Meet Anastasiya

The woman in this picture is Anastasiya and her Instagram pictures have been going viral. Her beautiful and long hair is an inspiration to all women who want to have a healthy look. What you should know about Anastasiya is that she suffered from a condition that was making her hair very thin. So how did she beat that? Let’s find out.

How Did She Do It?

Androgenetic alopecia is one of the worst things that both men and women can suffer from. It’s a condition that causes people to go bald from an early age. Doctors are prescribing all types of beauty treatments and special oils but unfortunately, they don’t seem to work.

The Journey

Luckily, Anastasia has somehow found the secret cure to androgenetic alopecia and to make things even more amazing, the cure doesn’t involve using any expensive medical treatments. The real-life Rapunzel finally shares her story.

Not Always Like This

Even though Anastasiya might look like a cover magazine model nowadays, this wasn’t always the case. She had to fight with alopecia all her life and she managed to defeat it without any expensive treatment or cosmetic surgery.


Anastasiya fought with alopecia all her life. Her parents couldn’t afford the proper health insurance or the medical care that she needed and this is why she had a difficult childhood. Luckily, things changed once she grew up.

Losing Hair

As you can imagine, losing hair is one of the worst things that women can go through. Their hair is an important asset and many women who are losing it will often pay thousands of dollars in beauty treatments.


Even though Anastasiya was slowly losing her hair, her lifelong dream was to look just like Disney’s Rapunzel. Sadly, her dream didn’t seem possible without surgical intervention or other types of special treatment that only rich people can afford.

Hard Work

Knowing that surgery is not possible for her, Anastasiya decided to do things her own way. She started reading all the latest medical studies about hair treatment and she came up with an innovative way of treating alopecia.

Beauty Products

Anastasiya couldn’t buy all the beauty products that she needed so she had to study a lot in order to find out which ones are the best. She needed to come up with a special hair treatment formula that would make her hair grow long, thick and glossy.

Real Rapunzel

It didn’t take long for Anastasiya to find out what she needed to do and her hair grew like she always dreamed. She was now the real-life version of Rapunzel and no one could take that away from her.


Even though Anastasiya is an Instagram star nowadays, she says that the thing she is the proudest about is the fact that she is an inspiration for girls who are going through the same struggles she had to overcome.

Special Doctor

Anastasiya knows that there are millions of women from all over the world who want to learn her “secrets” and this is why she is now a trichologist which is the fancy term for hair expert.

Strange Experiments

The first thing that Anastasiya did after she became a doctor is to advise women to stop trying strange medical experiments. She tried them all and she knows the only ones that work.

The Perfect Proof

While other beauty specialists can brag about giving you access to the best products, Anastasiya has something that they don’t have. She has her own beautiful hair as proof that her medical expertise and advice works.

Best Tips

As we all know, beauty products are super expensive and not everyone can afford them. This is why Anastasiya has compiled a list of the best hair beauty tips and tricks that she wants to share with women who want to look like real-life Rapunzel.

No Stress

The one thing that Anastasiya is telling everyone is to stop stressing. While some doctors might advise getting private health insurance, Anastasiya is saying that living a stress-free life is the best way to ensure your hair’s health.


There are lots of plastic surgeries that women can get in order to make their hair longer but Anastasiya says that it’s always better to avoid them and instead to make sure to nourish the hair at least twice a day.

Avocado Oil

Just like plastic surgeries, there are hundreds of beauty products that women can purchase for their hair and oils are the most popular. According to Anastasiya, the only hair oils that women who are suffering from alopecia should use are the ones based on avocado.

Changing The World

If there is something that we can be sure about, then it has to be the fact that Anastasiya is changing the world. She is a real-life example for women that they can look just how they want without having to pay a small fortune on plastic surgery.

Powerful Inspiration

Anastasiya’s hair measures in at 106 cms long and this is proof that her advice works. Another pro tip that Anastasiya wants to share is to avoid diets.

Avoid Diets

The hair expert is saying that diets are not good for women who suffer from alopecia. Their hair is not going to get enough nutrients in order to grow big and strong.

Instagram Star

Can you guess how many followers Anastasiya has on Instagram? She and her luscious hair are being followed by more than 600,000 people!