Antarctica is the world’s southernmost continent and it can get quite boring living there. Although, Antarctica natives don’t have that much free time on their hands since they need to hunt for food and create igloos to keep them warm at night. However, what these people do in their free time will blow you away. As crazy as this might sound, Antarctica natives have started domesticating seals!!

20. Domesticated Seals

Even though seals might not be your average domesticated animal, reports are showing that they act just like puppies! Antarctica natives have noticed the loyal nature of seals and they started domesticating them by keeping them around their igloos. Why do you think they are doing this?

19. Adorable Puppies

This picture shows us just how adorable seals can be. Therefore, no one should be surprised to find out that the reason Antarctica natives are domesticating seals is because of cute they are! However, there is also a more important reason for why they are doing this.

18. Friendly Animals

Even though most animals who live in Antarctica are looking to hunt humans, this is not the case for seals. These adorable “ocean dogs” love being around humans and they are some of the friendlies animals that you can ever meet.

17. High Population

Antarctica has a high population of seals and you can see them everywhere. This means that the natives have grown accustomed to having seals around and this is why they can domesticate them. The cool thing is how these seals start acting after getting used to being around humans!

16. Loyal Nature

Just like dogs, seals have a loyal nature that makes them perfect as pets. After spending a couple of weeks with a human, the seal will not want to leave his or her side ever again. This makes seals a great pet to have in Antarctica because this place can get quite lonely at times.

15. Ocean Dogs

After a seal becomes domesticated, the animal will start caring for humans. What many people don’t know about seals is that they are not just cute, they can also be really helpful because they use their whiskers to sense vibration in the water so that they can tell where fish are.

14. Fishing For Food

As I am sure you can probably tell, the main source of food in Antarctica is fish and having a seal to pinpoint where they are can be really useful. Therefore, all Antarctica natives need to befriend a seal so that the animal can show them where is the perfect place for them to throw their bait. Isn’t this cool?

13. Win-Win Situation

From what we can tell, having a seal as a pet is a win-win situation. Antarctica natives get all the help they need when it comes to fishing and these adorable ocean puppies get lots of delicious fish as a reward for their help.

12. Good Vibes

Another great thing about having a seal as a pet is the fact that these cute animals are always happy. There’s something about seeing a smiling seal that brings joy into people’s hearts and no one can deny that. Can you imagine how fun it must be to have a seal following you around everywhere you go?

11. Helping Out

This picture shows us a domesticated seal who caught a fish. The incredible thing about this picture is the fact that the seal is bringing the fish to his owner instead of eating it. This is the seal’s way of showing that it cares for its owner.

10. Unusual Pets

Truth be told, seals are unusual pets. However, Antarctica natives don’t have any other options since there aren’t any other friendly animals who live there. These people need to domesticate seals if they want to have a house pet because their other option is bears.

9. Cold Waters

From the looks of it, having a seal around is not only going to help people fish in the cold waters of Antarctica, but the seal is also going to bring a smile on everyone’s faces and this is what really matters. The next picture will bring a smile to your face!

8. Little Puppies

Puppies have a difficult time living in the cold weather of Antarctica, but seals love it! These animals love nothing more than to get into icy waters and this makes them the perfect pets for a place such as Antarctica. Don’t you think so?

7. Fluffy

After seeing these incredible pictures of domesticated seals, do you think you could ever have one as your pet? I for one would love it! Playing around with a seal sounds like a super fun thing to do.

6. Doggy

Who needs a doggy when you can get a domesticated seal instead? I bet that the children of Antarctica natives have lots of fun growing up and running on the cold snow chasing seals.

5. Wink

This little ocean puppy is winking at us! I think it’s safe to say that there isn’t something more adorable in this entire world. Although, the next picture is even more adorable than this one.

4. Freezing Cold

The only other animal that can be domesticated and who doesn’t have any problem with the snow are Husky dogs. History shows that Antarctica natives have used Husky dogs in order to carry their sleds on the snow.

3. Ice Hole

One of the coolest things about living in Antarctica is that you can fish in ice holes. This is one of the most advanced ways of fishing and Antarctica natives send out their pet seals to look for fish in advance so that they know they will not be wasting their time.

2. White Seal

Even though the pictures that we’ve shown you today are amazing, what really matters is the fact that Antarctica natives have managed to domesticate these seals. It’s incredible how much impact humans can have on nature.

1. Best Friends

What we can take from these pictures is the fact that seals are a man’s best friend when living in Antarctica. They are super adorable and they can bring joy to everyone’s life!