Going to war is the worst thing ever, but there are some special people who are willing to do it in order to protect the freedom and safety of their loved ones. Hundreds of thousands of soldiers leave to fight in the war in Iraq every day and they need to leave their families behind. As many of you might know, these soldiers love to surprise their families when they come back and some of them even film this! This is exactly what happened to a little boy who hadn’t seen his father in five long months.

20. Surprise!


As we previously mentioned, soldiers who are coming home from war love to surprise their family. The internet is filled with hundreds of this type of videos and they all are amazing!

19. Emotional Moment


Watching the emotional moment when a man is reunited with his family is so powerful that it’s hard not to shed a tear. With that said, today we want to show you how a young boy reacted when his mother took him to Disneyland, only to find out that his father who is a soldier is waiting for him at the front door of the park.

18. Fighting For Freedom


Children find it the most difficult to get used to the idea that their parents have to go and fight in the war. However, they do understand that the parents are fighting for freedom and to make the world a better place.

17. Disney Trip

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Our story starts when this little kid is taken to Disneyland. The kid kept complaining to his mom that he misses his father and the mother figured that the least she could do in order to make it up to him is to take him to Disneyland.

16. Big Surprise

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The kid was excited to have fun in Disneyland but what he didn’t know is that his mother had prepared a big surprise for him. The surprise is so amazing that the young boy will never forget it!

15. Man In Uniform

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The mother tells the kid to pose for a picture and a man dressed in uniform appears from the crowd. Who could this man be? Yes, you guess it right. It’s the boy’s father.

14. Five Long Months

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The father left for war five months ago and the kid has been missing him really bad. All he wanted was for his father to come back home and his wish was just about to become true.

13. Posing

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The father realized that his son doesn’t know he is there and he posed for the picture. He knew that this moment needs to be immortalized on camera because it’s a special one.

12. Stunned

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The father says “Hi” and the kid turns around. He is stunned! The young boy can’t believe that the man sitting close to him is none other than his father.

11. Magical Moment

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The kid needed a couple of seconds to realize what’s going on and without any hesitation, he yelled “DADDY!”. This is the moment that he has been waiting for so long and he was still in shock that his father was next to him.

10. Powerful Hug

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The kid jumped in the arms of his father and he just wouldn’t let go. This is a precious moment and the father is going to cherish it for as long as he lives. There is no doubt about this.

9. Everyone Is In Tears

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As you would expect, everyone who saw what was going on was moved to tears. The mother wanted to jump in and hug her husband, but she didn’t want to ruin the moment. She wanted to let her husband enjoy it for as long as possible.

8. Awesome Day

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If there is something that we can be sure about, then it has to be the fact that this young boy is going to have an awesome day. He is going to have a blast in the rides at Disneyland and his father is going to be there to hold his hand.

7. Lost Time

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Being away from your family for five months is not easy and the father is surely going to make up for the time lost. The father plays an important role in a child’s young years and moments like this one are rare.

6. Hero Dad


Let’s hope that the kid understands his dad is a hero so that he doesn’t get sad when his dad gets deployed again. Nonetheless, this isn’t the only emotional reunion that we want to show you today.

5. High School Graduation


We want to show everyone another emotional reunion between a soldier and his family. This young girl finished high school and she is getting her diploma. The reason why she looks sad is because the teacher started talking about her brother who is fighting in the war.

4. Moved To Tears


The teacher is telling everyone that the girl’s brother is a hero and that he is fighting for freedom. The young girl gets emotional and she starts crying. Little does she know, her brother came back from war!

3. Surprise Reunion!


The crowd starts clapping and the girl looks to her right. She can’t believe what she is seeing! Her brother is staying a couple of feet away from her.

2. Big Hug


The girl rushes and gives her brother a big hug! This is all that she could ever ask for on her graduation day. Isn’t that amazing?

1. Respect


If there is something that we can take from the stories about the dad surprising his son at Disneyland and the brother coming to his sister’s graduation party, then it has to be the fact that soldiers and veterans deserve our respect for the sacrifices they are making.