Redefining Masculinity

Men are taught from a young age that they need to be tough and to never show their emotions. This is how the saying “be a man” started. But men can’t simply bottle all emotions deep inside and this is why the Men’s Therapeutic Cuddle Group was formed. This is a place where men are encouraged to be emotional and to cuddle with each other for emotional support.

Men’s Therapeutic Cuddle Group

There is a special place in Plymouth called the Men’s Therapeutic Cuddle Group. This project was started by a group of men who needed someone to share their feelings with and to not be judged by anyone.

Strong Men

“So often, we’re taught that to be an emotional stoic is the mark of manhood,” said Scott Turner who is the founder of the group. Scott Turner is trying to show the world that there is another way to deal with your emotional problems other than to simply though it out or to rely on medication.

Always Strong

Men are told from a young age to be strong. They know that this is expected of them and they don’t want to appear weak. This is why many men keep their emotions bottled deep inside.

No Crying!

All men will tell you that they couldn’t cry when they were little because others would tell them that they are acting like a girl. Sadly, bottling up so many emotions usually leads to a breakdown and people who suffer from this need to spend lots of time getting special medical treatment.

Alternative Way

The Men’s Therapeutic Cuddle Group is a safe place where men can go and cuddle with each other. This seems to have the same effect as visiting a psychologist only without having to pay the expensive medical bill.

Mental Health

Mental health is not usually talked about because it’s seen as a weakness. Well, the Men’s Therapeutic Cuddle Group is looking to change that. The purpose of the group is to help men deal with their personal issues, especially when they cannot afford to get special mental health help.


The folks who are in charge of the Men’s Therapeutic Cuddle Group believe that through exposing vulnerabilities and hugging other men, people will feel better. Their vulnerabilities will feel like a strong point and not a weakness anymore.

Saving Marriages

One of the most interesting things to come out of this group is that many men are saying that visiting the Men’s Therapeutic Cuddle Group has saved their marriages. They finally have a way to deal with emotional stress without having to pay for special medical treatment or purchase pills.


From the looks of it, the Men’s Therapeutic Cuddle Group is an alternative method of therapy. This is a safe place where men can go and unload their stress, something which they can’t do at home.

Starting Friendships

What’s great about the Men’s Therapeutic Cuddle Group is the fact that most people create lots of new friendships. Not just that, but the special kind of friendships where they can share their true emotions.

Exchanging Advice

The men who attend the Men’s Therapeutic Cuddle Group sessions also use them as a place from where they can get solid advice. Who better to help you deal with emotional stress other than someone who has gone through something similar?

A Relief

“I feel like all my problems are gone. I am relieved,” said one of the men who visited the Men’s Therapeutic Cuddle Group. Most people think that they need private health insurance in order to get this type of mental health help, but these men are getting all the help that they need for free.

The Standards

The founder of the Men’s Therapeutic Cuddle Group hopes that in due time, this group is going to change the standards that society puts on men. Not everyone needs to a be tough guy like Clint Eastwood and deal with their problems with aggression.

Difficult Start

As you can imagine, most men find it difficult to start cuddling with other men at the beginning. This is why they all begin in the “motorcycle” position where one man sits with his back against another man’s chest as if they were riding together on a motorcycle.

True Self

The men who attend the group meetings are saying that this is the only time that they can be their true selves. No one is going to judge them for being emotional and for showing their true feelings.

Happy Wives

The wives of the men who attend the group meetings are saying that they are happy for them. Not just that, but they are happy to know that their husbands have found a place where they can be themselves.

Group Cuddling

Whoever knew that group cuddling could have such a great impact? This is more effective than visiting a doctor and asking for medical treatment to help with mental health issues.

Sensitive Side

The wives are also saying that they are able to better understand the sensitive side of their husbands and that they are thankful to the group for that.

Happier Than Ever

After all, why wouldn’t the wives be happy that their husbands are visiting the cuddling group since they always have a big smile on their faces when coming back?

Strong Bonds

The founder of the group has done a great thing and let’s hope that he achieves his mission of helping men from all over the world feel better about themselves.