There are lots of stories about rescued doggies who get a second chance at life, but there are some that just leave us in awe. This is the kind of story that we are going to share with you today and therefore, we are advising you to grab some tissues and have them nearby because the story of Freddie Mercury, the dog, might leave you in tears of joy.

20. Meet Freddy

This little fella is named Freddie Mercury after the famous “Queen” singer. As you will soon find out, Freddie has something in common with the legendary singer, they both have a physical disability that makes their jaw look big.

19. Good Times

Freddie is now having the best time of his life living with his new owner. Unfortunately, things weren’t always like this and Freddie had to go through some tough times before he met the fantastic person who saved him off the streets.

18. Born With Problems

Despite his playful nature and happy face, Freddie had to go through lots of problems ever since he was born. Freddie was born with physical deformities that made it nearly impossible for him to fit in with all the other dogs.

17. Finding A Home

As we are sure you can imagine, Freddie had a difficult time finding someone to take him because of the way he looked. This is why he was left on the streets. Fortunately, a guardian angel saw Freddie and decided to do something about it.

16. Meet Angela

The woman in this picture is Angela Adana and she is an angel to many dogs. She is the one who spotted Freddie and she instantly knew that she had to take him in. There was no way that Freddie would make it on his own and she needed to be his savior.

15. Feeling Loved

Angela showed Freddie love when he needed it the most and the little doggy is never going to forget that. Freddie is always smiling when Angela is around.

14. New Home

Angela is a volunteer for the Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue Centre who specializes in finding new homes for dogs with problems, such as Freddie. Seeing how Freddie looked, Angela knew that she had to be the one who adopts him.

13. Doggy Day Kanaka

A video of Freddie went viral and Angela and her coworkers decided to celebrate his birthday, also known as doggy day, by taking Freddie to the toy shop where he could pick and choose whichever toy he wants. Isn’t that amazing?

12. Getting A Bed Kanaka

The first thing that Freddie picked was a comfy bed and without giving it any second, Angela and her coworkers put the bed on their shopping list.

11. Long Shopping List Kanaka

Freddie lived a difficult life and the animal rescuers wanted to make sure that he is happy now. This is why they purchased every toy that Freddie seemed to be interested in.

10. Tasty Food Kanaka

Freddie didn’t just get a bed and lots of toys. He also got to eat some delicious food. We think it’s safe to say that Freddie deserves all the tasty treats in the world!

9. Amazing People

We have to give it to the folks who volunteer at Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue Center because they are not only changing the world, but they are also saving the lives of animals with their kindness. Don’t you think so?

8. Lucky Doggy

Even though some might say that Freddie is unlucky because he was born with problems, he did get lucky to cross paths with Angela. The woman saved his life and there is no doubt about that.

7. The Check Out Kanaka

The animal rescuers had to pay quite a hefty bill at the check out line. However, they were more than happy to spend their hard earned money because they knew that the toys are bringing a smile to Freddie’s face.

6. The Only Thing He Needs Kanaka

The amazing thing about Freddie is that he doesn’t really care about the toys that his rescuers are getting him. The only thing that he needs from them is love.

5. Delicious Whip Cream Kanaka

Even though all that Freddie needs is love, he doesn’t mind getting to taste a little bit of delicious whip cream now and then. Although, who doesn’t like whip cream?

4. Awesome Adventures

Angela says that nothing is ever going to separate her and Freddie. These two are going to go on some amazing adventures together and there is no doubt about that.

3. Special People

Once again, we want to show our recognition for the people who dedicate their lives to saving animals. Let’s hope that Freddie’s story raises awareness and more people start adopting dogs in need of a home.

2. Instagram Celebrity

A fun fact about Freddie is that he is now an Instagram star. Lots of people fell in love with him because of adorable he is and more than 200,000 people follow the doggy’s account.

1. Great Dog

Freddie is a great dog and Angela is lucky to have him around. Nonetheless, we hope that this heartwarming story is going to encourage more people to adopt instead of buying pets.