It’s truly a shame for animals that have some kind of disability to be euthanatized, without having the chance to prove to everybody that their lives matter, too. These animals have the same rights in life as any other animal. Thankfully, in our case, Lou Robinson saw a light inside a little puppy without arms. And she was right as that little puppy proved to be a warrior in life!

20. A Disabled Puppy

This cute little puppy named Nubby, had a really rough start in life. He was born without arms and as a result the poor little bean wasn’t able to go and feed himself from his mother, because his siblings pushed him away. However, things would get worse soon…

19. The Decision

Due to his disability, a veterinarian suggested that Nubby should be euthanatized. The little puppy was only 4-hours-old. Thankfully, Lou Robinson took the situation in hand and decided that she would help Nubby at any cost! And that’s what she did!

18. Lou Robinson

Lou is a true animal lover! She always wants to help any animal in need. She has also been a part of the rescue team in Houston, Texas and she founded a group named Warrior Educate About Rescue, that informs people on how to take care of animals.

17. Tough Work

Taking care of a disabled animal takes a lot of work. It needs patience and a lot of time especially when the animal is young. However, Lou had a precious ally, her husband, Mark.

16. A Grain Of Hope

The couple started bottle-feeding the little puppy, because that was the only way in order to avoid milk getting into his lungs and causing him aspiration pneumonia. Although the ride was tough, Nubby seemed to start getting better day by day.

15. Getting Better

“Day three came and went, day seven, day 10, day 16 and Nubby thrived. He thrived! His eyes opened, his ears developed, he found his sounds, smells, and voice,” Lou said. But unexpectedly things started getting worse…

14. Unexpected Event

When Nubby became about 3-weeks-old, his health started getting worse. He didn’t want to eat or go to the bathroom and he had a constant sneeze. And the oddest thing was that he was blowing milk in the form of a bubble from his nose!

13. Bad News

Lou and Mark were really concerned, as they wanted to help the little puppy gain his health back. However, the news from the veterinarian didn’t calm them down at all. It seemed that Nubby had an esophageal abnormality.

12. The Treatment

“He had a pocket form in his esophagus that was trapping his milk,” Lou claimed. Due to that the little puppy had trouble breathing, so they put him in an oxygen chamber and they tried to treat his disease with antibiotics.

11. A Fighter

“He was not giving up. He was fighting and as long as he has a chance at quality of life, we will fight to give him that chance,” Lou said. It seemed that the little puppy was a true warrior!

10. Going Home

After the treatment, Nubby was finally able to return to his home with Lou and Mark. Both of them still knew that they had a long way ahead until he would be healthy again but they stood by his side.

9. Uncertain Future

After two weeks, nubby seemed to be doing just fine. However, the doctors were still concerned on how much did his abnormalities affect his daily life or if they could be treated.

8. Starting To Believe Again

After some research on the issue, doctors believed that the abnormality would go away with age. So that was some really good news for the family and there was hope of a bright future again!

7. Proving Everyone Wrong

No one can deny the fighter that the little puppy was hiding inside his little body! Both Lou and Mark are very pleased to see the little puppy that they had saved from euthanasia proving everyone who believed that his disability would be a burden wrong!

6. A Little Soldier

With some effort from both Lou and Nubby, he managed to move around by doing an army crawl and pushing with his face in order to get up to his back feet. So, now he is able to crawl around, eat and drink water by himself and even play with Lou and Mark!

5. Tough Times

Lou admits that the whole process wasn’t easy. There were some tough times, when they lost hope, but Lou and Mark’s faith into Nubby made them to never give up on him. Lou also told us that there were times when Nubby looked really angry due to some treatments.

4. Winner

Now Nubby is all grown up and it seems that he is really enjoying his life with Lou and Mark. He is playful, strong and full of life! He is ready to face any difficult situation and to win it!

3. A Special Wheelchair

Not only can he go around crawling, his parents made sure to help their beloved dog a little bit more. Now he can explore everything that he wants by using his special wheelchair!

2. “Life Finds A Way”

Lou admits that Nubby seems to living his life to the fullest. He is a happy doggo that knows the importance of life and how to make every moment count! “Life finds a way,” Lou said.

1. An Important Lesson

Now, Nubby is living with his parents and he is able to go wherever he wants with his special wheelchair. He never gave up since day one and after that he decided to live his life to the fullest no matter what. Well, that’s some food for thought…