Do you ever get amazed by just how many coins your couch can “eat”? Take a look right now under the pillows on your couch and you are guaranteed to find some spare change that can get you a coffee or a pretzel. However, a man from the UK found something way more valuable under his couch. The man found a secret well that led him to an incredible discovery!

20. Crazy Story

How would you react if you just bought a new house and found out that there is a secret well hidden underneath your couch? Most people would choose not to buy that house, but the protagonist of our story saw this as a challenge instead.

19. Spare Change

While most people look beneath their couch hoping to find some spare change, this is not the case for Colin Steer. Instead of finding spare change, Colin Steer stumbled upon a hole in the ground that lead him to an incredible discovery.

18. Meet Colin Steer

The man in this picture is Colin Steer and he lives in Plymouth, Devon. The man purchased a new house and to his surprise, a massive hole was hidden underneath the couch. What could be hiding inside it?

17. Massive Hole

As you would expect, curiosity got the best Colin Steer and the man was determined to find out where that hole leads to. Check out next picture to see what the hole really is…

16. It Used To Be A Well

After doing some research, Colin Steer was able to figure out that the hole that’s hiding underneath his couch used to be a well. However, the well is now filled with dirt and Colin Steer needs to dig it all out in order to find what kind of treasure hides at the bottom.

15. Treasure Chest

Ever since Colin Steer discovered the hidden well, the only thing that he could think about is digging up all the dirt in hopes of finding a treasure chest filled with gold, but he couldn’t start digging yet. Keep reading to find out why.

14. The Wife

This might come as no surprise, but Colin Steer’s wife didn’t like the idea of having her living room filled with dirt so she asked her husband not to start digging around. How do you think Colin Steer reacted to this?

13. Determined To Find Out The Truth

Colin Steer understood his wife and they both agreed that he would start digging once he retires from his job as a civil worker. A couple of years passed and time has come for Colin Steer to retire. This is where the fun begins.

12. Needs Help

Colin Steer realized that this is not a one man job and he called his neighbor for help. The neighbor was excited about finding a treasure and he was more than willing to lend a helping hand.

11. The Digging Begins

Even though Colin Steer wished that the hole was in his backyard so that he didn’t ruin the living room by digging, he was motivated to get to the bottom of the well because he might find a treasure.

10. A Pot Of Gold

When asked, Colin Steer said that he always dreamed of finding a hidden pot of gold at the bottom of the well. This would make him rich and he could have as many vacations as he wants.

9. Ancient Treasure

With dreams of treasure, Colin Steer and his neighbor kept digging until one day when they hit something hard with their shovels. What could it be? Is it the treasure that Colin Steer has been dreaming of all along?

8. Sheathed Sword

Colin Steer didn’t find the treasure that he wanted and instead, he stumbled upon a sheathed sword. Even though this wasn’t a pot of gold, it was still an amazing discovery.

7. Collin Is Amazed

Colin Steer said that he is amazed by what he found inside the well. He never expected the “treasure” to be an ancient sword.

6. Ancient Sword

Experts told Colin Steer that the sword doesn’t have that much value on the market and that he is not going to get rich off of it. On the other hand, the sword had important historical value and Colin Steer decided to something truly incredible with it…

5. To The Museum

Instead of trying to sell the sword to the highest bidder, Colin Steer decided to donate it to the local museum where everyone could come and see it. Isn’t this amazing?

4. Keeping Things Safe

Now that all the dirt has been taken out of the well, Colin Steer built a special cover for the well so that no one makes the mistake of stepping on it and falling.

3. Fun Experience

Colin Steer says that even though he didn’t find a pot of gold, he is thankful that he got to live a fun experience with his neighbor. 

2. English House

Who thought that an ancient sword would be buried in a well that is hidden inside a normal English house?

1. Treasure Hunt

The only thing that matters is that Colin Steer got to enjoy a great experience and have a good time while going on a treasure hunt. Having fun is all that matters in the end.