Today we have an amazing story to share with you about a man named Vitaly who decided to visit an Indonesian Zoo and had the surprise of a lifetime. After visiting the tigers and elephants, the man went to visit the Zoo’s main attraction, a clever orangutan. Vitaly decided to throw a banana to the orangutan and to his surprise, the intelligent animal had a totally unexpected reaction to receiving a treat.

20. Meet Vitaly

Vitaly is a young man who comes from Russia and he wanted to do something special for his trip. Instead of going to a resort where he could relax and sip on champagne, Vitaly decided to visit Indonesia.

19. The Bali Zoo

The main attraction in Indonesia that Vitaly wanted to see was the Bali Zoo. This is a world-renowned Zoo and its filled with all types of exotic animals starting with tigers and ending with elephants.

18. Bengal Tigers

Even though the Bali Zoo is packed with exotic animals, the star of the show is none other than an orangutan. Vitaly knew this and he “sneaked” a treat for the smart animal in his pocket.

17. Clever Animal

The reason why the orangutan is the most unique animal in the Zoo and why people from all over the world come to visit him is because he is really smart and Vitaly was ready to test this.

16. Special Event

Vitaly knew that he wasn’t going to visit Indonesia anytime soon and he wanted to make his trip special. This is why he brought a delicious treat for the smart orangutan that he heard about so much.

15. Seeing The Elephants

After seeing the elephants, Vitaly knew that his next stop has to be the famed orangutan. Although the Russian man was having doubts if the caretaker would let him throw the treat he sneaked inside the zoo for the orangutan, but he was willing to try.

14. The First Meeting

This was the first time that Vitaly was seeing an orangutan in real life. He was amazed and he had a big smile on his face. It’s incredible to think that the DNA of orangutans is so similar to ours.

13. Banana Time!

The treat that Vitaly sneaked inside the zoo was a banana. What else was he going to bring? Everyone knows that orangutans love nothing more than to chew down on bananas.

12. Asking For Permission

Vitaly didn’t want to cause any trouble and he first asked the orangutan’s caretaker if it’s okay to throw the banana. The caretaker smiled and told him that he can do it. Vitaly was thrilled to hear this.

11.  Throwing The Banana

Without giving it any second thought, Vitaly took the banana and threw it in the orangutan’s lap. The animal was excited. He never expected a visitor to give him a delicious treat.

10. Unexpected Response

Vitaly had his friend filming the entire thing because he believed that the orangutan would start eating the banana as soon as it arrived in his lap. However, something entirely different happened.

9. Delicious Treat

Instead of chewing down on the delicious treat, the orangutan decided to do something unexpected. What the orangutan did made Vitaly laugh so hard that tears started pouring on his face.

8. Giving Back

The orangutan picked up the delicious treat that Vitaly gave him and decided that he wants to share. After taking a good look at the banana, the orangutan picked it up and threw it back to Vitaly!

7. Memorable Moment

If there is something that we can be sure about, then it has to be the fact that Vitaly got to live the memorable moment that he always wanted. Don’t you think so?

6. Clever Minds

We think that we made it clear that orangutans are smarter than most people believe. You would expect them to eat all the treats that they are thrown, but this isn’t always the case. They also want to share!

5. Magic Trick

The story of the orangutan from Indonesia reminds us of another clever orangutan that lives in a zoo. However, this orangutan was mesmerized by a card trick that will even fool most of us!

4. Card Trick

The magician gets close to the orangutan and shows him a card. After doing that, the magician starts pressing the card on the glass wall separating them.

3. Full Attention

The magician somehow makes the card stick on the wall and now he has the orangutan’s full and undivided attention. What he is about to do next leaves the orangutan in awe.

2. Powerful Magic

The orangutan tries to touch the card and to his surprise, the card is now on his side of the wall! As we can see from the orangutan’s expression, he is quite amazed.

1. Mesmerized

The orangutan was mesmerized after seeing the magic trick. We can only wonder what went through his mind after seeing how the magician made a card go through a solid wall.