Even though cheetahs are some of the world’s fiercest predators, no one can deny the fact that their cubs are super cute. Today we are going to show a bunch of adorable pictures about a little cheetah cub who befriended a dog. To make things even more amazing, the cheetah cub and the dog created such a strong bond they couldn’t spend one second away from each other.

20. Fast Predators


If there’s one thing we all know about cheetahs, then it must be the fact that they are the world’s fastest predators. No animal can run away from them and this makes cheetahs very successful hunters.

19. Baby Cheetahs


Even though female cheetahs are fierce predators, they are not good mothers. The reason we are saying this is because most of them don’t take care of their babies and leave them behind to survive on their own.

18. Orphaned Cheetah Cub


The jungle is filled with predators and no one is safe, especially orphaned baby cheetahs! While this might be heartbreaking, this is the way nature and female cheetahs will always act.

17. Little Ruxa


Ruuxa is an adorable cheetah cub that was left behind by her mother. Sadly, there was something wrong with the cub because she couldn’t run or walk straight. Maybe this is the reason why her mother abandoned her. But one day, everything changed!

16. The San Diego Zoo


Luckily, the staff at the San Diego Zoo spotted little Ruuxa and they decided to give her a helping hand and rescue her from the jungle. Although, this isn’t the only thing that the San Diego Zoo staff did for Ruuxa…

15. Meeting Reina


The zoo staff knew that Ruuxa is going to have a difficult time being alone and they introduced her to Reina, a Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy. Do you think these two animal babies got along?

14. Instant Bond


Despite their differences, Ruuxa and Reina shared an instant bond. Both were orphaned and they realized that they only had each other in the entire world. So they became best friends! Check them out…

13. Best Friends


It didn’t take long for Ruuxa and Reina to become best friends and the zoo staff couldn’t separate them. The two orphaned babies enjoyed each other’s company so much that they would even sleep together!

12. The Bad News


Unfortunately, there was something wrong with Ruuxa’s front legs and she couldn’t walk or run. Seeing this, the zoo staff took the tiny cub to the vet to get surgery. Keep reading because the next picture is heartbreaking!

11. Leg Surgery


Cheetahs need to run in order to be healthy and this made Ruuxa’s leg surgery very important. The adorable thing about this is that Reina knew that Ruuxa was going through a difficult time and made sure to stay by her side at all times.

10. Protective Dog


Just like you would expect from a dog, Reina became very protective of Ruuxa and didn’t let anyone get close to her. Isn’t this incredible? Do you think the cub made a full recovery?

9. Full Recovery


Fortunately, the surgery was successful and Ruxa made a full recovery in no time. Now that Ruuxa could run, no one could catch her anymore! Not even Reina!

8. Faster Than A Car


One of the most amazing things about seeing Ruuxa growing up is watching as she learns to run faster and faster. It didn’t take long for her to learn how to run and she is now faster than a car! Although, Ruuxa will never forget about Reina.

7. Best Friends Forever


Ruuxa is forever going to be grateful to Reina for taking care of her when she wasn’t feeling well. Both are orphaned babies and they see each other as siblings!

6. The Story Goes Viral


Seeing how a friendship between a cheetah and a dog is quite unlikely, it should come as no surprise that Ruuxa and Reina’s story went viral and we are not only talking about the internet… Keep reading because the next picture will leave you in shock!

5. Making The News


Ruxa and Reina got so popular that they even made the news! People all around the world heard their story and some of them even donated money to the San Diego Zoo as a way of thanking the staff for saving Ruxa.

4. Grown Up


The two best friends are now all grown up and the zoo staff can’t get in their way anymore. Ruxa and Reina love to play around together and the zoo gets lots of visitors because of this. Therefore, saving Ruxa was a win-win situation for the San Diego Zoo.

3. Running!


While this isn’t going to shock anyone, Ruuxa’s favorite activity is to run around the zoo. Cheetahs are made to run and Reina can barely keep up nowadays. Although, she makes sure to stop and wait for Reina.

2. Keeping Up With Ruxa


Even though Reina can’t keep up with Ruxa, the adorable cheetah pauses and waits for Reina to catch up. This shows us that Ruxa cares for her best friend and that she loves playing around.

1. Amazing Turn Of Events


We don’t even want to imagine what would’ve happened to Ruxa if the San Diego Zoo didn’t rescue her. However, we are happy to see that this amazing turn of events is helping Ruxa live a normal life.