this is not a normal kitty and as you will soon find out, the animal rescue police had to come in and sort this out after the landlady complained that the kitten’s claws are so sharp that it destroyed all the furniture in the apartment.

20. Adorable Pets

Even though most landowners have problems with their tenants owning pets, one landlady from Germany knew that people care very much about their pets and she allowed them. However, the woman has a single rule which is that the pet shouldn’t destroy the furniture.

19. Coming Home

A German man was coming back from a business trip to the Czech Republic and what he brought back with him left his landlady and the local animal rescue police in shock.

18. Souvenir Shop

Instead of going to the souvenir shop as everyone else does, the German man decided that he wants to buy something a bit more unusual to remind him of the Czech Republic and he adopted a “kitten”.

17. Little Kitten

The German man adopted a little kitten and he flew her over to his home. Although, this was not an ordinary kitten and as you will soon find out, it’s not a kitten at all!

16. The Landlady

The landlady says that she noticed the kitten was a bit different than all the others, but she didn’t mind. She decided to let her tenant keep the pet as long as he promised to take care of it.

15. Meet Tikam

This adorable guy is the kitten that was brought over from the Czech Republic. His name is Tikam and as we can clearly see, he doesn’t look at all like a regular cat does.

14. Something Special

The landlady knew right from the start that Tikam is not a normal kitten. There was something special about Tikam and the woman could feel it.

13. Getting Bigger

A couple of weeks passed and Tikam was starting to grow really big. This is when the landlady realized that she might have to call the animal police and take a look at Tikam because she was afraid of what he might grow into.

12. Sharp Claws

The landlady decided that time had come to call the authorities when she noticed that Tikam’s sharp claws destroyed everything around the apartment.

11. Calling For Help

The landlady kept questioning the tenant about this kitten and the man always brushed her questions off. He didn’t want to say anything about the origins of Tikam and this is when the woman figured that she might as well call for help.

10. Animal Rescuers

The landlady called the local animal rescue police and they couldn’t believe what they were hearing. From what the woman was telling them, the animal rescue police believed that her tenant is actually holding an exotic animal in the apartment!

9. Exotic Animal

The animal rescue police didn’t want to go inside the man’s house at first, but everything changed when the landlady sent them a picture of Tikam. This made it clear that Tikam is an exotic animal.

8. Finding The Truth

The animal rescue police took Tikam from his owner despite his wishes and went to the vet. They wanted to find out the truth and see what kind of cat Tikam really is.

7. Ferocious Puma!

The vet did a check up on Tikam and he told the animal rescue police that this is not a normal kitten, just like everyone expected and that Tikam is a baby puma.

6. Loose Laws

The reason why the man was able to buy a puma is because the laws around selling exotic animals are quite loose in the Czech Republic. Fortunately, the animal rescue police were there to help.

5. Illegal Activity

Buying and keeping a puma is illegal in Germany. This is why Tikam was taken away from his owner. Can you imagine how much trouble Tikam would cause when he grew up?

4. Saving The Baby Puma

The animal rescue police didn’t just save the owner from the troubles that Tikam could cause, but they also saved the baby puma. This type of exotic animal needs to live a unique lifestyle in order to be healthy and the man couldn’t provide it.

3. Finding A Home

Fortunately, the animal rescue police didn’t have any problems finding a home for Tikam. The Tierart sanctuary for exotic cats took the baby puma in without asking any questions.

2. A Healthy Lifestyle

Tikam is now eating good food that he needs in order to grow strong and big. Not just that, but he also has more than enough room to run around and exercise.

1. Happy Ending

We are glad to let everyone know that this story has a happy ending. Tikam is going to live a happy life surrounded by other exotic cats and no one is ever going to try and sell him ever again.