What do you do when out of nowhere, your backyard becomes the dumping place for newspapers? Just like any other person, you first believe it is a simple mistake. But after weeks of things being delivered to your home, you start wondering. Who brings all these things here?

This is how James Eubanks’ story begun. It was a few days ago when he found newspapers on his lawn. The weird thing is that he didn’t subscribe to get it. Then, when things start escalating, he plants a hidden camera.

His discovery is just unbelievable!

20. A Weird Morning


Getting outside his North Carolina house, Eubanks never thought he’d find a newspaper to his door. He didn’t register to get it, so it was probably a mistake. But he had no idea that this wasn’t just a one off thing. He would spend weeks wondering if someone was pranking him. This is why he was appalled…

19. A Newspaper?


One day, he’d open the door an find a single newspaper. But other days, he’d get about ten copies of the Winston-Salem Journal, some of them shredded. You can imagine that he was perplexed, but also mad at those that littered his backyard. His property wasn’t meant to be a dumping ground! Then, he talks with the neighbors.

18. Someone Was Taking It Too Far


James Eubanks talked with his neighbors and found out that their newspapers started missing. This mystery was getting bigger. The man realized that the missing newspapers were the ones in the backyard. And the next day, he opens the door to find 10 copies of the newspaper and more!

Who was leaving all those packages? Was it a new paperboy?

17. Phone Books?


And if the torn-apart newspapers were not enough litter, Eubanks finds something else. He gets closer and cannot believe his eyes. He was looking at phone books, still in their plastic bag. This was too much! There were nine phone books and several newspapers in his backyard.

He thinks of an idea, so he goes outside and chooses a spot…

16. Surveying the Area


The man’s story went viral immediately after he found out the culprit. But to find it, he had to catch it in action. So, he explains in an interview with a media outlet that he set up a camera to catch the… thief? Can we call it a thief if it brings things instead of stealing them?

The man checked the area of his backyard to find a good spot to place the camera.

15. Setting the Camera


As soon as he set up the camera, Eubanks is pleased that the next day he will be able to catch the culprit red-handed. The motion-sensing camera will do its job overnight, and the man won’t have to wonder who left all those items on his property.

But little did he know that he’d catch a different kind of thieves! We can’t stop laughing over here!

14. Revealing the Thieves on Facebook


Before revealing who the thieves were, Eubanks explains how everything started: “Recently our back lot has been littered with newspapers that were still in the bag.” A few days later, he explained that he “set up a game camera to find out who or what had been out there.” In his latest update, he exclaimed, “mystery solved!”

Guess who the thief was!

13. The Paperboy?


You would think that a child was pulling pranks or maybe the paperboy was doing a poor job. Could it have been someone holding a grudge against Eubanks? But after he gets back to the camera to take out the card with the proof, the man cannot believe his eyes…

He plays the footage and his jaw drops! Check out the next photo – this is just unbelievable!

12. That’s Not a Person!


Waiting for the culprit to show up with the newspaper, the man spots a group of gray foxes. “The back lot is being visited by gray foxes,” he exclaimed in his Facebook post. He found out that he had some wild visitors. But were they the ones to blame for all those “gifts?”

The man watches the whole footage and cannot believe what he sees… This story gets very weird!

11. They Were Playing Around


These foxes seem to have a great time in his yard. He says that “the guys in the first photo show up about 9:30PM and play until 5:30AM the next morning. The second photo is a bit blurred because of his speed, but you can plainly see him carrying a newspaper in his mouth.”

They were indeed the ones bringing the newspaper! Then, he shows us this funny capture…

10. Seven Papers and Three Phone Books!


With the camera still in place, Eubanks gets more photos of his “paperboys,” writing on Facebook: “This morning there were seven papers and three Yellow Page phone books out there – still in their plastic bags. These guys have been busy!”

And if you were wondering about it – yes, Eubanks did appear on FOX 8 News in Winston-Salem, telling his story with foxes bringing the news…

9. An Unbelievable Story


“Without the pictures no one would believe it. I assure you,” Eubanks said in the interview with FOX 8 News. In an interview with Winston-Salem Journal, he admitted that he “really had trouble believing it at first.” But then, he saw the footage. He then explains why foxes bring him the newspapers.

This is too adorable!

8. The Playful Thieves!


The man saw them in the footage, saying that these foxes “steal them and play with them. They drag the papers around and throw them up in the air.” Who would have thought that they use them as toys? We know that foxes are famous thieves – stealing dog toys, blankets or shoes, but phone books and newspapers? There is an explanation…

7. Something Exciting and New(s)


According to BBC, foxes are inquisitive animals, and anything that is new or smells good is the perfect toy. We think that these guys really wanted to be the first ones to get the news, fresh from the package. They read it, played with it and left it to their new friend – James Eubanks!

6. Fetching the Newspaper


We all know that foxes behave like a dog and a cat, so imagine how playful they are. Why wouldn’t a fox fetch the newspaper like a good Fido? In this blurry photo, you can see one fox doing a hell of a job!

Eubanks said jokingly: “since its newspapers, it must be Fox News.”

5. Get a Pup?


Now that he’s seen how great foxes are at delivering – or misplacing newspapers, Eubanks should get a dog to teach him to deliver the “gifts” back to his neighbors!

4. A Funny Story


This story couldn’t be funnier! Meanwhile, the mischievous playful foxes had tons of fun, while Eubanks was complaining about all the mess and his neighbors were wondering where their newspapers were! And what about the paperboy?

3. Subscribers Paid For It!


The papers destroyed by foxes belonged to paying subscribers so you can imagine that they were not happy about their paperboy’s services. Little did they know that the employee had nothing to do with it!

2. A Unique Experience


Either way, the paperboy would be pleased that he did not do anything wrong! Let’s hope he didn’t lose his job. As for Eubanks, he surely had a one of a kind experience!

1. Wild Animals


Foxes and other wild animals might look mysterious or dangerous. But just like with any other beings, they enjoy playing around. Let’s hope that the Eubanks’ neighbors find a way to hide their newspapers from these adorable thieves!