Miracle Or Coincidence?


Getting pregnant is one of the most special experiences in a woman’s life and there’s nothing better than to share this happiness with a friend. Even though it’s rare for two women who know each other to get pregnant at the same time without planning ahead, this is what happened to nine nurses who work at the Maine Medical Center in Portland! Their story has gone viral and doctors can’t explain how this medical miracle happened.

Baby Boomers


The baby boomers generation is now retired and from the looks of it, a new one might be on the horizon. The reason why we are saying this is because nine nurses who work in the same hospital got pregnant at the same time!

The Nursing Room is Getting Crowded


As incredible as this might sound, nine nurses who work at the Maine Medical Center in Portland got pregnant simultaneously. This miracle is baffling doctors all over the world!

The Viral Picture


This picture was posted by the Maine Medical Center and it instantly went viral on social media. No one could believe that this happened without any planning, especially since many people go through special medical treatments in order to get pregnant.

Special Moment


The nurses are saying that they feel super lucky that all their friends have gotten pregnant at the same time. This is a very special moment in their lives and what’s great about it is that they can share the joy.

Medical Treatment


The incredible thing about the nine nurses getting pregnant at the same time is that most people require medical treatment and even special surgeries in some cases in order to get pregnant. They are definitely super lucky.

Happy Women


If there is something that we can be sure about, then it has to be the fact that the nine nurses are the happiest women in Portland. They all are going to have babies and their best friends will be sitting in the same nursing room with them.

Rare Medical Case


Doctors are trying to study this special case in order to determine what happened, but they don’t have an answer. The only thing that they can see is that this is an extremely rare occurrence.

Due Date


Since the nine nurses all got pregnant around the same time, then their due dates are close. They all are expecting to give birth in April – July. The nursing room is certainly going to be crowded and the Maine Medical Center will need to hire new employees.

Helping Each Other


While pregnancy might be beautiful, it’s also difficult and luckily, the nine women have each other to rely on. To make things even better, they don’t need any private medical insurance because their work insurance is going to cover it all.

Expensive Treatment


Even though the US is known for many great things, its medical system is not one of them. Everything is expensive in the US when it comes to medical treatments and fortunately, the nine nurses don’t need to worry about this.

Getting Ready


Giving birth is also not easy and the nine nurses have already started getting ready. They go to special workout programs together that are designed to improve their health and to prepare them for what’s to come.

Great Advice


There are lots of fun things that couples get to do when they are expecting a child and setting up the nursery room is one of them. The nurses are giving each other advice on what colors and furniture to use.

They Are Glowing!


As we can clearly see in this picture, the women are all glowing with happiness. The best thing about this rare case is that they can give each other tips on how to deal with pregnancy sickness and other similar health problems.

Social Media is Going Crazy


The nine nurses are now social media stars. Everyone is talking about them and we can be sure that social media is going to go crazy once they all give birth.

Hard Workers


Even though they are all expecting to give birth soon, they are still working. They want to make sure that the Maine Medical Center can run without them because they all are opting for the longest vacation time in order to help raise their kids.

Empty Office


Since nine nurses are going to go on medical vacation at the same time, the manager at Maine Medical Center is already looking to hire new people. He knows that the nurse’s office is going to be empty for a long time.

Awesome Childhoods


One of the things that makes the future moms excited is the fact that their kids will get to hang out together. They are surely going to have awesome childhoods with so many friends to play with.

Play Dates


Even though they have to focus on medical expenses and treatments, the nurses are already planning play dates for their kids. Can you imagine how fun birthday parties are going to be?

Moral Support


The most important thing here is that the nine nurses have each other to rely on when it comes to moral support. There can appear lots of medical problems during pregnancy and fortunately, they know exactly who to call for advice.

Hiring New Staff!


Let’s hope that the nine nurses will have easy pregnancies and that the Maine Medical Center will be able to quickly find new people to hire and take their places while they are gone in medical vacation.